Frilly Ruffle Crochet Scarf

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By Guest Blogger Judy from Judy’s Handmade Creations

Judy is one crafty lady! Check out her blog for tons of craft inspiration from card making to sewing to crochet and more! She also sells her own projects in her handmade items shop.

Today I’m sharing a Ruffle Crochet Scarf I worked on last weekend. To make this scarf I crochet with Boutique Sashay Yarn from Red Heart. Click on link below to see how easy this scarf is crochet.

Frilly Ruffle Scarf

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Chapstick Key Chain Holder

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Sew a Chapstick Holder for Your Keychain

During the winter, my skin and lips are both so dry.  I hate having to take off my gloves to dig around in my purse (drying out my hand more) to find my chapstick.  The easy to make key chain allows me to easily and quickly find my chapstick saving both my skin and my lips.  Make your own and never have to find your chapstick again…unless you lose your keys.


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Kids Crafts: Learn to Sew

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If you have a creative child around, there are many great craft supplies to keep them busy, and keep you worry-free. Keep the right supplies on hand, and crafting with your kid can be fun and help you build memories that can last well into their lives.

Even for adults, sewing can seem a little daunting. The needle, the precision, it can be a little surprising to think that kids can actually learn to do it. I think it’s great to start getting kids used to a needle and thread at a young age so everything that goes into making that perfect stitch can be a habit once they get older. Messy stitches aren’t nearly as big a deal to a child!

Embroidery for Kids

Child Embroidery

Get kids used to a needle with an easy needlework project. Let them create their own shapes however they choose. Once they get used to the needle, help them move on to specific kinds of stitches.

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DIY Baby Gifts

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This month baby showers are on my mind big time. I have a new niece on the way and many friends with babies due in early spring. I’ve been a little disappointed in the baby shower gift registries because the items on those lists always seem so boring and impersonal. So, I got to thinking, what if I made some of my own baby gifts to add to those ordinary practical baby must haves – diapers, bottles, onesies, etc. Here are some really cute ideas I found to inspire my baby shower presents.


For those of you  who  are handy and skilled with pallets, this DIY Pallet Moon Cradle is a real treasure. I would love to build my own nursery around a cradle like this one.

DIY Pallet Moon Baby Cradle - 99 Pallets 

For quilters and would be quilters out there, here is a fun Baby Shower Quilt pattern your loved ones will adore.

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Lens Cap Holder

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Sew a Lens Cap Holder

Did you get a new camera over the holiday, or are you already a photography enthusiast?  If so, you may have experienced the problem I constantly have: losing your lens cap.  Lens caps are great.  They keep your expensive lens from getting scratched when you’re not using your camera, but they are so easy to lose.  Yes, a quick google search will reveal countless products you can buy to solve this problem, but I don’t want to spend money and chances are after a season of gift giving you don’t either.  If you’re a crafter, you probably already have all of the materials you need.  If not, you’ll use these materials in many other craft projects, so it is well worth the money.


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Colorblocked Baby Booties

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Color Blocked Baby Booties

I love knitting things for babies because they work up really quickly, allow you to use up some scrap yarn, and look so adorable when finished! These tiny wrapped baby booties are no exception. This knitting pattern is perfect for a beginner looking for a challenge, or an experienced knitter hoping to bust through some yarn in an afternoon.

Wrapped Baby Booties

Here’s what you need:

The Pattern:

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Cord Keeper Roll-Up

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Cord Keeper Collage

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get more organized?  It is definitely a great resolution.  Why not start with all the cords in your living space and use up some of the scraps of fabric you’ve been hoarding at the same time?  We all have tons of electronics and it seems like everyone has a different cord.  I can easily take over multiple drawers.  Make this Cord Keeper Roll-up and get all those cords organized!


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