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Vinyl Inspiration

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Did you know that there is Sticky Adhesive Vinyl that you can hand cut or use with a Cricut Cutter Machine? Did you know that you can make your own vinyl decals? Think about all the possibilities!

Use adhesive vinyl and a Cricut machine to make a personalized canvas. Tutorial at

Here is an idea that I had for a gift.

I am heading to a Graduation Party and needed a gift. I was looking for something that a young man could use, but still have that inspirational feel. I am really into wall art and think that canvas prints are pretty cool.  I had to figure out how to get a clean looking text with a clip art image on a canvas without hand painting it. I found that the sticky adhesive vinyl was the answer! No artistic ability needed!


For Text

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Lucky Key Chain for Dad

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Make a Lucky Penny Keychain for Dad this Father's Day! Tutorial at

May 23 was Lucky Penny Day and June 16th is Father’s Day, create your own lucky key chain for Dad. This is a great idea for those hard to buy for Dads. Fathers will be proud to show off their personalized gift, with birth dates of the kids and their initials. We made one for my husband and he just loves it.

Lucky Penny Keychain Materials


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Embroidered Gift Wrap

By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and is always looking to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

Create your own one of a kind gift wrap from

I hate shopping for wedding wrapping paper. Finding great wedding wrapping means handing over a lot of money for fancy glitter or foil accents and I can never settle for not-so-great wedding wrapping. When I was getting ready for my friends Mike and Laura’s wedding, I knew that I wanted to do something special and personal. I love the idea of monogrammed wrapping paper so that you don’t have to use gift tags, and I wanted to add a little something extra for Mike and Laura’s big day. This idea would be great for Christmas too. A little monogrammed letter in the corner in lieu of gift tags will add a special personal touch to all of your gifts!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Craft Paper or Thick Wrapping Paper
  • Embroidery Floss 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Printed Template or a Pencil and Good Handwriting
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Optional: A Piece of Styrofoam or Corrugated Cardboard the size of your template (It makes a much better, sturdier base when poking holes through the template, but carpet works okay as well and is what I used)

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Envelope Photo Album

By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds from:

Peg’s Crafting Corner

Create a photo album to carry around in your purse at

 Create this cute little photo album for Mom this Mother’s Day or change the theme and make a gift for Dad.  No matter how you decorate it, it will surely be enjoyed and used every day to keep those special photo memories in.  It’s so easy to make that with a little help, a child can enjoy making one to give.

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Wooden Craft Stick Gift Tags

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

I’m always looking for new ideas for gift tags. This year I came up with using wooden craft sticks and rubber stamps. I don’t like power tools, so these can be made with a skinny nail and a hammer instead of a drill.


Wooden Craft Sticks in Jumbo

Alphabet Rubber Stamps

Stamp Pad


Nail & Hammer

First thing to do is to punch the hole. If you are a power tool user – a drill will make simple work of this task, but I do not like power tools so I tapped a skinny nail into the end and pulled it out to make the hole.  Next I thread the string or twine through the hole. I recommend making the hole and attaching the string first, in case the stick splits or cracks. 

Once the tag is ready, then I stamped the message on with the rubber stamps. I used black ink and gold for  the “mom” on the one tag.
Another idea is to make holes on both ends of the craft stick and run string through both ends and tie it around a package like a bracelet. For decorating ideas, you could hand write the message on the stick with a skinny tip marker too.

Stepping Stones

By Guest Blogger Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

When I decided to make these I wanted to try several different ways to actually make the stepping stones, so I used a reusable circle mold, a round cake pan, and a flower mold. I also put wax paper in the two round molds and did not use the wax paper in the flower mold to see if that made it easier to remove the stones.

My findings are that all three molds worked great and the wax paper did make it a little easier to remove the stone but not a ton easier. Although I think if I did not use the wax paper with the cake pan I would not have gotten the mold out so if you use a cake pan or anything that is NOT made for this, line it with the wax paper so it is easier to remove the stone once dry.

We used the stepping stone mix you can buy at the craft store, but I think you can do this with cement if you have it too.



Line your molds with some wax paper.

Mix your cement or stepping stone mix, then pour into molds.

If doing foot and hand prints make those, you can also use a Popsicle stick to write something in the cement if you choose.

If you choose use some pretty stones or other items to decorate your stepping stones (make sure to press in about half way so they stay in place).

After it is all decorated leave it to dry (we let them dry overnight but you don’t have to wait that long) then just pull the wax paper out and you have a beautiful homemade stepping stone that would make a great handmade gift.



For you, Father

By Cardmaking & Scrapbook Layout Contributor, Peg from the blog Peg’s Crafting Corner.

When I ask my husband what he’d like as a gift, he always tells me that he’d love a handmade card.  Handmade cards can be one of the most special gifts given or received so with Father’s Day quickly approaching; be sure to make a card for that special father and husband in your life and give him the gift of love!

The first step is to cut a piece of white cardstock that measures 4 1/8″ wide x 5 ¾” long.  This is the size of a standard Cuttlebug folder. The card frame was made using the Grace’s Frames Cuttlebug Embossing Folder.    In the center of the frame, place strips of Painters Tape to keep that area from getting ink on it.  Using the Colorbox Mudslide Ink Pad, ink the backside of the folder.  This is the side that is on top when the folder is backwards as seen in the photo.  Remove the painters tape. 

Place the cardstock in the folder and run it through the Cuttlebug.  Tip:  I find the ink transfers the best when the Cuttlebug sandwich is placed together with the A Pad  first, then a B Pad, the embossing folder ink side up, the cardstock inside the folder which is closed and then another B Pad as it is run through the machine and I run it through a couple of times.  Once this step is done wash the folder off using soap and cold water and dry thoroughly.  The ink may stain a little, but that’s ok. The folder is just discolored. To be safe that all of the ink has been removed, simply run the folder through the Cuttlebug with paper in it a couple of times to remove any excess and it will be ready to use the next time.

Now, to create the opening in the frame, use a craft knife and carefully trim around the swirls in the four corners of the design to open them up.  Do not cut all of the white background  out as it will hold the piece of vellum in place.  Next, trim a piece of Neapolitan Dear Lizzy Silver Lining Vellum by  American Crafts to 2 ¾”  wide x 4 ¼” long and round the corners using the ¼” side of the We R Memory Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper.   Fit the corners of the vellum into the frame where it was trimmed making sure the vellum lays flat in the frame.

Trim a piece of brown cardstock to 7′ wide x 10″ long using a paper trimmer and fold it in half.  Also, trim a dark green piece of Tim Holtz Idea-ology  Retro  Grunge Paper  Stash to be 4 5/8″ wide x 6″ long.  Adhere it to the card base using your favorite tape runner.    Adhere the frame to the card using the tape runner, also.

Using a Cricut Die Cutting Machine and the Heritage Cartridge, cut the airplane twice at 1″ and the word, “Father” at ½”.  Adhere the word and one airplane to the card using your favorite glue.   Trim only the wings off the second plane using a small pair of scissors.  When I trimmed the wings, I trimmed so that the top and bottom sections stayed connected with the small upright pieces between the wing sections.  Adhere them on top of the first plane using a 3-d adhesive so that it gives it a 3 dimensional look like the plane is flying.

Now you, too, can give dad the gift of love with a handmade card this Father’s Day!


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