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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Though the Olympics may make gold and silver seem like the most elusive colors, there is a recent craft trend of using copper to decorate one’s home. The color gives both a rustic and industrial look while giving a design aspect to any living space. Copper is large in the craft world right now, and for good reason. Don’t believe me? Check out the crafts below. I, for one, am excited to quickly jump on this band wagon.

DIY Wind Chimes - Think CraftsDIY Wind ChimesThink Crafts

These wind chimes give a beachy and boho vibe to any location and are a great alternative to purchasing them for a high price tag. The small copper bells will create noise without being obnoxious and getting to choose the fabric will give it a personal touch.


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Watercolor Design

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Watercolor Magnets - Think CraftsWatercolor MagnetsThink Crafts

These soft colors are a great way to accent any item you want to hang on your fridge. The simplicity makes for a great and fun craft. You can get the kids involved with this one, hanging their artwork with more of their artwork.

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Kids’ Crafts: Fun with Stamps

When it comes to stamping the possibilities truly are endless. Whether you’re making your own stamps using everyday materials, or using favorite store bought rubber stamps, stamping on paper or linen, you and your family can create memorable keepsakes, decorate clothing, make presents or just create for the sake of creating!

This first project is a fantastic tutorial for hand stamping linen. This would make a great teen or family craft. Once you make the stamps kids can do the stamping. Everyone can decorate their own scarves with a little help from older siblings and parents.

Hand Stamped ScarfThink Crafts 

My nieces love bringing home dandelions, rocks, sticks, and other natural found objects from our nature walks. This is a great relaxing craft to do once we’re back at home cataloging our treasures.

Nature Made StampsThink Crafts

These Rolling Pin Stamps are a brilliant way to use items you have around the house to make a toddler approved craft. Perfect for creating home made wrapping paper, or themed wall art, or just enjoying stamping on a rainy afternoon.

Rolling Pin StampsThrive 360 Living

Now that autumn is here and it’s almost time to harvest those gourds and pumpkins here’s a craft to indulge in pumpkin celebration!

Pumpkin Potato PrintingGrowing a Jeweled Rose

Stamping makes the best wrapping paper, what better way to wrap a homemade craft or a housewarming gift?

Watermelon Wrapping Paper - Inner Child Fun

This next tutorial is a great example of crafting with kids even when you’re out of town. What a great way to learn from the places you visit and create art from new things you find.

Art Inspiration with LeavesMommy Labs

Paint Chip Crafts

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

As a broke college student, I am a big fan of crafting on a budget. The trend of paint chip crafts is one that keeps the budget low and the results high. Though it’s not cool to clear out the whole paint sample section of your local hardware store, grabbing a few samples for crafting every once in a while is an acceptable practice. Especially when the results look this good. Check out some of my favorite crafts with this technique.

Paint Chip Bunting - Think CraftsPaint Chip BuntingThink Crafts

This paint chip bunting is perfect for any occasion. Though the rainbow colors are a great option, using event specific colors could also be a great option. I plan to make one for the “Football Sundays” I’m currently having to attend, because the best way to approach football is with crafts.

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Fruit Crafts

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Though fall is quickly approaching, the craft trend of fruit shaped and fruit oriented designs is holding strong. While the cold starts to infiltrate the air, these fruit crafts will keep me remembering the summer months. With bright colors and fun designs, the craft trend of fruits is one that will continue to make me smile year round. Check out these fruit crafts and tutorials.

DIY Fruit Tissue Honeycomb Balls - The House That Lars BuiltDIY Fruit Tissue Honeycomb BallsThe House That Lars Built

These honeycomb balls are great for a party or decor. I imagine this would be great in a classroom with the bright colors and cute designs. Keeping these anywhere would brighten your day and keep you remembering spring and summer throughout winter.

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Kids’ Crafts: Zentangle

Zentangle has become such a popular and creative hobby and the more I try it the more I understand why! Zentangle is a style of drawing or doodling in which the repetition of a variety of patterns creates dynamic, unique results. Zentangle drawing can also be quite relaxing. This method requires both creativity and dedicated focus. This art form does require fairly advanced fine motor skills so these projects are geared mostly towards school aged children and teens.

This first project is very involved and is therefore age appropriate for older children and teens, but the project is so unique and the results so beautiful that I find this tutorial really inspiring.

Embossed Foil - A Faithful Attempt

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3D Wall Art

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I’m a big fan of filling up the space around me. I tend to hang up too many things on my wall, assuming all space is a good place to add decor. The newest craft trend in wall hangings is 3D wall art which adds both decoration and dimension to an otherwise plain space. These are a few favorites I’ve found.

Upcycle T-shirt Hoop Art - Think CraftsUpcycle T-shirt Hoop ArtThink Crafts

This is another perfect excuse to upcycle an old t-shirt. Especially for a t-shirt that you love for the design that you may have grown out of or is too big. I love the look of the two embroidery hoops next to each other adding even more dimension and design to this piece.

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