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I am a work at home mother of two living just outside Kansas City, KS. I started crafting with my oldest daughter to spend more time with her and to get her to focus more. And I have to say it has been a great experience for us both. As a matter of fact I have created a craft monster since she tells me several times a week “Let’s do a project MOM!” My youngest is finally at an age where we can start crafting with her too, but then comes the challenge of coming up with something a toddler can do that a preschooler will enjoy also… oh the challenges of a crafting mom. I hope to inspire other parents to craft and create things with their kids.

Valentine Heart Person

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Valentine's Day Heart Person

I can remember making a Heart Person when I was a kid in school.  They were so fun to make and then when I got to bring it home and give it to my mom for Valentine’s Day, it was so great to see how much she loved it.

So it should come as no surprise that I wanted to make these with my girls for Valentine’s Day.  Since I made them with them, they won’t be giving them to me instead we hung them on the wall to decorate for the holiday.

I went ahead and cut out all the hearts for each of the heart people for the girls and my oldest folded the paper for the legs and arms.  I know my oldest could cut everything out herself, but since my little one can’t yet I thought it would just be better if I did it this time (she is getting independent and would have been upset if her sister did it and she didn’t).

I gave each girl all the pieces they need to make their own and explained what we were doing and then let them make them how they wanted.  So each one is a little different and unique.  This would make a great project for a class or a Valentines party since it is good for any age.

Supplies (for 1 heart person)


Template Cutout

Print out your Heart Printable on Cardstock.  Then cut out your hearts

Trace to paper

Trace your hearts onto red or pink construction paper, then cut out the hearts (you will need 1 large and 4 small hearts for each heart person)


Cut another piece of white card stock in to 1 inch strips, then fold them with an over then under pattern for the arms and legs.


Glue your arms and legs to your large heart

Add Small Hearts

Glue your small hearts to the other end of each arm and leg

Googly Eyes

Glue your googly eyes on your large heart.

Draw Nose and Mouth

Then use a marker to draw a nose and mouth onto your heart person.

Valentine Heart People

Hang them up to decorate for Valentine’s Day or use them as a card for someone special!

Snowman Snow Gauge

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Snowman Snow Gauge

Last year, every time it snowed the girls wanted to go out and see how much more snow we got. Although I am very much hoping that we don’t get anywhere near the amount of snow we got last year, I decided to make these snowman snow gauges so that it will be even more fun to go out and measure the snow.

My little one is very much into painting right now (she wants to paint everything!) so I let her paint both sticks.  My oldest didn’t mind since she got to decorate them.  Since we had gotten snow the night before we made these, the girls got a little impatient about finishing them up so we could go out and see how much snow we got.  I highly recommend making these before it snows if you can.

We used another ruler to mark each stick with the inch marks after the paint was dry.  This proved to be very accurate and both gauges showed that we had gotten 4 inches of snow overnight, and when we used the ruler it showed the same.

If we end up getting a lot more snow like last year, the yard stick will probably prove to be more useful because it will measure a couple feet of snow.  Our smaller stick only measures up to 8 inches, but was perfect for our 4 inch snow fall.  Depending where you live one may be more useful than the other, but here in Kansas we really need both because we can have years where we don’t get more than the 4 inches and other years where we need to measure in feet.



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Toddler Made Barrettes

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Toddler Made Barrettes


Do your toddlers love to wear barrettes? Mine sure does.  And she LOVES to show off things she makes, so it was just a matter of time before she had to make her own barrettes to show off.

I have actually been trying to figure out a way that my two year old could make some barrettes for a while.  But everything I kept thinking of was just too complicated for her.  Then it came to me the other day, she does not have to make anything super fancy it just has to be pretty and something she would be proud of.  That is when I decided we could just use these regular contour clips and have her stick some jewels on them.

Yes, I will admit this is a VERY simple craft but it is one that my daughter could do all on her own and is actually a great activity for her motor skills too.  And I think she did pretty good with these for being only two.  She has been wearing these every day since she made them and is so proud, she lets everyone know that she made them herself!



Peel Backing

Just peel the backing off the jewels then stick them to the clip.

Creating Barrettes

You can stick an additional jewel on top of another one for a different look.

Barrette Made By Your Toddler

Now let them wear the barrettes they made!

Christmas Air Fresheners

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Christmas Air Fresheners

Since the girls are making gifts for everyone this year, I have been trying to figure out what they can make that people will not only want but can use.  That is when I thought about these fun Christmas air fresheners for the cars.

The way I figure it, is pretty much everyone in the family has a car so they can all use one of these beauties.  And my oldest had so much fun making them, she now can’t wait to give them to everyone.  The hardest thing about making everyone a gift is holding on to them till Christmas, she wants to give them all away now.

As far as what scent you want to make these, it is totally up to you.  We did some with just a gardenia sent, which I know is not really a Christmas sent however it is very light and smells great in the car (yes I had to try one out and have it hanging in the car already).  We are also doing some with a pine sent which is also a very light sent.  Since these are going in cars, I don’t want them to be too strong since they will be in a confined space.

Another thing to think about when picking a sent is if you use just regular scented oil you will need more oil than if you use essential oils.  Essential oils are much stronger so a little goes a long way.

These would also make a great project for school, or a play-date group.  And it will be a unique homemade gift that everyone will love.



Cut Template

Cut out your template.


Trace your templates onto your firm felt paper and then cut them all out.


Using your glue gun glue the center of the flower onto the flower and the hat onto the snowman.

Punch Hole

Punch a hole on the top of each air freshener.


Put your ribbon through the hole and tie off (try and make sure they are long enough to fit over the rear view mirror in a car)

Scented Oil

Using your eye dropper put some scented oil on the back of each one.

DIY Chirstmas Car Air Fresheners

Now you can wrap them up and give them as gifts or put them in stockings!

DIY Christmas Air Fresheners

Christmas Picture Frame

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Christmas Picture Frame

WOW, Christmas is coming up so quick.  This year I wanted to have the girls make special gifts for everyone in the family and I feel like we are running out of time… YIKES!

The first thing I had the girls make this year are these cute Christmas Picture Frames for the Grandparents.  My mom and dad are so hard to shop for since they both have everything.  However the one thing they are always super excited to get are pictures of the girls.  So I figured they would love to get not only a picture of them but a frame that the girls made special just for them.

If you want to have the kids make a frame like this for someone on your Christmas List, it is really simple.  My two year old was able to do it herself, I just had to go in and touch up the paint a little but that was it.  We bought some cute Christmas themed embellishments to glue to the painted frame, my oldest wanted to use the glue gun to glue hers on.  My little one however is too young for the glue gun so she just used regular school glue and that worked fine too.

Now all I have to do is get a great picture of the girls to put in the frame and we are set!




Paint your frame red.


Using a round foam brush paint white polka dots on your frame.


Using a glue gun or regular glue, glue your embellishments to the frame.

Easy Christmas Picture Frame

Just put a picture of the kids in the frame and you have a perfect homemade gift!

Turkey Washer Necklace

By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Turkey Washer Necklace

This year my daughter has really been into making jewelry.  She got a jewelry bead kit for her birthday and since then she has been obsessed.  So, for Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to make some Turkey Necklaces out of some washers.

If you are not sure what a washer is just ask your husband, brother, or dad. Most likely they will have a bunch in different sizes you can have for this project.  We used a large one with a very small hole for these, but really you can use any size and they will still be super cute!

My youngest daughter had fun painting the washers with nail polish, she also just stuck her eyes to hers when the nail polish was wet and so far they have stayed on, however I prefer to use the glue gun just in case.  I glued the ribbon on for my youngest and painted the nose and gobble for her.  Since she is only two she did need some help with this project.  My oldest is six and was able to do it all on her own.

These would be fun to make on Thanksgiving Day.  You could set up a craft table for all the kids and let them make a turkey for everyone to wear!  It would be a great way to keep them entertained while you are cooking or watching the game.




Paint your Washers with brown nail polish (may need 2 or 3 coats).

Add Beak

Once the brown is dry Paint a beak and gobble on using your orange and red nail polish.


Using your glue gun glue your googly eyes onto your turkey.

Glue Ribbon

Cut strips of your ribbon out then fold in half and glue to back of washer.

Turkey Washer Necklace for Thanksgiving

Now just tie on your string and you have an adorable Turkey Necklace for Thanksgiving!

Acorn Box Thanksgiving Place Settings

By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Acorn Box Thanksgiving Place Setting

We are going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving this year and the only kids there will be my two girls and my cousin’s daughter who is 2 years old.  Since most adults just want to sit around, watch football and eat for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to try and keep all the girls entertained.  So for dinner, I thought it would be fun to make these cute Acorn Boxes to use as their place settings and fill them with fun stuff to keep them entertained while everyone is eating.

Since there will be three girls, we decided to decorate each box with a different colored top.  That way they can tell them apart and hopefully there will be no fighting.  I also printed out a couple coloring pages from the internet (just do a google search for Thanksgiving coloring pages) and taped them together to be used as a placemat for each of the girls, that is why I added crayons to the acorn boxes.

Both my girls helped to make these boxes and really LOVED doing the glitter.  I had them do each one on a paper plate to help minimize the glitter mess that I knew we would have.  The plates really worked well and they did not get much glitter off the plates.  I also had the girls do the tops and bottoms of the acorns separate instead of doing the whole acorn all at once.  The reason I did that is so the bottom would be all brown and the tops be all gold and not a mix.  The girls (especially my little one) have a hard time getting the glitter in the exact spots they need it so if you paint the entire acorn with glue then start adding the glitter you will more than likely have the glitter mixed.

We made these for the kids, however they would make great place settings for adults too.  The only thing you would need to change to use them for adults is what you put inside.  No matter who you make them for everyone will be so excited to get this pretty box and a special treat inside!



Mod Podge Box

Paint the bottom half of your Acorn Boxes with your Mod Podge

Brown Glitter

Sprinkle with some Brown Glitter (or glitter color of choice)

Top Half

Once the bottom half is dry paint the top half with Mod Podge

Sprinkle Glitter

Then sprinkle with glitter color of choice

Sparkle Mod Podge

Once your Acorn is all dry coat the entire box with your Sparkle Mod Podge

(This will seal the glitter on so it won’t fall off and get glitter all over. The glitter in the Mod Podge adds extra shine)

Glitter Acorn Boxes

We painted each top a different color for each of the kids at the table

Glitter Acorn Boxes for Thanksgiving

Fill your acorns with candy, toys, and crayons.

This will keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy their dinner!

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