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Date Due Library Book Bag

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Tote your library books back to with a DIY librarians will love!

Hearken back to the days of library card catalogs, writing your name on the card for each book you checked out, and the librarian stamping the “date due” with her rubber stamp. Bring some “old school” library fun to your life by making a special library book themed tote bag to transport your books to and from the library, or make one as a gift for your favorite book lover!

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DIY Kindercone

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a Back to School Kindercone filled with gifts to send your child off!

A Kindercone, Schultüte (school cone) is a German/Austrian tradition in which grade school children are presented with a large, decorated cone filled with treats on the first day of school to celebrate the start of another school year. Since the late 1800’s, and still up to today, German parents and grandparents have traditionally presented a first grader with a Schultüte to honor the first day of “real school.” The cones are filled with treats and school supplies to “sweeten” the first day of school. Why not extend this fun practice to scholars of all ages, and help make back to school a fun celebration?

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Kids’ Crafts: Apples for Teacher

I grew up with a teacher for a mother, so naturally I got to eavesdrop on her and her teacher friends. Rumor had it that teachers like getting chocolate and other unhealthy goodies over apples, but these cute crafts are far better than a healthy snack – probably still not as good as chocolate – and will add a bit of character to any classroom!

Puffy Paint Window Clings

I adore these little window clings! They would be a perfect back to school gift for your kiddos teacher, or if you’re a teacher of kiddos, a super fun beginning of the year project!

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Back to School in DIY Style

It’s about that time when the air gets a little crisper, and your kiddos get a little busier. That’s right, back to school! I’m headed off to my senior year of college in a couple of days, so this blog post was extra fun for me to do. (Cute organizational ideas anybody??) I hope you find some inspiration here to send your kiddos – or yourself – back to school in DIY style!

Hand Stamped Lunch Bag

Lunch bags can be expensive and, to be quite honest, not very cute. Go check out this tutorial to find out how to personalize your lunch bag, down to making your very own stamp!

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