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Kids Crafts: Mod Podge

Start your kids on crafting with Mod Podge early so they can learn all the wonders of this classic adhesive and get creative! It’s non-toxic so kids and adults alike can enjoy these fun crafts!

Day or Night Tissue Paper Decorated Jar

This is a classic craft that’s perfect for all ages. I remember making something like this as a girl scout at a cabin in the mountains and I loved mine!

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Perler Bead Drink Covers

On nice summer nights, when it isn’t too warm, we have been enjoying our family dinner outside. It has been so nice, that is except when you go to take a drink and then notice a bug floating in it. Ugh, disgusting. So I broke out the Perler beads, and now am enjoying bug free lemonade!

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Story Stones

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A lot of the time, the simplest toys can be the most fun, and that’s why I love the idea behind story stones. They’re simple painted rocks with objects that can help build the scene for a story. They encourage kids to be creative and use their imaginations! Here are some great story stone ideas.

DIY Story Stones

DIY Story Stones

Customize your stones to fit your child’s personality. Design the rocks based on their favorite toys, food, and places.

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Fish Decoration

By Kids’ Crafts Contributor Rachel from the blog Doodle and Stitch.

This cute fish decoration is really easy to make so children of all ages can enjoy this craft.

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