Twine Projects

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I have a soft spot in my heart for twine, twine of all sorts. I think it all started when I saw a photo, years ago, of a row of twine balls sitting in funnels, hanging on a wall. So simple, so practical and so pretty! Since then, I’ve kept a variety of twine in the house for all sorts of projects. Especially kid projects! A few spools of twine has saved many a kid “mommy I need!” moment! As well as collecting twine, I collect twine crafts! Because if you have the twine…you might as well use it to make pretty things! Here are a few of my favorites!

Packaging Stickers or Labels by In the Clear Etsy Shop

Packaging Stickers by In the Clear Etsy Shop

Simple and perfect! Am I right? Who wouldn’t want to recieve a gift tied up like this? And what a fabulous way to wrap up something homemade? I just love the combination of bakers twine and buttons. So lovely!

Glass and Twine Lanterns - Available at Terrain

Glass and Twine Lantern SetAvailable at Terrain

These lanterns! So elegant and yet also so without pomp! They look retro and modern, exotic and classic all at once! What a great way to reuse old jars and turn them into something awesome! I can see them all lined up along the edge of a patio or hanging along the inside of a window, looking all pretty and charming, can’t you?

Jute Crochet Technique - Umelecky

Crochet Twine TechniqueUmelecky

I’m a total yarn nerd, I admit it. So combining yarn, which I love love love, and twine, which I also love love love, is just about the most perfect idea I’ve ever seen. While this project makes pretty little mats, you could use this trick to form bowls, vases or baskets as well. I bet you could even go super size with this using thick twine or rope and bulky yarn and make a cool floor mat! So much fun!

What is your favorite twine craft? Have you used twine in a project lately? Send us some photos! We’d love to see! And check out these and other twine craft projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard.

Plastic Spoon Magic

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Ah the humble plastic spoon! How many have you tossed over the years? How many do you have sitting at the back of a cupboard right now? Turn those lowly plastic spoons into something amazing and wonderful! Whether they are painted, melted, twisted or used as a base, it’s kind of mind blowing what you can do with them! Here are a few of our very favorite crafts involving plastic spoons.

DIY Spoon Mirror - Craftaholics Anonymus

DIY Spoon Mirror- Craftaholics Anonymous

Woohoo! Look at this crazy modern mirror! It reminds me of those sunburst mirrors from the 70’s. And it’s just painted spoons! So cool!

Plastic Spoon Headbands - A Subtle Revelry

Plastic Spoon Olympic Wreaths- A Subtle Revelry

My kids are totally into the greeks and romans and so I know they would love this laurel wreath. And I bet they would never guess they were made of spoons! Perfect for school projects or dress up, or just an afternoon of fun.


DIY Flameless Rose Tea Lights-Smart School House

Who would know that these beautiful rose lights are made mostly of spoons! What a lovely things to have on the table for dinner or in the bath for a relaxing soak in the tub! I love them, they are so beautiful and really, so unexpectedly simple?

Mini Terrariums

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!
I have a friend who is a marvel with terrariums. She’s got them all over house house and I love to see them when I visit. I do love having a little bit of green in my house and I’ve been pondering a terrarium or two for our house but since space is limited, I’m thinking a mini terrarium would be just the thing! Here are a few of my favorites of the small and green variety.
Mini Air Plant Terrariums- I Spy DIY
For a really tight space, these little wall mounted terrariums are perfect. A pop of green on the wall or attached to the fridge with magnets would make for such a bright spot in a dark room! And using air plants makes for a pretty much no-maintenece terrarium!
Snow White Cactus Plant- Wear It Mini Plants Etsy Shop
How about a truly tiny terrarium for your neck! I just love this teeny cute little thing! And what a great idea to carry a little green with you wherever you go!
Mini Succulent Terrariums- Shop Succulents Etsy Shop
Oh, oh! How pretty are these sweet things? I want to hang them all over the house! And using succulents in terrariums makes them so easy! I’d love to have a trip of these hanging in the window of the kitchen!
Have you built any terrariums lately? Any on the mini side? Mini or not, send us some photos! We love to see what you’re up to! And check out these and other fun terrariums on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Play With Water

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

It’s finally, finally summer at our house and the kids are so ready to get outside and play in the sun! Water is always the first choice for outdoor summer play so we’ve been collecting ideas all thought the winter and spring to keep us cool and entertained during the coming warmer months! Although we’re planning on trying them all, here are what we think are the best of the best.

Water Blog Tutorial - Clumsy Crafter

Water Blob TutorialThe Clumsy Crafter

Oh the water blob! My kids have been asking to try this for months, even when it was freezing out. It’s at the top of our water fun summer list! I particularly love the idea of adding glitter and sequins to the water for a sparkly look but plain water would be a hit too. Can’t wait to try it out!

Water Gun Painting - Somewhat Simple

Water Gun Painting- Somewhat Simple

We are SERIOUS water gun connoisseurs around here and have regular neighborhood battles every time there’s a hint of heat in the air so I know this one will be a hit. Painting with water guns! I can see a party activity with this in our future!

Angry Birds Water Balloon Game - No Time for Flash Cards

Water Balloon & Sidewalk Chalk Angry Birds- No Time For Flash Cards

I’m keeping this brilliant idea under my hat until a hot day full of “i’m bored” moans comes. What a great boredom buster. And I suspect that Daddy will love it just as much as the kids will!

DIY Water wall - Tinkerlab

DIY Water WallTinkerLab

We’re planning one of these this summer for our water obsessed girl. Every time we hit a museum with a water wall or water table there she stops and there she stays so having a full time water wall at home is a no-brainer. She’ll love it (and so will her big brother I bet!)
What are your best water crafts and activities? Planning a water balloon fight this summer? Send us your ideas! We love to see them! And check out these and other ideas on our Craft Trends Pinboard!


DIY Industrial Chic

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

The Industrial Chic look has been around for a few years now but as far as I can tell, it’s as popular as it ever was. And for good reason, the look adds a rustic elegance to almost any style of decor and I, for one, am totally on board. I love the look and try to mix it in with my otherwise cottagey style here and there. As a friend once told me, it’s like adding a pair of shiny earrings to a plain outfit, just a little glint and shine to spice things up. The only thing I don’t love is the price on some of those industrial elements. So I’m all about the DIY with this particular look. Here are some of my favorite ideas on that front.

Industrial Style Light - Pressing On

Industrial Style Light- Pressing On

I’m seriously considering a light like this for my studio. On top of looking just plain cool AND being a super inexpensive fix for boring lights, it will make the room brighter than the old diffused cover allows for. Plus, did I mention how cool it looks?

Vintage Rolling Wooden Crates - Wouldn't It Be Lovely

DIY Vintage Rolling Wooden Crates- Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

I inherited a stack of crates like these with my house and now, instead of holding old paint cans, they will be put to better use as great looking storage for my kids rooms! If you don’t have access to vintage crates, how about new ones aged to look old? Two projects in one!


Antique Train Destination Sign- Ebay

I was a sucker for vintage trains even before I had a train obsessed little boy and the love hasn’t abated so this arrivals board is right up my alley. And so simple to make? A little chalkboard paint, a little white paint, some lettering work and voila! Super cute (and handy for list making too!)

Decorative Spheres - Design Dining Diapers

Decorative Spheres- Design Dining Diapers

Well this is just downright clever. Did you spot those as made from cardboard? I sure didn’t! I’m thinking of making several mini versions of these to fill up some pretty bowls on my mantle to add a little industrial vibe to the more classical look I’ve currently got. Now I just need to choose, silver or brass…

Have you come up with any fun industrial chic DIY’s? Share them with us! We’d love to see! And check out these and other Industrial Chic ideas on our Craft Trends Pinboard.



Indoor Fireworks

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I’ll never forget the terrible summer of my childhood when a severe drought caused a city wide ban on fireworks. All fireworks. For a kid, it was pretty awful. No sparklers, no black snakes…how could it be the Fourth of July without fireworks? Some ingenious parent in our neighborhood came up with a few alternate ideas for our annual block party which, I have to say, made that July survivable. Now that I’m the parent I recognize that have some indoor or non-fire fireworks is always a good idea, even if there’s not a drought. Very little kids who might be afraid of the sound can participate as can kids who just can’t wait and want to see some sparkles now! Here are a few of my current favorite fireworks crafts, perfect for getting you in the mood (or substituting the real thing) for Independence Day.

Fireworks In a Jar- 504 Main

Fireworks In a Jar- 504 Main

This would have been such a perfect thing when my little ones were very small. Beautiful and ever-changing, this simple glitter jar really does bring fireworks to mind without the sound and smell and danger.

Dish Brush Fireworks -SassyDealz

Dish Brush Firework- Sassy Dealz

These dish brush fireworks prints are so clever and so surprisingly realistic looking! I love them! You could really ramp up the fireworks look as well by using glitter paint for some of or all the brush strokes. So clever! And PS, these would make great art for patriotic party invitations!

Cup cake Liner Fireworks- No TIme For Flash Cards

Cup Cake Liner Fireworks- No Time For Flash Cards

Here’s a project that even the littlest artist can help with – Cupcake liner fireworks! How cute would these be strung into a banner or attached to the tops of skewers in a vase? This simple craft has a lot of visual impact and is so very fireworksy! Fantastic!

Do you have any indoor fireworks crafts or projects? Tell us about them! We’d love to post a picture on our Pinboards! And check out these and other Indoor Fireworks crafts on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Flag Crafts

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I know the Fourth of July is really only one little part of the summer but it’s one of my favorite little parts and I like to stretch out the celebrating as long as I can. Flags fly all month long (all summer long!) in my neck of the woods so flag crafts are summer staples. Flags are such a great inspiration point for all sorts of crafts at all sorts of levels, advanced, simple, kid friendly – and summer is the perfect time to test a few out. Here are some of our favorites!

Patriotic Pinwheel WreathLove, Pomegranate House

I’m a little bit in love with this wreath.
OK, I’m a lot a bit in love with this wreath! It’s totally calling my name! I love it’s low profile sophistication combined with the playful shapes. So much fun in one door decoration! This could be super cute paired with individual pinwheels stuck in the grass along a path for a Fourth of July Party, don’t you think? Yep, I’m in love.

Patriotic Hand Print Craft - B-Inspired Mama Patriotic Hand Print CraftB-Inspired Mama

I’ve always been a sucker for hand print crafts, such a great keepsake of how little your little one is right in that moment! We’ve made all sorts of hand print art over the years for decorations and cards and grandparent gifts and this is one of my all time favorites. It’s got happy written all over it, doesn’t it?

Drinking Straw American Flag - Reading Confetti

Drinking Straw American FlagReading Confetti

My kids would go crazy over these straw flags! In part because they love straws and building things form straws but also because it’s such a clever use of material, I know they’ll think it’s super cool. Perfect as a party activity for the kids, this would also make a great summer camp activity!

What kinds of flag themed crafts are you planning this summer? Drop us a line with some photos

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