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Kids’ Crafts: Fun with Stamps

When it comes to stamping the possibilities truly are endless. Whether you’re making your own stamps using everyday materials, or using favorite store bought rubber stamps, stamping on paper or linen, you and your family can create memorable keepsakes, decorate clothing, make presents or just create for the sake of creating!

This first project is a fantastic tutorial for hand stamping linen. This would make a great teen or family craft. Once you make the stamps kids can do the stamping. Everyone can decorate their own scarves with a little help from older siblings and parents.

Hand Stamped ScarfThink Crafts 

My nieces love bringing home dandelions, rocks, sticks, and other natural found objects from our nature walks. This is a great relaxing craft to do once we’re back at home cataloging our treasures.

Nature Made StampsThink Crafts

These Rolling Pin Stamps are a brilliant way to use items you have around the house to make a toddler approved craft. Perfect for creating home made wrapping paper, or themed wall art, or just enjoying stamping on a rainy afternoon.

Rolling Pin StampsThrive 360 Living

Now that autumn is here and it’s almost time to harvest those gourds and pumpkins here’s a craft to indulge in pumpkin celebration!

Pumpkin Potato PrintingGrowing a Jeweled Rose

Stamping makes the best wrapping paper, what better way to wrap a homemade craft or a housewarming gift?

Watermelon Wrapping Paper Inner Child Fun

This next tutorial is a great example of crafting with kids even when you’re out of town. What a great way to learn from the places you visit and create art from new things you find.

Art Inspiration with LeavesMommy Labs

Kids’ Crafts: Camp Crafts

If you have a creative child around, there are many great craft supplies to keep them busy, and keep you worry-free. Keep the right supplies on hand, and crafting with your kid can be fun and help you build memories that can last well into their lives.

Some of my friends kids just returned home from camp and they were so excited to tell me all about it that I got to remembering some of my favorite camp activities and crafts. Here are some camp crafts you can share with your kids at camp and at home. Many of these would also make great group activities for birthday parties.

These acrylic paint sun prints bring to mind batik prints, but this craft is much easier to recreate with kids of all ages.

Acrylic Paint Sun PrintsCraftiments

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Kids’ Crafts: Science Experiments

Hands on science experiments and crafts that incorporate the scientific process are valuable learning experiences that can give your child confidence and a foundation for understanding science in school. What better time to experiment and get messy than during school vacation! Here are some of my favorite scientific crafts to do with the whole family. These are all fun for toddlers, school aged children, and grown ups.

Do you remember building your own volcano for science projects in grade school? Here’s a fun tutorial to share with kids of all ages. This activity is both engrossing and a little messy…

Volcano Science ExperimentLove, Play, Learn

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Kids’ Crafts: Summer Fun

My nieces will be visiting for a long weekend and I’m preparing for our time together by buying all the foods they like, planning a trip to the beach and the aquarium, but also collecting crafting supplies and tutorials for some fun Summer projects we can make together as keepsakes from our visit and backyard fun. Here are some of my favorites.

This first one is fun and educational. Sharpie Tye Dye is a great way to teach about color mixing. And the kids can wear their color experiments!

Wearable Science and Art: Sharpie Color Mixing Experiment – Babble Dabble Do

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Kids’ Crafts: 4th of July!

Temperatures are soaring here in Portland, and July 4th is right around the corner. Here are some crafts to keep the kids cool and occupied indoors for a bit, if it’s too hot to be outside in the sun all day. Happy 4th of July!

Making shakers and noisemakers are some of my niece’s favorite crafts. This week, we’re making patriotic shakers for the 4th of July parade. We also like making our own parade around the house!

4th of July ShakerThink Crafts

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Kids’ Crafts: DIY Dolls

When I taught preschool my class loved the book Silly Billy, which is a beautifully illustrated story about a little boy who worries and has nightmares. His grandmother teaches him to make ‘worry dolls’ to tell his worries to before he falls asleep and that they will do his worrying for him so that he won’t have to. It’s such a great story, and a wonderful concept which originates in Guatemala. Now that my nieces are at an age where they too are beginning to worry, and they love dolls, I thought I’d teach them to make their own worry dolls. There are so many different ways of making small dolls and worry dolls. Here are some of my favorites.


This is a tutorial for making your own traditional worry dolls. Aren’t they fun!

Guatemalan Worry DollsThe Other Side of the Spanish Classroom

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Kids’ Crafts: Vacation Rocks!

Now that summer vacation has begun I’ve been on the lookout for easy crafts we can do on the go using materials we find. It may only be early June, but it has been over 90 degrees all week and we’ve found ourselves hanging out at the river a little every day. The little ones always collect rocks by the river, and come to think of it, where ever we travel. So I got to thinking, why not make use of some of those rocks in our crafts this summer? Here are some crafts you can make with rocks from the park, nature hikes or even in your own backyard.

This first idea is a great craft and game to play on camping trips. Story rocks are fun and easy to make, and they make relaxing around the campfire even more interesting. Kids love hearing and telling stories but they usually need something to get the story started, these rocks are the perfect inspiration for group storytelling.

Story RocksCreative Mama on a Dime

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