Reversible Fabric Tote Bag

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

DIY Reversible Tote Bag

Tote bags are the perfect bag.  Children can use tote bags to carry their school books or their piano lesson books.  Adults can use tote bags for grocery shopping or as a great bag to keep a lot of stuff in.  During college, I had my life organized by tote bags.  Each activity had a different tote bag ready to go that I could grab quickly and run out the door.  I would have been lost without my tote bags.

Mixing a matching fabric is also a passion of mine.  By combining a love of tote bags and mixing fabrics, this reversible tote bag will be perfect for you.


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Fabric Yo-Yo Tank Top

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Upcycle a tank top with fabric yo-yo's!

Tank tops are a pretty versatile piece of clothing.  You can wear a tank top with shorts during the summer or pants during those days that go from hot in the morning to warmer in the afternoon.  During the winter, you can put a cardigan over a tank top with slacks for a nicer look.  The problem is that inexpensive tank tops tend to look boring and plain, while the fancier tank tops are more expensive.  By making and adding fabric yo-yos to a tank top, you can take it from boring to fabulous.


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Summer Knitting & Crochet Projects

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In the heat of the summer, it’s really difficult to pick up a lot of my favorite crafts. I’m a huge fan of knitting and crochet. I just finished a giant granny square blanket that was almost torture to complete during the heat wave here in Oregon. It was so big, I basically had to wear it as a blanket to keep stitching. I’m so happy it’s done, and I think it looks pretty great for my first real crochet project.

Giant Granny Square Blanket

I love to work with yarn because it keeps my hands busy and doesn’t require much artistic talent to accomplish. I’d love to continue working with yarn for the rest of the summer months, so I need to get past the blanket I started in the winter and pick up something lightweight that I might actually get some use from even in the 90 degree weather. Here are some projects I’m considering:

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Convertible Swimsuit Cover-Up

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Sew a DIY Convertible Swimsuit Cover-Up!

Summer is a great time for enjoying the beach or the pool.  Cover-ups are great for going to and from the pool or beach.  Depending on your swimsuit you might want a different cover up style to avoid extra tan lines.  This convertible cover-up will allow you to style it to fit your swimsuit style or to just switch it up whenever your feel like it.  Make this convertible cover-up for yourself and keep cool during the dog days of summer!


  • Larger T-shirt (the larger the better)
  • Ribbon or Cord (Get approximately your height in length)
  • Thread 
  • Pins

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Pocket T-Shirt DIY

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.


Pocket T-shirts are currently all the rage.  I see people wearing them everywhere I go.  I love how the patterned pockets look on a plain colored T-shirt.  However, they run around $25 to buy, which in my opinion is ridiculous.  The solution is to make your own because it’s so easy.  This project can be done on any size T-shirt, which makes it great for all the people in your life.  I frequently use this project as a scrap buster so all I have to buy are T-shirts!


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Sew Your Own DIY Dog Leash

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By Guest Blogger Courteney from the blog Crafting With Court

Courteney’s blog is full of ideas inspired by Pinterest and brings her own versions to life. With step-by-step instructions for fun crafts, Crafting with Court is perfect for all kinds of crafters.

Sew Your Own DIY Dog Leash with Guest Blogger Court from Crafting With Court

When we adopted this sweet baby a little more than 4 months ago, I knew this name was Padfoot. I mean, look at the similarities!

Dog Leash Picture

Padfoot needed a Gryffindor collar.  I searched around online, and I was shocked with how limited by options were.  As a crafty person, I set out to make my own collar.  I purchased a yard of the All Things Harry Potter fabric from Spoonflower and made a dog collar. My finished product turned out great!  If you want to make your own check out: Dog Collar: Fabric Wrapped.

dog leash pic 3

Over time, his plain store bought dog leash paled in comparison to his custom collar.  I set out to change that and made a Hogwarts dog leash.


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Camera Lens Wrap

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Camera Lens Wrap

Protect those expensive camera lenses with these cute wraps. They use old neck ties filled with polyfil quilt batting to make the ties soft. I used old silk ties found at the second hand store. The silk is so soft and the lens can be stuffed into a bag for travel and I have peace of mind that they will be protected. These would make great gifts for all the Camera Bugs in your life.

DIY Camera Lens Wrap from an Old Tie


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