Wild and Wooly Weaving

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I’ve been, for a long time, an utter fiber addict. I knit and crochet and spin and lately, i’ve been into weaving, which is, I can tell you, extraordinarily fun. But the best part of weaving is that, like so many other fiber crafts, you don’t need any fancy equipment to try your hand at it! Forget the floor looms and check out these cool takes on the craft of weaving!

Matchbox Loom - Marisa Ramirez Tumblr

Matchbox LoomMarisa Ramirez Tumblr

Raise your hand if tiny things make you squeal a little? Yep, me too. This is just about the cutest weaving project imaginable. A wee little matchbox loom! Perfect for getting your crafting willys out on the move or for showing the kiddos how the whole weaving thing works, this is a charming and addicting project to help dip your toe into the waters of weaving.

Weaving with Lavendar - itlot Tumblr

Weaving with Lavenderitlot Tumblr

Branch Weaving - Instructables

Branch WeavingInstructables

I love these two ideas for weaving with nature! What an excellent gift for a fiber loving friend or relative and such a fun way to bring nature into your art!

Easy Knitting with Straws - Club Chica Circle

Easy Knitting with StrawsClub Chica Circle

Straw weaving is an unusual take on the craft that kids simply love! Perfect for first fiber projects, these crank out funky scarves that any kid would be proud to have made. Plus, they are ridiculously fun for adults too.

Has the weaving bug hit your house? What kind of weaving have you incorporated into your crafting life? Let us know and check out these and other weaving crafts on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Fun with Cinnamon Sticks

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Every year, about this time, I start obsessing about cinnamon! Cinnamon is the scent of fall and winter for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I love using cinnamon sticks in my wintery crafts for their warm, bronzy color and wonderful smell, the possibilities are endless! Here are a few of the Cinnamon stick crafts that are topping my crafty to-do list this year.

Cinnamon Stick Santa Ornaments - The Tiny Crafter Etsy Shop

Cinnamon Stick Christmas OrnamentsThe Tiny Crafter Etsy Shop

How adorable are these? I just love them! In groups or on their own, turned into ornaments or tied on the tops of gifts, these are so quintessentially Christmas I almost can’t stand it! These could also be super cute with short cinnamon sticks to create fun little gnomes! Cinnamon gnomes!

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments - Cosmo Cricket Blog

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree OrnamentsCosmo Cricket Blog

I love these darling trees, both because they are simple to make and because they are just too darn cute. A perfect use for ribbon or fabric scraps, these would be fabulous to make with the kids. And check out this variation of the same idea!

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree - S.C.R.A.P

Cinnamon Stick Christmas TreeS.C.R.A.P.

Primitive Curly White Wool Sheep - Fully Fleeced Ewe Etsy Shop

Primitive Curly White Wool SheepFully Fleeced Ewe Etsy Shop

Got any fiber fanatics on your gift list this year? Or how about sheep lovers? These needle felted sheep have cinnamon stick legs! I guarantee anyone who loves small and fluffy things will adore these! I know I would!

How do you craft with cinnamon sticks? Do you have a go-to winter craft for them? Tell us all about it! And check out these and other Cinnamon Stick Crafts on our Craft Trends Pinboard.

Pinecone Crafts

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

It’s winter time! And at my house that means time to bring in all sorts of outdoor wintery goodness! Holly, mistletoe and, of course, pinecones! I love working pinecones into my crafts this time of year and am always on the hunt for something new and exciting to do with my hoard of pinecones, here are a few of my must-do pinecone projects for this winter.

Glitter Pinecone DIY - Miss Renaissance

Glitter Pinecone DIY – Miss Renaissance

These sparkly, shiny pinecones are perfect to add some bling to your new years celebration. Chose whatever colors of glitzy glitter match your theme and sparkly it up!

Pine Cone Snowflake Ornament - Attitude Nature Etsy Shop

Pinecone Snowflake OrnamentAttitude Nature Etsy Shop

Snowy Pinecone Wreath via Southern Living

Snowy Pinecone Wreath – Southern Living

These two variations of turning pinecones into snowflakes or stars to hang in a window or on your door are just charming, don’t you think? I especially love their frosted appearance. Beautiful!

Fabric Styrofoam Ball Pattern - Knitty Gritty Thoughts

Fabric Styrofoam Ball PatternKnitty Gritty Thoughts

Don’t have pinecones in your neck of the woods? No problem, bring the style of pinecones into your house with these adorable fabric versions! Just think of the possibilities for using up all your favorite fabric scraps!

How do you incorporate pinecones into your craft projects? Tell us all about it in the comments! And check out these and other pinecone crafts on our Craft Trends Pinboard.

Make All the Envelopes

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I know there are folks out there who think left writing is a lost art, any maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t have to be! I love sending and receiving really mail, especially when it’s in a beautiful envelope! And how much more special when the envelope is hand made? Here are some clever little envelope projects that are sure to up your letter writing game!

12 Creative Ways to Repurpose Newspaper

Repurposed Newspaper EnvelopesBrit + Co

Newspapers are cheap and plentiful, and you probably have a few sitting around the house right this very moment! Why not turn one into a few unique and interesting envelopes! The colorful lining helps give structure to the lightweight paper of the newspaper and adds a little pop of cheer when the letter is opened. And by using an on hand envelope as a template, you can be sure it will fit the card or letter it is intended for!

Heart Trio Envelopes - Zu Blog

Heart Trio Envelopes - Zu Blog

I’ll tell you something true, these, these right here, are just about as fun as envelope making can get! I’ve used heart envelopes for years now and they never fail to enchant, both the giver and the giftee! Kids absolutely love them and, once you have a template set, can make them easily and quickly for themselves. My favorite DIY envelope for sure!

Map Page Envelopes - Meiphemera

Map Page EnvelopesMeiphemera

I’m not sure if it’s my thriftiness or my love of travel, but I’ve made a habit of collecting the maps that come in various magazines for years now. They are fantastic for all sorts of crafts and these envelopes really take the cake! Perfect for any occasion, they would be extra special for going away cards, holiday missives or graduation notes!

Have you delved into the world of DIY envelopes? What has been your favorite incarnation of the humble letter holder? Send us a picture! We love to see! Or tell us more in the comments! And check out these and other envelope projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Pretty Little Hand Warmers

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

It’s getting to be that time of year again, friends! Cold weather time! And while I must admit that I love the cooler months of the year, I’m not a big fan of freezing fingers, so hand warmers are a must in our house. But why should they be boring? Never! Here are a few of our favorite DIY hand warmer projects. Psst, they make great holiday gifts! So check them out and get crafting!

Vanilla Cream Cashmere Heart Handwarmers - WormWoole Etsy Shop

Vanilla Cream Cashmere Heart HandwarmersWormeWoole Etsy Shop

So pretty! Am I right? These recycled sweater hand warmers turn old, worn out sweaters into something newly useful and beautiful! Soft and snuggly, I can just imaging them tucked into my pockets, keeping my fingers warm. It must be love!

Mini Heart Shaped Hand Warmers - Haberdashery Fun

Mini Heart Shaped Hand WarmersHaberdashery Fun

And speaking of love, how about these precious heart shaped hand warmers? Adorable, right? Perfect for using up spare bits of fabric, these would make fantastic teacher gifts from your child (but be sure to make them a set as well!).

Homemade Hand Warmers - Repeat Crafter Me

Homemade Hand WarmersRepeat Crafter Me

And these! Ack! Possibly the cutest hand warmers ever made, these little owls are a lovely project for a beginner sewer and a wonderful gift for just about anyone on your list.

Have you made hand warmers for your loved ones? Tell us about your project or send us photos! We love to see them! And check out these and other hand warmer projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Zipper Projects

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

A few years ago, an aunt of mine sent me a whole box of sewing notions that she had picked up at a garage sale. On top of the buttons and thread and scattering of pins, there were zippers. Zippers and Zippers and Zippers! Added to my already large collection of colorful zippers, I ended up with quiet a stash. And while they’ll always be mostly for my sewing projects, I love the idea of of turning zippers into something else entirely. Here are a few of my favorite zipper craft ideas!

Zipper Bangles - Brit + Co.


Zipper Bangles - Brit + Co.

These surprisingly elegant little bracelets are so much fun! Bright colors, shiny clasps, and so simple! These would make great gifts for kids to give to their friends or teachers since they can do most of the work themselves. Use heavy duty metal zippers for a different look or keep with the lightweight and colorful nylon varieties for a brighter style!

Felt Zipper Heart Brooch - Wooly Fabulous Etsy Shop

Felt and Zipper Heart BroochWoolly Fabulous Etsy Shop

These beautiful felt and zipper heats are amazing! They could be broaches, embellishments for a special skirt or coat, or ornaments for your tree. I just love them! Any why stop at hearts? So many shapes would be possible!

Rainbow Zipper Pouch - Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Rainbow Zipper PouchScattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

How much fun is this rainbow zipper bag? Perfect for a small purse, a pencil bag or even to hold a very special gift, this bag is full of colorful fun!. Pick your favorite shades for a rainbow or alternate two special colors for a different effect!

Vintage Zipper Decor via Makezine


Vintage Zipper DecorMakezine

I love these wild, colorful, zipper covered jars! Modern and quirky, they would make fantastic storage in a craft room or a fun place to stow small kid trinkets! I just adore the texture and rainbow colors of these!

Have you made any fun zipper projects lately? Tell us about them in the comments below or send us some photos! We love to see what you’ve been up to!

Quiet Books

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

When my little ones were very little, I kept a bag full of fun with me just about at all times, because you never know when you might need a wee squirmy kiddo to sit quietly. And of course, we had a quiet book (or two) lurking in that bag but oh my, I wish we’d had some of these beauties! Wonderful, amazing works of art that would keep any little one busy in those must be quiet moments of life.

The 100 Hour Quiet Book - Life With My Littles

The 100 Hour Quiet Book – Life With My Littles

My little car loving boy would have LOVED this page in a quiet book. Or even a whole quiet book of pages like these! While I love the little velcro car in this book, you could also use toy cars to drive on the little felt roads. You might even make a little “garage” of pockets to go with it!

Activity Book - Bubbles & Bobbins

Activity BookBubbles & Bobbins

I love the idea of a food themed quiet book! You could start with a single ingredient and show all the stages of turning one thing into another or create an ABC’s of different foods!

Quiet Book - The How-to Gal

Quiet BookThe How-to Gal

Admit it, just looking at this makes you want to do some zipping and unzipping, doesn’t it? Kids love love to zip and unzip, so this pages is brilliant for a quiet book! And all those colors! Fantastic!

We’ve rounded up some great Quiet Book ideas on our Craft Trends Pinboard so hop on over and check them out! Have you made a quiet book for a little one in your life? Tell us about it in the comments or send us photos! We love to see them!

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