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Toadstool Bird Feeder

Welcome the birds back to your home with a cute bird feeder that looks like a mushroom!

After what I refer to as “Birdpocalypse 2016” took place, I’ve needed a new bird feeder. I filled my Terra Cotta Bird Feeder with peanuts and every Stellar’s Jay in Oregon came to my house. This alerted the squirrels that there was something tasty hanging in that bowl. Before I knew it, I saw tiny little hands grabbing at twine from my roof, trying to pull the bowl up to them. The bowl went toppling out of the hanger and the clay broke off the bowl. It could have been salvaged, had I not feared for my life if I had gone to retrieve the bowl. Then I pushed the whole ordeal out of my mind and the bowl was rendered too disgusting even for birds when I finally got around to picking the mess up.

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Spring Wreaths

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It’s the age of wreaths for every season. Who can blame us DIY-ers, though? A home with a wreath on it feels so much more welcoming, and they’re super fun to make!

Miniature Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wreath

Miniature Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wreath

Tiny flower pots are surprisingly inexpensive and automatically remind you of the plants coming back for spring. I love the colors on this wreath, they’re so spring-y and fun!

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Nursery DIY: Adorable Animal Storage

By Guest Blogger Monica from

Monica Richards is an Eco-Baby Expert who is on a mission to keep your Little Ones safe in the only environment you can control – your home! With Eco-friendly products and beautiful nursery design for Baby, as well as natural beauty and green lifestyle hacks for You, Monica’s flipping your home into a chic, healthy one. Because Healthy equals Happy, and Happy starts at Home.

Baby stuff is tiny! So, why not stay organized with these adorable mason jars?!! You can customize them any which way you’d like: ANY color, ANY animal (or insect) for the lid!

It only takes 2 steps. And you only need 4 things: Mason Jars, Spray Paint, Hot Glue Gun, Plastic Toy Animals

These jars also make the sweetest gifts. And they’ll even look super chic on that gold and white desk of yours (think unicorns and metallic).

So press play, have fun & enjoy the cute outcome! X

Button Lined Mail Tray

Grab your button collection and create a cool tray to store your mail or office papers!

CreateForLess recently moved our corporate office, and while moving is never fun, decorating a new space is. Right away, I noticed that there was no place for our incoming & outgoing mail and I knew a Mail Box Tray would need to be crafted soon. I love how this Button Lined Mail Tray turned out, and I hope that you enjoy it too.

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