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Make Your Own Softies

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It seems like every child has that one stuffed animal or blanket that they take with them everywhere. I have this strange dream to make that animal for a friend or family member’s child. It’s a little weird, but I think I’ve got some good starting points!

Design Your Own Monster Stuffie

Kids can draw their own monsters and you bring them to life! Who wouldn’t love to show off their own monster creation?

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Crochet Beaded Bracelet

I love bracelets, they are my go to jewelry. Maybe it is because after my watched died about 15 years ago, I never replaced it, and my arm felt naked without something there. This bracelet is quick and easy to crochet, and after the first one, you will want to make more. I mean, you need one in every color, right?

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Stamped Wood Photo Display

We moved into our new office about 6 months ago, and sadly it took me awhile to find a way to display cute pictures of my mini. The problem was finding something that would add a little color, and match the reclaimed wood, ruggedness of the rest of the office. Thankfully I finally came up with a solution.

ps. Instructions for cute little not included.

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Tassel Bracelets

I have been bitten by the tassel bug, and have now gone tassel crazy. I had so much fun making tassels for the DIY Tassel Necklace, that I just had to make more. These bracelets are so much fun, wear one or two at a time, or even all of them, and I promise people are going to ask you where you got them.

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