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Toadstool Bird Feeder

Welcome the birds back to your home with a cute bird feeder that looks like a mushroom!

After what I refer to as “Birdpocalypse 2016” took place, I’ve needed a new bird feeder. I filled my Terra Cotta Bird Feeder with peanuts and every Stellar’s Jay in Oregon came to my house. This alerted the squirrels that there was something tasty hanging in that bowl. Before I knew it, I saw tiny little hands grabbing at twine from my roof, trying to pull the bowl up to them. The bowl went toppling out of the hanger and the clay broke off the bowl. It could have been salvaged, had I not feared for my life if I had gone to retrieve the bowl. Then I pushed the whole ordeal out of my mind and the bowl was rendered too disgusting even for birds when I finally got around to picking the mess up.

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Spring Wreaths

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It’s the age of wreaths for every season. Who can blame us DIY-ers, though? A home with a wreath on it feels so much more welcoming, and they’re super fun to make!

Miniature Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wreath

Miniature Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wreath

Tiny flower pots are surprisingly inexpensive and automatically remind you of the plants coming back for spring. I love the colors on this wreath, they’re so spring-y and fun!

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Window Card

By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

DIY window A-Frame card to celebrate spring!

This card is often referred to as an A-Frame card since it folds at the top rather than on the side.  It’s a nice change to the usual cards we tend to make.  The window scene seemed to fit best with this style of card as it seemed to be the natural way of wanting to open it.

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