National Craft Month: Craft Tips

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In celebration of National Craft Month I thought I’d compile a big list of inspiring and helpful craft tips from Craft Experts like you!

Sew Many Ways has brilliant tips for organizing your Sewing and Craft Room. Check out this blog for some crafty inspiration! One of my favorite ideas I found on Karen’s site is this tutorial on how to File Your Fabric.

File Your FabricSew Many Ways

General Craft Tips

“In the spring – I take all the scraps and thread that come from my serger and put them outside along with used dryer sheets and lint and bits of yarn – there are many colourful bird nests in my neigbourhood.” – Susan M. from Gatineau, Canada.

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Glass Painting Techniques

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I have to admit, I’ve never actually tried glass painting before, and  I knew I would need to do some research before trying it out for myself. There are so many different effects you can achieve using glass paints and vases. You can find inexpensive glass at the dollar store or even in the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets! My husband and I have a constant battle over the mason jars in our house – he uses them for canning and I use them for decorating. Once he’s used them once or twice, I wash them out and hide them in hard to reach cabinets. Once you’ve gathered your extra glass containers and pretty paints check out some of these tutorials for design ideas and tips.When your projects are complete feel free to post pictures of your new glass decor in the comment section!


These Modern Mason Jars are a great way to re-use or reclaim the mason jars in your own kitchen! Once you’re done with this project those old mason jars won’t be hiding any longer. These would be great for holding crafts supplies, or decorative knick knacks on a modern mantle place.

Martha Stewart Crafts Modern Mason JarsPlaid Online – Chris Myer Williams

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DIY Boxes

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I love LOVE it when gifts come in clever boxes. In fact I’ve got quite a collection of boxes gathered over the years but I’m always on the look out for more. and with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day and Father’s Day all coming up, there are lots of chances to use some of these cool DIY boxes to hold goodies, treats and small gifts!

Father's Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes - Paper Crave

Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift BoxesPaper Crave

And speaking of Father’s Day, obviously, this is perfect, am I right? It goes perfectly with a tie card too! And just the right size for dad’s favorite sweet treats!

DIY Triangle Boxes - Tomfo

DIY Triangle BoxesTomfo

These Geo boxes are so cool they are a gift in and of themselves! Perfect for storing little trinkets, holding jewelry or presenting a single, delicious treat, these are sure to hang around longer than the gift giving hour!

DIY Goblet Box - Happy DIY

DIY Goblet BoxHappy DIY

Gosh, are these Goblet Boxes clever or what? Who would have though a paper cut could be turned, lickety split, into a cute little box? These would be great treat holders at a party to act as party favors or a simple way to gift little goodies to neighbors and friends!

Do you love little boxes too? Tell us what your favorite go-dig box pattern is! And check out these and other fun box making projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Decoupage Furniture

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Since moving into my new house I have been on the look out for budget friendly decorating tips. I’ve been scouring antique malls for solid inexpensive furniture and searching the internet for inspiring tutorials to personalize and refurbish my furniture finds. Decoupage with favorite fabrics and card stock and Mod Podge seems like one of the most inexpensive, fun ways to make over furniture. Here are some of the best tutorials for projects I’m excited to try out.


I was reluctant about setting up my office and filing system until I found this great tutorial on making over metal file cabinets. What a brilliant idea, and a great way to inspire me to keep up with  my paperwork.

 Decoupage out of ControlSunflowerlin

This step by step tutorial offers valuable expertise and excellent tips for mastering the art of Decoupaging Furniture. I’d like to re-make a table like this one for my little niece who is just learning to read and write and loves crafting!

How to Decoupage FurnitureRefunk My Junk

I can’t wait to try the techniques used to remake this chest of drawers.  The process is a bit involved, but the tutorial is easy to follow and the end result is stunning!

Bow Front Bird ChestLindyCottageHill

I’m always finding fabric and saving it for when I’ll know how to use it, but the idea of actually ‘reupholstering’ furniture is completely out of my league, that’s why I love this craft! What a great, inexpensive way to use garage sale chairs and fun fabric to redecorate.

DIY “Upholstered Chair”All Things Thrify Posted by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Here’s another in depth tutorial on how to Decoupage Furniture. This one shows how to decoupage an entire chest of drawers. Now that I’ve seen this beauty, I need to find some pretty blue and white paper and/or fabric for my own furniture finds.

 Using Decoupage – Poppytalk

This tutorial uses Tin Foil to decoupage a nightstand. What a brilliant way to use what you have to create a much sought after style.

Tin Foil NightstandVintage Revivals 

New on the Valentine Front

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Every year, about this time, I start thinking about what on earth I’m going to pull together for classroom valentines this year. With kids at two schools with varying rules for what is and what isn’t allowed, dark hints from my older child that things need to be “cool” and my own ever pressing desire to do something new and exciting, I’ve been on the hunt for some new and improved Valentines ideas. Here are some of my top contenders.

Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines - How to Nest for Less

Tic-Tac-Toe ValentinesHow to Nest for Less

Some of the classrooms at my daughter’s school are strictly no treats, even for Valentines Day, so this tic-tac-toe Valentine is a good no-candy option. And since kids always love new pencils, the inclusion of a new, heart themed writing instrument will be quite the bonus!

XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine Cards - Nest of Posies


XOXO Tic Tac Toe Valentine CardsNest of Posies

Although if candy is allowed, this version of Tic-Tac-Toe is also super cute, and perhaps “cool” enough for the older kids to hand out to their friends.

You Rule Valentine Printable - Relocated Living

You Rule Valentine PrintableRelocated Living

Here’s another no-candy option for the kids! Rulers! Especially since this time a year is about when the kids start to realize they’ve lost the rulers they were sent to school with back in September.

Classroom Valentine Idea - Pinching Your Pennies

Classroom Valentine IdeaPinching Your Pennies

These little maze Valentines are so cute and fun that no on will notice the candy is missing! And the mazes will keep kids entertained long after any candy has been nibbled away.

What are you planning for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Send us your ideas and check out these and other ideas on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

Mirror Crafts

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I love using mirrors to create dynamic decor in small spaces. Small mirrors are inexpensive and fun to work with. Here are some new ideas for getting crafty with small and mid sized craft mirrors in your home.


Driftwood has become very popular in home decor lately, and I’m a big fan of this trend. I love any decor that incorporates natural elements, especially beach related, into my home. This driftwood mirror brings a touch of the seashore home.

Driftwood MirrorLisa Roy

This tutorial is so useful! I have a few broken platters and pieces of china that I’ve been saving to use in a crafty way. This platter to mirror would be a lovely addition to my stairway mirror collection, or in a nursery or guest room.

Platter to MirrorMartha Stewart

This tutorial teaches how to make your own Starburst Mirror. What a budget friendly way to decorate with small mirrors!

How To Make a Starburst MirrorApartment Therapy

Watercolor mirrors are a fun craft to do with your kids, and the results are so pretty!

Watercolor MirrorsAnd We Play

For the Birds

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

While it’s tempting to remember about feeding birds only when the weather is warm and you are spending plenty of time outside, it’s now, when the winter has well and truly set in, that the birds really need your attention. Brighten up your outdoor space from its dreary winter look and offer your neighborhood birds some much needed feasting with one of these fun DIY bird feeders!

Vintage Teacup Bird Feeders - The Natural Wedding Company

Vintage Teacup Bird FeedersThe Natural Wedding Company

These teacups stuffed with suet and birdseed are a lovely colorful addition to your winter garden and will please the birds to no end. Be sure to look for sturdy cups that can withstand a little pecking and tie them securely to your trees!

Snow Activities for Kids -

Snow Activities for

This is a clever little afternoon project that is perfect for a cold day in with the kids! Hollowed out oranges filled with birdseed! They’ll look super cute in your yard, adding a flash of color, and will biodegrade away to nothing as the birds finish their treat!

Bird Feeder from Glass Shades - The Art of Doing Stuff

Bird Feeder from Glass ShadesThe Art of Doing Stuff

I bet you can’t guess what these modern and funky bird feeders really are! Go on, guess! Did you guess lamp globes? I love the sort of spicy style of these and since I have about half a dozen of these in my basement from a remodel project, you can be sure this one will be at the top of my list!

What’s your favorite DIY bird feeder? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to check out these and other bird feeder projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

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