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Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz


Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz

My name is Linda Sienkiewicz, and my business is Rókki Handbags. I craft purses out of everything from the seat of a pair of jeans to record album covers. Several years ago, a fellow writer asked me to make a purse from her newly published historical romance. Thus began my new passion: making book purses! I take book covers and give them new life by crafting them into purses, clutches, wallets and cell phone cases. I especially enjoy recycling the really old books, the ones that are falling apart, into purses. Some of these vintage book covers have beautiful cover designs with embossing, illustrations and colors.

Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz

Please don’t think I’m simply ripping books apart for the fun of it. Turn-of-the-century books were not made to last. They were printed on cheap paper with pressed board covers that is so acidic it actually eats away at the cover fabric. I often do extensive repair work on some covers. I see repurposing such books as a way of honoring and preserving them. The end product is a one of a kind purse that can be used and enjoyed for years, as a day clutch or an evening bag. The best part is that the texts of vintage books have been digitalized and can be read online for free.

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Featured Crafter: Melissa from Green Owl Art


No Sew Halloween Costumes

Easy No-Sew Halloween Costumes

My name is Melissa and I am a stay at home mama to two beautiful babes, Emma, 6 and Grayson, 3. I strongly believe that art should be an essential part of a child’s life. I watch my children grow and learn through art everyday. I have always been an artist my entire life and dabbled in pretty much every form, but when I became a mother it was a bit challenging for me to find ways for my children to be involved. After much trial and error I have found that children are born artists with amazing imaginations ready to create. We just need to help them embrace their creative mind.

Melissa has fantastic recipes, games and crafts to make with your kids. Check out some of our favorites:

Easy Hand Puppets - Green Owl Art

Easy Hand Puppets

Kids can create their own characters and stories for each face on their finger puppets to act out in a puppet theater! The above photo is the 3 Little Pigs!

No-Cook Oatmeal - Green Owl Art

No-Cook Oatmeal

Make a healthy breakfast the night before with this fun recipe. All you have to do is grab and go in the morning!

“With Me All Day” Pendant

To help with her daughter’s first day of school jitters, Melissa made a special pendant just for her, and had Em create a pendant for Melissa to wear. Whenever one missed the other, they could look at the pendants.

Find even more lovely tutorials and ideas to create and teach with your children over at Melissa’s blog, Green Owl Art.

Featured Crafter: Jamie from Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails


Wristbands for Kids - Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Wristbands for Kids

Hi, I am Jaime. Mommy of 3 busy little boys I have to find fun ways to keep them occupied. I love creating fun children crafts for us to do together. Crafting is just one part of our busy days.  I love sharing our fun on my blog Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails.

Cereal Flowers - Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Flower Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Monsters - Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Paper Plate Monster

I started this blog in 2012 for family and friends who had an interest in my personal FB photos.  They wanted directions or recipes to go with the photo.  What better way to do this than to start a blog.  Put up quick directions with a photo right?  Well, one and a half years later, I have learned that it is not quite that easy.  Blogging has become a hobby and passion of mine over this time however.  I have also had a chance to meet some great new people and work on a few fun projects along the way.

Footprint Rocket - Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

 Footprint Rocket

Name Frames - Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Name Frames

If you would enjoy following along to see what fun we get into check out FSDPT on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our G+ community, All Things Kids where you will not only see what we have been up to but other fab bloggers ideas too.

Jamie from Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Be sure to check out Jamie’s blog for wonderful crafts for learning and kid’s crafts!

Featured Crafter: Craftulate


Homemade Herb and Spice Play Dough

I have been blogging about arts and crafts for young children and toddlers since January 2013 and have achieved a big following in a short space of time. I love trying new ideas with my son (now 2.5 yrs) and developing his skills in every area.

Here are some of Georgina’s Favorite Posts from her blog, Craftulate

ABC Animal Handprints

Teach children the alphabet and let them get a little messy with this fun craft. Georgina says it’s also a great way to use up excess paint!

Melty Bead Coasters

An easy DIY gift for any age, kids will have lots of fun watching the beads transform in the oven.

Farm Small World

Create your own miniature farm to teach and interact. You can include any animals and plants you would like, customize for your area!

Check out some of the fun series Craftulate has for learning and exploring like Learning Colors with Brown Bear, where children explore a different color every week with the help of their best friends – stuffed animals! The current series in progress is Craftulate’s All Things Transport, that focuses on a different mode of transportation every week!


Check out Craftulate to find more creative and learning crafts for toddlers!


Featured Crafter: LalyMom


Rolling Car and Truck Toys - LalyMom

Rolling Car and Truck Toys

LalyMom is brought to you by LAura LYnn Marschel, a Chicago stay at home mom to 2 young kids. Before having kids, her creativity was focused on sewing but now her head is aflutter with crafts and activities to keep her kids busy and ways to keep them learning at the same time!

Recycled Bee Finger Puppet from Lalymom Watermark

Ladybug Finger Puppet from Lalymom Watermark

Bug Buddies Pouch Cap Finger Puppets

She’s putting her advertising degree to use by coming up with corny sayings like, “Home with two, creativity will brew!” and “My Motto & My Blood Type: B Positive!” Well worth the four years, right?!

Jointed Robot Shrinky DInks from Lalymom Watermark

Shrinky Dinks Jointed Robot

Recent craft material obsessions have been shrinky dinks and the colorful caps from babyfood pouches, which came together in one fun craft- Car and Truck toys that actually roll! You can see the range of her creativity goes from the aforementioned shrinky dink and pouch cap crafts to Light Box activities, fine motor crafts and ways to explore great artists with kids.

Kandinsky for Kids with Jello from Lalymom Watermark

Kandinsky for Kids with Jell-O

Mondrian for Kids Pattern Sticks from lalymom Watermark

Mondrain for Kids Pattern Sticks

You can find more from her at her blog www.lalymom.blogspot.com, and follow along at her Facebook page.

Featured Crafter: Taryn’s Treasures


Taryn's Treasures

Hi Everyone!
I’m Carla from Taryn’s Treasures! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a ,homeschooling, WAHM to a two yr old trouble maker and a 5.5 yr old princess as well as my 70 lb fur baby, monster. I married my high school sweetheart 11 years ago love him to bits!

Chocolate Lavendar Bath Bomb

Chocolate Lavender Bath Bomb

I grew up in a household where “I can make that” was frequently said. We frequently went to and sometimes participated in craft shows when I was younger. Mom was into ceramics, grandma is a master seamstress and tries her hand at pretty much anything!! So it came as no surprise to anyone in my family when a few years ago I made the move to more natural products and decided “Why am I buying this? Ya know what? I think I can do this!” and I did!

All Natural Vegan Soap

Blissfully Clean All Natural Vegan Soap

To my excitement, my first batch of soap turned out beautifully and I still make and sell it as a favorite for everyone with sensitive skin.
My only problem was I wanted to make MORE and I can only wash so many times a day! So I gave some away to friends and neighbors to try and use up for me. Imagine my surprise when the next day my next door neighbor knocked on my door and asked if she could pay me for some more! From that point on my passion and part time hobby became my business. I have expanded my horizons by taking classes on new techniques and adding things such as sugar scrubs, Bath bombs, lotions, and shampoo bars!

Margarita Soap

Margarita Soap

I LOVE that my passion for natural products has developed into something that I can make and share with other people and I love to get emails from people with custom request! People can find me at www.tarynsbathtreasures.com or on Facebook.

Save $1.50 off your $10 purchase with the code “thinkcrafts”!

Featured Crafter: Maria Soto



Paper flower earrings

I’m a CHA Designer/Crafter. I love to create all types of designs, and work with all different types of materials, and even better when I get to mix them all together. Crafting is a passion that I’ve had for since a kid when my mom showed me how to hand sew so I could make my dolls their own clothes.

Bracelet made flowers using Rowlux_ Illusion Film all hand cut using Westcott Scissors

I would say my favorite type of craft is designing and making my own jewelry, from using crystals, glass beads, and making my own out of clay, paper, resin and all other types of materials, not to mention painting them when I have a chance to create my own. the most unique jewelry for me is when I made jewelry out of paper and duck tape.


I work with all types of products and materials and pretty muck like to make whatever comes to mind at the moment.  I tried to get a photo of each of the elements I like to work on,  I have to say I love making jewelry more than anything else, and this is the one thing I will use all the materials and products I have to create one of a kind jewelry.  I use beads, crystals, paper, duck tape, Rowlux Illusion film, polymer clay, two part epoxy, recycled materials, such as water bottles, soda cans, magazines/books, fabric, etc.

glass etching and paints

Check out this link from my blog, it shows some of the jewelry I have done. Feel free to go and check out my Facebook pages to see more of what I make.

Check out more of Maria’s work…

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