Shabby Chic Picture Frame

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Shabby Chic Picture Frames using a Mod Podge Transfer Technique


With the aid of your inkjet printer and some Mod Podge, create beautifully distressed wooden frames to display all of your summer vacation and back-to-school photos.

Frame 2

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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Picture Puzzle

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Create a DIY puzzle with your favorite picture!

I really like this project. It’s great to make with the kids. Have them choose a favorite picture, get a copy made of it, because it will be cut. Then have them make it into a simple stick puzzle. This is a toy that can be taken along on trips or played with in the car. It’s small enough to fit in any handbag, so it can always be a time buster in long waits.

picture puzzle


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“Be Mine” Valentine’s Wall Art

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By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and is always looking to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

"Be Mine" Valentine's Day Glitter Art

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so don’t forget to decorate your house before it’s too late! My house is looking a little less romantic than I would like for the upcoming holiday. I decided to create a little decoration to brighten my space and add a little sparkle. I’ve always wanted to try out glitter painting, and I thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect chance to break out my glitter and give it a whirl!

What You Need:

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Valentines Painted Rocks

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By Guest Blogger Maria Mercedes

Painted Rocks



Collect rocks as flat as possible and wash them well. You may also buy a whole package of river rocks at the Dollar store.

Words on Rocks

Rip little pieces of paper from your book and glue them down to your rock. Once all the rocks are done, sand them slightly so they feel smooth.

Use a pencil to lightly draw a heart and write the words down. The letters don’t have to be perfect but it you don’t like how one turned out simply mod podge over it  with the book page and re-paint again.

Seal rocks with varnish.




Linen Lined Jewelry Box

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Linen Lined Jewely Box

I bought this jewelry box but found it a bit too precious to use.  So I lined the bottom with some linen and have enjoyed using the jewelry box ever since!

1.5 - materials for linen lined jewelry box

2- tracing cardboard inserts

3 - cardboard inserts

After I got my materials together, I traced the bottoms of each level of the jewelry box on a thin but sturdy cardboard.  Since you’ll be using mod podge, you’ll want to choose a cardboard that can hold up to the moisture.

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Painted Bear

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By Guest Blogger Maria Mercedes

Painted Bear Wall Art  




Glue decorative paper to canvas using gel medium or mod podge.
Water down the white paint to cover most of the decorative paper but leaving the edges unpainted. Let dry and then apply another coat of watered down light blue paint on top of the white.
Transfer a pattern of your choice to canvas.

Bear Base Coat

Base coat bear using terra cotta paint and use antique white for the mouth area and small bottom. Paint beehive skin tone, bees yellow and wings white. Let dry.


Shade darker areas by applying watered down burnt umber paint to some areas.

Painted Bear Canvas

Use the permanent black pen to outline details and finish off the painting.

Add Red Pastel


Using a red pastel oil and an old brush add the red color cheeks to the bear




Display your Holiday Cards in Style!

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By Guest Blogger Anne from Creative Life Blog and Unfinished Wood Co.

Check out Anne’s blog for tons of great painting, home decor, and kids craft ideas. Then head over to Unfinished Wood Co. to find wooden shapes and pieces for beautiful crafts!

Easy DIY Christmas Card Holder

I am always stuck for fun ways to display my Christmas cards every year. They usually end up sitting in a pile on the mantle, falling on the floor, and eventually they get torn up by one of my children or stepped on with my dog’s muddy paws.  A few lucky cards might even make it to my refrigerator. This year I thought there has to be a better way to display all these cards. So I decided to make some decorative card holders with some old wooden dowels.

First, I cut some scrap 1.25” diameter dowels into a variety of different lengths and sanded them smooth. Then, I carefully used a handsaw to put a grove in each one.

Once I had them prepared, it was time to decorate. I used Christmas scrapbook paper, stickers, Mod Podge, decorative ribbons, paint and whatever else I could find in my craft drawer. Viola!! My Christmas cards will certainly be displayed in style this year.

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