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Serve it Up

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Can you believe it’s already Christmas Eve? The holidays always bring lots of food. Whether you’re hosting at home, bringing along some homemade treats, or just serving up some cookies to Santa tonight, you’ll need a few plates to serve all of those love filled treats you’ve made.

Vintage Floral Serving Plate

Vintage Floral Serving Plate

This plate has some pretty flowers on it for spring, but you could also add a Christmas twist with the right graphics. This craft is so easy, you may even be able to have your plate dry in time to show it off to Santa tonight.

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Paper Bag Stars

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

A fun kids craft for all ages! Create these paper bag stars to hang on the wall!

Here’s a great, and simple project to do with kids during the cold days of winter. With a minimal supplies, and a little time, you can make a neat star decoration, that’s almost magical when you finally unfold it!

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BOO and EEK Paper Straw Halloween Hangers

By General Crafts Contributor Victoria from the blog Dazzle While Frazzled.

Take some festive Halloween straws and turn them into letter hangers to spell out the spookiest phrases

Paper straws are not only great for parties and adding a festive touch to an otherwise plain party cup. They also make for a fun crafting tool and an easy way to add color and pattern to your seasonal project.

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