Mother’s Day Chocolate Flowers

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Mother's Day Chocolate Flowers

We always make flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day, but this year I wanted to mix it up a bit and make her some edible ones.  That is why we decided to make these yummy Mother’s Day Chocolate Flowers.  I know my mom will love them because she loves flowers and she loves chocolate, so this is a win-win. The fact that the grandkids made them just makes these the best gift we could make for grandma.

This was actually our first time ever making candy like this, so I was not really sure how it was going to go. I have to say it was way easier than I thought it was going to be.  Both girls were able to help, which just shows you how truly easy this was.

I decided to just melt the chocolates in a plastic bag to make the whole process quick and less messy which ended up working great.  While one bag was in the microwave melting, I had my daughter making flowers with another one.  It took less than 10 minutes to fill our mold using 4 different colors.  Then, we just waited for them to harden and we made some more.




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Neon Geometric Necklace

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY neon clay beads to make this fun necklace. Tutorial at

Geometric shapes are very popular in jewelry right now. This multifaceted  bead is easy to make and a great summer project for the teens in your life. These can be made in a half an hour and by using the nylon coated wire, the beads string themselves. Use neon colors of clay and you’ll be right on trend.



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Crochet Flower Coasters

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By General Crafts Contributor Monica from the blog Mon Makes Things.

Crochet Pattern and Craft Tutorial for Flower Coasters at

I have been wanting to make some pretty crochet coasters for a while now, and I finally whipped some up on a whim this past weekend. I’ve been eyeing these ombre coastersflower coasters, and rainbow coasters for a bit, and was eager to try something of my own. This pattern works up quickly, which is always nice because lord knows I have been known to give up on lengthy projects… ;)

DIY Crochet Flower Coasters from

Stuff You’ll Need:

Cotton Yarn (I used Lily Sugar & Cream in Mod Ombre), Acrylic Yarn in a contrasting color (I used white), Size H (5.0mm) Crochet HookYarn Needle9×12″ Piece of FeltFabric Glue, Sharp Scissors

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Beaded Hanger

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By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Make a special hanger for a gift. Tutorial at

My cousin just had her first baby, a little boy.  She is bringing the baby down to visit her mom and I am so excited to meet him!  I sure do miss little newborn baby snuggles, there is nothing like it.  So I thought it would be nice if the girls made their new cousin (or is it 2nd cousin?) a nice little present.

I figured every baby has clothes and needs hangers, so what better gift for the girls to make but these adorable beaded hangers.  We made one for my other cousin who has a daughter the same age as my little one too (that is why one is pink).

Not only is this a really fun and practical craft/gift, but it is great for my little ones motor skills.  She really enjoyed putting the beads on the hanger and it was great practice for her hand eye coordination.  It is also a great project to help teach counting since you can do the beads in different patterns (three of one color two of another).

I did help with the ribbon part of this craft but the girls put all the beads on, which makes this a truly special gift.  These would make great baby shower gifts or they would be perfect just to make to hand your own baby clothes on.


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Embroidered Gift Wrap

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By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and is always looking to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

Create your own one of a kind gift wrap from

I hate shopping for wedding wrapping paper. Finding great wedding wrapping means handing over a lot of money for fancy glitter or foil accents and I can never settle for not-so-great wedding wrapping. When I was getting ready for my friends Mike and Laura’s wedding, I knew that I wanted to do something special and personal. I love the idea of monogrammed wrapping paper so that you don’t have to use gift tags, and I wanted to add a little something extra for Mike and Laura’s big day. This idea would be great for Christmas too. A little monogrammed letter in the corner in lieu of gift tags will add a special personal touch to all of your gifts!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Craft Paper or Thick Wrapping Paper
  • Embroidery Floss 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Printed Template or a Pencil and Good Handwriting
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Optional: A Piece of Styrofoam or Corrugated Cardboard the size of your template (It makes a much better, sturdier base when poking holes through the template, but carpet works okay as well and is what I used)

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate, here are some of our favorite kid’s crafts over the year. Spend some time with your children making these easy crafts with materials you already have. Or Dad can help the kids with these crafts to give you some alone time!

Using Toilet Paper to create an embossed look on a bookmark at

Who knew toilet paper could be so beautiful? The kids will have so much fun creating these magical designs.

Create a Fairy Gazing Ball for your Fairy Garden at

Create a miniature crystal ball for a fairy garden or doll house

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Envelope Photo Album

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds from:

Peg’s Crafting Corner

Create a photo album to carry around in your purse at

 Create this cute little photo album for Mom this Mother’s Day or change the theme and make a gift for Dad.  No matter how you decorate it, it will surely be enjoyed and used every day to keep those special photo memories in.  It’s so easy to make that with a little help, a child can enjoy making one to give.

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