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Photo Transfer Flower Pots

Use Mod Podge Photo Transfer to customize your own flower pots!

While watching Morgan play with Mod Podge Photo Transfer for her World Map, I started to think about what other unique surfaces you could use this to transfer photos to. I decided to give clay a try. I’m always drawn to tiny flower pots and though they would make a great surface to experiment on, and it was really fun!

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“Where I’ve Been” Map

DIY a push pin map to keep track of your travels!

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen quite a few countries at such a young age. I’m currently on a mission to see 30 countries before I reach age 30. Because of all these adventures on top of being in college, my bank account is a little tight. So, when I was looking online for one of those fancy push pin maps that show off where you’ve been, I was super bummed to see how expensive they were. Then I realized that I could very easily just make my own!

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Confetti Dipped Mug

Have a party every morning with a DIY Confetti "Dipped" Mug

For me, I think most mornings need a little pick-me-up. I usually head straight for my coffee and reach for my less pretty mugs that are just the perfect size for me. I found a few plain white mugs that are a great size, but way too boring for my taste. I decided to add a little party to my mugs!

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