2013 Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Winners!!

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The votes are in, our judges have given their input, and it’s finally time to announce the winners of our 2013 Handmade Halloween Costume Contest! There were so many talented entries into this year’s contest, it was difficult narrowing it down to 25, and we definitely needed your help finding our top 3 entries! Without further ado, here are the 2013 winners!

In first place…

Mechanical Monkey Costume

Julye H. from Toronto, Ontario!

Julye’s kind of creepy, but skillfully made Mechanical Monkey costume was a hit with our Facebook fans and judges.

This costume is hands down my favorite. It is amazingly well done though the description seems like it would be easy enough to recreate. And I love that photo… that’s commitment to the bit.

— Judge Allison from Dream a Little Bigger

I heart you mechanical monkey. So creepy but yet so adorable. The attention to detail makes this costume come to life. I am impressed with all the different textiles used to make the outfit. Great job!

— Judge Stephanie from A Geek in Glasses

That is oddly creepy and impressive all at once!

— Judge Laura from LalyMom


In Second Place…

Steampunk Inquisitor Costume


John G. from LaFollette, TN!

The materials John used to create his son’s Steampunk Inquisitor costume stunned our judges and fans.

I can hardly believe some of the elements of this costume like the craft foam and thumbtacks. I mean, it looks like a very expensive specialty costume you could rent. And, for some reason, I think it’s incredibly cool that it can stand up on its own. This costume is flat out amazing!

— Judge Allison

I love that they used simple items like craft foam to make the base. The aluminum really adds to the realistic look of it. Plus the brilliant use of brass tacks for rivets! Awesome! Overall great look.

— Judge Stephanie

In Third Place…

Pufferfish Costume


Linda H. from Southbury, CT!

The uniqueness of a pufferfish costume, the lifelike appearance, and the awesome kid inside the costume made Linda’s entry a favorite among the judges and fans.

I love seeing kids that want to be something different for Halloween. I love even more seeing adults who want to make it happen for those kids!

— Judge Allison

My jaw gaped open as I looked at this one. I was really curious to see the materials used.  Pretty cool and instantly recognizable to me.

— Judge Laura

Here are a few more wonderful finalists from this year’s contest!

Christina "Puguilera" Costume


Janet B. from Austin, TX

Janet’s “Christina Puguilera” costume is not only adorable and hilarious, but can you believe how in character her dog is?

Wow! All I have to say is they sure went all out on this one! And it is awesome how the dog is going along with it! Pretty hilarious all around!

— Judge Laura


Peacock Costume


Dawn A. from Summerville, SC

Dawn’s peacock costume is so detailed and elegant!

At first I wasn’t sure if this was a Halloween costume or a pageant gown. It’s very pretty and I don’t know that I’ve ever worn something quite so elegant even though I have over 20 years on this little cutie.

— Judge Allison

Klimt Painting Costume


Melissa K. from Ferndale, MI

Melissa’s Klimt painting of  Adele Bloch-Bauer is pretty much spot on like the real one, and so creative!

So fantastic! The key to this is how exact it is, it has to look like the painting or it’s just not going to work and this LOOKS LIKE THE PAINTING!! WOW! I’m amazed at this project! I just love it!

— Judge Stephanie

Thank you again to everyone who entered and voted, and a special thanks to all of our judges! Check out the rest of the finalists over on the CreateForLess Facebook, and don’t forget to like us while you’re there!

Raffia Monogram

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Raffia Monogram

Raffia Monogram

I might be that last person to jump on the monogram train but darn, they are cute. The letters are wrapped in yarn, washi tape or covered rhinestones. A fall monogram needs something more festive like raffia, which is what we are using today.  I found a cute letter style cut out of wood and thought it would be the perfect specimen to make a fall decoration.



Wet Raffia

The wooden letter that selected is about 6″ high.  I wet the raffia in a large bowl to make it pliable.

Wrap Raffia

Take strips of the wet raffia and wrap it around the letter. This gives a nice wrap and the raffia does not crack and break when wet. When the strip is completely wrapped, tuck the end in, under the wrap on the back.

DIY Raffia Monogram

Continue doing this until the whole letter is covered. If you are impatient, like me, get the hairdryer out and blow dry the wet raffia. Once the entire letter is covered, glue any lose ends if necessary. Now it’s to decorate!  Hang your new fall monogram on your door or sit it on the mantle!

DIY Raffia Monogram

Handmade Halloween Costume Contest

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The Handmade Halloween Costume Contest is one of our favorite contests here at CreateForLess. We love going through each and every submission and seeing the creativity and skill of everyone who enters this contest. Here are some of our favorite entrants from past years…


Beatlejuice Costume

Lindsay K.’s Beetlejuice costume, it’s so creative and well made!

MaryAnne F.

MaryAnne F.’s Wall-E costume. It’s so detailed, it’s even got dirt marks!


Chase F

Chase F.’s Zoltar costume from the movie Big!

Annette E

Annette E.’s witch with a crystal ball costume. It’s the perfect costume for a kid!


Mario And Luigi Costume

This Mario and Luigi costume, they went all out to look just like the characters!

Chewbacca Costume

This Chewbacca costume that looks just like the movie!


Donna G

Donna G.’s Roller Coaster costume. It looks so real!

Jo J

Jo J.’s Where the Wild Things Are costume. The background is perfect also!


Karen F

Karen F.’s Ice Cream Family costume. If this group showed up at my door, they would definitely get all of my candy.

Lora B

Lora B.’s Jack Skellington costume. Even the pose is in character!

Head over to the CreateForLess Facebook to check out the rest of the Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Finalists, and don’t forget to vote for this year’s winner!

Halloween Apple Cider

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Halloween Apple Cider

For as long as I can remember, it’s been a tradition at my house to have hot spiced cider after a long night of trick-or-treating on Halloween. I was the only one of my friends who lived in a neighborhood, so trick-or-treating always started at my house. My friends and their parents would meet at my house a few parents would stay behind to hand out candy, and a few would take us from house to house.

The hour or so before the fun would start was one of the most agonizing of the year, the only thing worse was probably the few hours I would sit in bed and wait for my parents to start stirring on Christmas morning. My mom came up with a pretty smart way to occupy my time between coming home from school, and waiting to put my costume on. She would sit me down at the kitchen table with an orange and a bowl of whole cloves to contribute to her hot spiced cider.


  • 1 gallon of unfiltered apple juice
  • 1 orange
  • whole cloves
  • 3 – 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tsp ground allspice
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Cloved Orange

Start by punching a few holes into your orange with a toothpick. This helps to poke the cloves in a little better.  try to keep each hole between 1/4 and 1/2 inch apart. You can create your own designs, or you can be like I was, and carefully create perfect staggered rows.


Push your cloves into the oranges. If you have little ones doing this, the cloves can sometimes be a little sharp, so I would recommend wrapping a band-aid around the pad of their finger. Make sure to leave about a 3/4 inch gap around the center of your orange so that you can cut it in half.

Cut Oranges in Half


Cut your orange right down the center. You can kind of see my sad little attempt at hearts on the one on the right.

Hot Apple Cider

Put all of your ingredients into a large stock pot and turn your stove on low. Cover and let simmer for about an hour. Use a ladle to serve, and enjoy warming up after a long night on your feet!

Hot Apple Cider for Halloween

It’s the Great Pumpkin

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

Peg’s Crafting Corner

Its the Great Pumpkin

Create this or any themed card in just a few easy steps.  Layering different patterns and designs on projects has always been a popular technique in crafting and on this card it creates an elegant effect.  Add some stamped images, a few accessories and you have a fabulous piece to share. Create it as a card to send a warm seasonal thought to someone you know or use it for your Thanksgiving invitations to invite your family and friends to the festivities.

Begin by cutting with a paper trimmer a strip of card stock that measures 2” wide by 5” long.  Next, tie a piece of ribbon in a bow at the center.  Be sure to leave enough on each end to attach it to the card stock strip.  Attach it to the strip using a dot of Aleene’s Tacky Glue on each end of the ribbon and on the center of it to keep the bow from moving in the center.  Add dots of Stickles by Ranger (Black Diamond used here).  You can add a dot of Stickles over any of the areas where the glue may show through to hide it.  Be sure to vary the pattern on dots on the entire ribbon to add interest.  For another look, use a patterned ribbon and outline various areas of the pattern using the Stickles.

Now, add varied dots of the Stickles in a second color (Orange Peel used here) to the top and bottom of the card stock strip. The pattern chosen here started with one dot at the end and then 2 dots and then one and so one until you end with one dot at the opposite end of the paper.  Lay this piece aside to dry.


Stamp an image (pumpkins were used for this card) at various angles on a 3” x 5” piece of kraft card stock using black ink.

Stamped Image

Add some color with your favorite pencils or markers.

Color Images

Create a 5” x 7” card base from card stock (orange card stock was used on this one) and adhere the pieces layering them from top to bottom.

Add a simple sentiment on the bottom in honor of Thanksgiving or leave it blank for a more simple look.  However you finished it off, this card is sure to bring the fall season to life.  Sharing the holidays and seasons is the best way to bring joy to someone’s life even if it’s just a through a card.

Eyes in a Bowl

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Spooky Eyes in a Bowl Decoration

My daughter loves Halloween and making crafts. This is the perfect project for little hands to make a spooky decoration. There are not a lot of steps and by using glues dots there is no mess. This could be a fun project for Scouts or Classroom parties.



First place a glue dot on the back of the eye.

Next stick the eye to the foam ball.

Red Veins

Use a red maker to make the bloodshot veins.

Bowl of Eyes Craft

Then place all of the eyeballs into a glass bowl. Spooky Fun!

Eyes in a Bowl Halloween Craft

Candy Corn Wreath

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By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Candy Corn Wreath

We just love decorating for Halloween, and one of our favorite things about Halloween is candy corn.  Last year we made this Pom Pom Candy Corn, so this year I thought we would stick to that theme and make a wreath to match.

I really thought this project would take my daughter a lot of time to complete.  I mean she had to glue, then wrap, then glue, then wrap and so on.  But I was wrong, this took her less than 5 minutes to make.  I was shocked.  It is so pretty and it took so little time for a six year old to make.  She was super excited to hang it up on the door after she finished, well, first she had to put it on her neck and head and walk around teasing her sister.  Then her sister had to put it on her head, I was surprised that it held up to their playing with it before we actually got to hang it up on the door.

If you like quick simple and pretty crafts that you can actually use to decorate your home, then this is the craft for you.  And you can use the idea of it for almost any holiday wreath you want, just change the colors of the boas.   Since this turned out so great and was so simple to make, I asked my daughter if she wanted to make another one for grandma and she said yes, so that is what we will be doing this weekend.



Hot Glue

Using your glue gun, put a little glue where you want to start the yellow.

Place the end of the yellow boa on the glue, add more glue if needed.


Wrap yellow boa around wreath until you get to the same spot on the opposite side of wreath that you started at.

Then glue end of boa to wreath.

Glue End

Cut your Orange boa in half and glue one end of one half of boa just above the yellow boa on too your wreath.

Wrap the orange boa around wreath then glue the end to wreath.

Repeat on other side of wreath, so you will have orange on each side.

  Add Colorss

Now glue one end of white boa just above one orange side.

Wrap white boa around wreath and glue the end to the opposite side just above orange boa.

DIY Candy Corn Wreath

Your kids will be so proud to hang their finished Candy Corn Wreath on the door for all to see!

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