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My name is Sara and I am a mom of 2 fabulous kiddies who are 11 and 7. I started blogging over 2 years ago and as my blog grew, so did my ambitions. I found I couldn’t keep up with posting about deals as well as posting all of the ideas I wanted to share with the world. After realizing I was more of a modern day Pirate, going through life in the cheap lane and living more simplistically I created Here you will find my tips on living frugally along with some of my recipes, crafts, reviews and still a few deals. Be sure to keep up with me by following me one of the ways in the top right corner of my blog!

Baby Headband Crochet Pattern

By Crochet Contributor Sara. Follow Sara on her blog, Sunflower Crochet Cottage.

Don’t you just love a project that only requires scrap yarn to do? I don’t know about you, but i have a ton of scrap yarn! I raided my stash to find some tiny little balls of scrap yarn just for this project.

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Chalkboard Laundry Basket Signs

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Chalkboard Laundry Basket Signs at

I love all the beautiful Laundry rooms that people create with DIY Signs, colored walls and more. For me, I just need a functional laundry room (with a little bit of style in there). Since my laundry room is smaller, any chance of a laundry sorter had to be done on top of the washer and dryer. I purchased 4 laundry baskets and broke them out as so:

Whites, Lights, Darks and Jeans/Towels

It’s nice because my kids are at an age where they can come down and sort their own laundry. To make it easier, I made little chalkboard laundry signs for them and attached them to the laundry baskets.

Chalkboard Laundry Basket Signs at

What you’ll need:

How To:

Wipe the wooden pieces clear of any dust or wood particles.

Coat the wood on one side with the black chalkboard paint, let dry and repeat if needed.

Let dry for 24 hours, then cure the painted wood by taking a piece of chalk and rubbing the sides of it along the paint.

After curing, wipe the chalk away.

Take the Crop-A-Dile and punch the holes where you would like, one on each side.

Write down the sorted names on the boards.

Feed the twine through each hole, then tie to the laundry baskets.


How to Create a Lace & Ribbon Swag Backdrop

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Lace and Ribbon Swag Backdrop at

A couple months ago I did my first boutique sale where I had to come up with a complete display. I needed a backdrop that would draw attention but be easy to create and travel with. I decided to create a ribbon and lace swag. I made it with a combination of different shades of pink, white and off white lace and ribbon. What was nice about this is I was able to use up some vintage scrap pieces of lace I had on hand. I received a lot of compliments and not only does it work for shows but it can be great for bedrooms, backdrops at parties and more!

Lace and Ribbon Swag Backdrop at

What you will need:

Lace and/or Ribbon (how much you use will depend on how full and long you want the swag)


Measuring Tape

How to:

Start out with measuring a long piece of thick lace trim. Be sure to keep in mind that this will bow down so make it approximately 2 feet longer than you need it to be.

Cut pieces of lace that are approx 18-24 inches long. You can cut shorter ones too if you are low on a certain lace.

Tie the ribbon and lace on, one by one. To do this to where your lace and ribbon can easily be adjusted from side to side, create a loop on one side then pull the two pieces through.

Lace and Ribbon Swag Backdrop at

Fill the swag with different pieces of ribbon and lace then loop the ends so that the ends can hang on nails.

Themed Creative Idea Holders

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Themed Idea Holder at


Do you have lots of ideas that come from magazines, store project sheets, patterns etc? I have many and I needed a way to organize them. I was using file folders but that storage was not sufficient enough for all the ideas I wanted to hang on to. I found magazine boxes at the Dollar store and created themed idea holders.

I decided to break them out into Seasons:

  • Fall (Halloween, Thanksgiving ETC)
  • Winter (Christmas, Snow, New Years ETC)
  • Spring (Florals, Easter ETC)
  • Summer (4th of July, Kids Crafts ETC)

To create these organizers you will need:

Magazine Boxes

Scrapbook Paper

Scalloped Punch

Hot Glue Gun or other adhesive

Paper Trimmer if needed


Measure out the scrapbook paper you want to adhere to the front. *Note: It is better to work with a thin patterned paper then cardstock. If needed, trim.

Take the paper and align it on the front and then slowly glue the paper to the box.

Once the paper is secure, punch a scallop for each box and write out the “theme” for that box.

Adhere it to the front.




Washi Tape Valentines

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Washi Tape Valentine at
Washi tape is easily my go to DIY crafty tool of the year. Maybe of the century! How did we ever survive without it? It truly is one of the easiest tools to decorate crafts and projects with. Best of all, it is inexpensive and lasts! Washi tape typically can stick on paper, metal, wood and more and can easily coordinate with other patterns and colors of Washi tape. The more Washi tape you have, the more colorful and creative your projects will be.

My favorite Washi Tape from CreateforLess is

I created a Heart Doiley Valentine with Washi Tape. Inside are little heart candies for a nice Valentine treat. This would be perfect for a teacher or neighbor.

Washi Tape Valentine at

What You’ll Need:

Washi Tape

Heart Paper Doileys

Adhesive Roller

Heart Candies

How to:

Cover the top doily in Washi Tape and decorate. Add candies in the middle and carefully roll the adhesive roller on the bottom doily.

Then lay the top doiley on top of the bottom one, securing the adhesive on both doileys and candies inside.

Tablecloth Decorative Pillow

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Decorator pillows can get pricey and sometimes it’s hard to find good prints. I did find a tablecloth at a thrift store that had a really cute pattern to it but it wouldn’t fit my table. I decided to redecorate a throw pillow with it without needing to sew it, creating a tablecloth pillow!
What you’ll need:
Lay the pillow in the middle of the tablecloth and cut off excess fabric if needed. It helps to start with a square/rectangle tablecloth. Start wrapping the pillow like a gift. Hot glue or fabric glue the back of the wrapped pillow where the tablecloth. Allow to dry and place the rear of the pillow on furniture.

I did forget to press the tablecloth before adhering it, which would be the only thing I would do differently next time.



Fall Leaves Wreath

By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate. 

Wreaths are very popular, especially during the Winter and Fall holidays. I created a Fall wreath from a hula hoop from the dollar store. I used burlap fabric from the hardware store making this project very inexpensive and yet Fall festive!

What You’ll Need:


Cut along the length of the fabric, about 2-3 in strips.

Carefully hot glue a starting spot on the hula hoop, then adhering the end of the burlap strip on the spot. Carefully wrap the hoop, doubling up the coverage. After about 2 inches, continue to use hot glue to adhere it to the hula hoop, preventing it from coming unraveled while you wrap.

After the hoop is completely covered with the burlap, tie a piece of jute along the top of the hoop for the leaf bunting. After it’s tied, tie the leaves along the jute twine all the way across. Tie one more piece of twine onto the top to hold the wreath on a door or wall.


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