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Tasya (as in Fantasia without the “fan”) will be sharing her DIYs for the home, garden, and more! She is a housewife and mother of two very busy boys ages 5 and 6. They live in the beautiful Emerald City of Seattle. Her favorite Past time is getting creative and sharing it with people on her blog My House and Home. At any given moment, you can see her armed with a glue gun, a can of spray paint, or in the aisles of her local craft store! She hopes to bring everyone inspiration to go our and “get their craft on”!

DIY Fall Burlap Banner

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

DIY Fall Burlap banner - Tutorial at

It’s that time of year when I get to decorate for my favorite season… fall! I broke out my fall storage boxes last week and got busy adding dashes of orange, yellow, brown and deep reds with dried corn elements, candles and pumpkins! Yay!

The banner loving girl inside of me couldn’t decorate and leave my mantel bare without a fun banner, so I broke out my bag of burlap and got busy!!

I usually go for a triangle shape when I make banners, but I wanted to mix it up this time and went with another shape instead and I love it.

Fall Banner

Cutting out the shapes is really the hardest part, I just made a template and traced it onto the burlap and then cut it out. You can also find pre-cut burlap shapes at CreateForLess.

I have collected some acrylic paints over the years and went with a fall color scheme of yellow, orange, red and brown.

Grab a leaf stencil, or cut out your own, and get to painting!


Fall Leaves Burlap Banner -

Fold Burlap

Once I figured out the order I wanted them in I adhered them to cooking twine with my trusty hot glue gun.

DIY Fall Burlap Banner -

DIY Tutorial for a Fall Burlap Banner from

DIY Fall Burlap banner - Tutorial at

Do you love the fall season as much as I do???

I hope you are having fun getting your home ready for the fall season!

Wine Cork Boats

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

DIY Wine Cork Boats - Tutorial at

Hi there! It is pouring down rain and we needed a rainy day activity! So, as we were getting ready for my little guys 6th Birthday party next week, we thought we would get something done!  He has requested a ferry boat theme…what???!?!?

Try googling that one! Apparently ferry boats are not as popular as garbage trucks, fire trucks, monster trucks, sail boats, police cars and any other vehicle you can think of!! I decided to take a nautical approach starting with these cute wine cork boats that the kiddos will float down a foil river in the driveway, stay tuned for that one!

Hot Glue

Wine Corks and Craft Foam

Easy Wine Cork Sail Boats. Tutorial at

We are wine drinkers in this household and that means lots of wine corks just waiting for a new use!! So, we glued two wine corks together and added a wooden skewer with a foam paper sail and voila! They are set for sail!!

The kids are already playing with them! Such a simple craft and now they have their own mini regatta set up in the living room!

Here is a scene from the party with the little sailboat’s in action on their first real regatta!

DIY Wine Cork Boats in a Foil "River" Tutorial at

Success, for a rainy day!

Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

Happy day friends! I hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer, I know I am! However I can’t help myself when I am out and about and see fall inspired decor at the Dollar Store! My wheels just start turning and there is no stopping me!!

So, when I stumbled upon these pumpkins I grabbed 10 or so and went home to break out my spray paint! I think I am leaning toward a cream, white and mostly natural look this year rather than the traditional color scheme of oranges and browns, so white and cream are my go to colors!

Turn fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store into chic fall decor! Tutorial at

I taped the brown stems to keep the natural look.

Tape Off

Then I sprayed them all white.

Spray Paint

After the white paint was dry I lightly sprayed them with a touch of cream.

Remove Tape

White Pumpkins

I won’t be decorating anytime soon, but these cute pumpkins are ready to go when I finally take the plunge into fall decorating!!

Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins for chic fall decor. Tutorial at

Transform boring pumpkins into chic fall decor. Tutorial at

What do you think? Are you more traditional when it comes to fall or do you like to break out of the box??

Flowering Spheres

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

Late summer flower spheres and dare I say it… getting ready for Fall?!?!?

No, just kidding!

I am savoring every last minute of summer and creeping my decor ever slowly into the fall season….very, very slowly I might add.

Starting with sunflower and mum flowering spheres.

DIY Flower Spheres make perfect transitional decor for the changing seasons. Tutorial at

I hit up my local discount store and bought out the mini sunflower sprigs and after the second stop at another store and striking out, I had to buy other variations of the same flower.



On hand in my little craft closet were a box of clear Christmas ball ornaments, which were perfect for these mini flowering spheres.

Christmas Ornaments

Grab yourself a trusty pair of scissors and a hot glue gun and get busy!


Cut Stem

Glue to Ball

Sunflower Spheres

Cute right? They will look good come fall with my other fall decor!

Flower Balls

Sunflower Spheres to transition seamlessly from summer to fall decor. Tutorial at

DIY Flower Spheres make perfect transitional decor for the changing seasons. Tutorial at

I love how it looks, I might have to add a couple more, but that means I have to go on the hunt for more mini sunflowers. A blogger’s job is never done! 🙂

Nature Art

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

Decorating our cabin with what nature gives us!

I had the kids collect sticks around our cabin for a couple crafty projects including a wreath and a star.

DIY Decor from nature. Tutorials at

First the star, made with 5 sticks formed into a star and secured with cooking twine. We hung it on our mantel.

5 sticks


I thought it would be fun to string it with lights for a fun light at night.

Quick and Easy Twig Star Night Light from

Twig Star Nightlight. Tutorial at

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Hang Map Hearts!

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

I have been busy recycling old maps and using them for new things, like these hanging map hearts.

DIY these cut hanging hearts from recycled maps! Tutorial at

The hardest part was cutting out the hearts, until I got smart and cut the hearts with the map in its folded position, duh.



Folded Hearts

Okay, now that the hard part is done its time to break out the sewing machine!


Sew those hearts together!

Closeup Stitching

I made a couple different lengths, some with 5 hearts, 6 hearts and 7 hearts.

Map Heart Garlands

Then I found a stick and hung them on the mantel at our cabin.

Hanging Heart Maps from

Do you have any clever uses for using maps?

Hang Heart Map Garlands! Tutorial at

Do you love maps as much as I do??


Anniversary Map Gift

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

It is our 10th anniversary this year and in the interest of being crafty and our love of maps, I decided to tackle a Pinterest inspired timeline map gift of our lives together.

DIY Anniversary Gift  - Map Wall Art from

I wanted it to fit a 9 x 12 frame I had on hand, so 4 maps in the shape of hearts fit the bill perfectly. And, it so happens we have lived in 4 different places, perfect.

I used a stencil for the letters on printed maps.


Now comes the tedious part, cutting the letters out!

Letters from scraps

I used a heart cookie cutter to trace the hearts.

Trace and Cut

Here we have everything all cut out and ready to go.


I was going to leave it like so, but then decided to add a little caption under each one describing an important event that happened at each location.


Now, break out your glue stick and start gluing your map art onto some heavy weight paper like card stock.

Anniversary Map Wall Art

What do you think, would you like to receive a gift like this for your 10th anniversary??

DIY Anniversary Gift  - Map Wall Art from

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