Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday everyone! We have a super fun giveaway today that will be perfect for your summer crafting. This week’s winner will receive a Ken Oliver Multi Media Pack in Tropical Breeze!

Ken Oliver Tropical Breeze Multi Media Pack contains: 3 color bursts bottles in turquoise, lemon yellow, and ultramarine blue; 1 liquid metal in metallic sky; 1 liquid sparkle in pearl; and 2 color burst ink pads in turquoise and ultramarine blue. The bottles each contain .5 ounces of product.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week:  What is your favorite thing you’ve made?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

76 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Gabriella Bell

    I need to pick two favorite things. The first is a quilt remembering my grandma, it’s is made with violet fabric which was her favorite flower. The second is a clip board in my kitchen that I decorated and holds my favorite photo of my boys.

  2. Wendy

    I really enjoy making cold press soaps. Last year I made a lavender scented bar with a purple and white swirl. It seemed it really turned out good to me. It looked pretty, it had a good scent and it lathered nicely.

  3. Denise Schlotterbeck

    I think my favorite things to make is very hard to pick. I enjoy everything I do craft-wise. But I would have to pick crocheting a unicorn for my sister. It was a big surprise for her and she absolutely loved it. I was able to learn a couple new techniques as well as bring a smile to her face. I am also really enjoying a c2c blanket I am working on right now.

  4. Trisha Sickle

    A massive 3-d primitive jack skellington head. I formed the base from a huge play ball, spackle and paper mache, painted it, dirtied it up and made a creepy santa hat.

  5. Judy

    I finally finished a divide and conquer quilt. My sons dog got on it one day they were gone. Lots of holes in it now. Ugh! It’s true. Those that don’t sew, don’t know!(all it takes to sew)

  6. Debi

    I’m not sure how to pick just one! I made a set of improv patchwork placemats with some of my fabric fabrics, and I really love those. But I also love the first quilt I finished, a modified coins quilt that also became a memory quilt.

  7. Karen Feddema

    My granddaughter’s wedding invitations are my newest fave. Despite the covid-18 pandemic, her big day will still happen one way or the other. My daughter, granddaughter and I worked separately cutting and together assembling the invitations, a true labor of love.

  8. Janet M

    I recently made seat cushions to fit old antique wicker chairs without a pattern. It was hard to make them look like the original but I really tried to make them fit properly.

  9. Marissa M.

    Oh wow! SOOO hard to pick! I made a memorial bracelet of my childhood cat for my mom and I really liked that…I’m STILL working on this big cross stitch map that I am REALLY enjoying too.

  10. Deborah Sinclair

    I have several faves because I have created in many arts and crafts fields. Choosing just 1 will be difficult but I would have to say the 2&a half” x 15ish” ceramics platter. I filled it with water and floated tea light candles in it. I was demonstrating wheel throwing at the ICA Christmas fair in Boston. It wasn’t for sale but when Mrs. Ozawa wanted to buy it for her husband, I relented. Who could resist selling 1 of my pieces to the wife of the Boston Pops director. He told her how much he liked it, so she wanted to give it to him for Christmas.

  11. Carol Duffy

    I had made a beautiful Vintage St Nick in a Scottish style for my mother-in-law. This brought tears to her eyes when she opened it. Also loved making baby folio albums for special friends, as well as vintage style advent calendars. Just enjoy crafting in so many ways.

  12. Emily W.

    I made a set of swap cards at a crop. They turned out well. One of the other croppers really admired them. When I gave her one, she hugged me. 😀

  13. Stephen

    I used my medal working skills to make a wheelchair carrier for the back of the car for my son

  14. Nancy Ervin

    Wow, that’s a hard question to answer! There are so many favorites! I guess using Swavorski Crystal’s added onto shirts I create!

  15. Betty

    I started to say my favorite is an alcohol ink collage I made. However, I must think ahead and admit that it is the triple fudge cake I am about to bake. Fighting the urge for the last three weeks has taken all my will power. With no will power left, I will have to eat the whole thing!

  16. Mary Mac

    I have been cross stitching for over 40 years and have several pieces that are my favorite. Most of all a Christmas afghan I made for my mother 15 ears ago and still keeps it out all year. It took me 4 months to complete.

  17. Kitten WAW

    I’m going to pick the the 2 ankle length dresses I knit for Mom when she was in her 80s. The first was a bit of a joke gift, as it was made of sparkly Christmas yarn in green, red and white.. Even though it was a joke, she wore it around the house for years because it was so warm. Because she wore it so often, I knit her another dress, this time in tans and soft greens in entrelac. Although she liked it, she asked about a week later if I could shorten it to a sweater, which I happily did.

  18. Laura

    Hard to pick, I have a favorite with so many projects for different reasons… my all time favorite is probably my last big project. I made a mask with polymer clay. I usually do miniature pieces so making something large enough to wear was really special, I even sanded and buffed it after so it has a glass like shine to it.

  19. Kay

    I only think of one item. This is a long wood chalk painted box to go into the long wood tables at my daughters wedding. Each were filled w herbs or succulents. They were so lovely and were featured in Baltimore Wedding magazine!

  20. Cath T

    I like to make cards. Most of them are just ok, but a couple of them really fell into place for me. A combo of the sentiment I was trying to create, and the visual elements. It’s hard to nail it all in one card, but when it all clicks, it’s satisfying. There’s always that elusive craft supply or tool that I don’t have that I’m sure would make the difference, if only I had it…

  21. Rachel

    I used to watch my grandmother knit on the comfy couch in her den. I’d sit next to her mesmerized as the knitting needles danced and softly clicked. She’d have me help by holding the ball of yarn and helping her turn her work. she passed away 5 years ago so I crocheted a matching chevron blanket in updated colors to match the throw she always had resting on the back of her couch. It is a nod to her craftsmanship and a loving memory.

  22. Patricia Pawelko

    I crafted a Wedding Album for one of my 2nd cousins using her wedding colors, that featured the love between my cousin, the father & his youngest daughter. I also made a progression of all the family members and then handing the bride to her groom. For me it was a masterpiece & I hope an heirloom for the bride and her family.

  23. Krystal Wolf

    My favorite thing I’ve made is a rendition of Starry Night using my fabric scraps.

  24. Makalah W

    a scrapbook for a friend’s daughter or my sisters’ wedding invitations – all meaningful, sentimental projects!

  25. Theresa H

    An afghan I made for our motorhome, loved the colors and the pattern that I made up. Looked great when it was finished and got lots of great comments.

  26. Sharon Aurora

    Oh, that’s so hard to pick a favorite, I have too many favorites. A “Praise” quilt I designed for my husband, an “Aaronic Blessing” wall hanging I designed for my church, a “Llama Song” quilt I designed for my kid…

  27. Denise Bryant

    Oooohhh, right up my ally! Gorgeous set of Color Bursts! I’d love to give them a try!
    Favorite thing I ever made was a card I sent to my Mom many years ago! It had a woman’s hand design on it (Stampa Barbara stamp design) and she was holding a paper, which is where I added the Happy Mother’s Day sentiment. I loved the way it turned out and the color combo I used. My Mom always saved the cards I made and gave to her, so I have it now. It makes me happy to know how much she appreciated my handmade cards.

  28. Peggy Urell

    I’m in the middle of a project. It’s a memorial for my daughter who was killed in April. It features all her favorite things including: dolphins, Frozen, Olaf, unicorns and her favorite sports teams. She also loved Elvis.

  29. Debi Knowles

    Several years ago I made mini scrapbooks for several of my friends, personalizing them for each person. That was so much fun and I still see some of them out on display all these years later. I love making things and memories for others.

  30. Gail S

    Zippered cosmetic pouches as gifts for all my friends. 50+ so far. I used pieces of fabric I have had for ages. All I had to buy was zippers (discovered zippers on a roll). Great to make for others during this health crisis shutdown.

  31. Susan P.

    I have several things but one of my favorites would be a pottery plate in a pattern called landscape.

  32. Debs

    Sewing, l loved making my daughter’s wedding veils. One extremely long veil for the ceremony and a short to the should veil for the reception. She was so excited to wear them.

    My favorite thing I made was a Halloween card for my son. I hand make a 3D coffin with a skeleton coming out of it. I had a fun time making it and he was impressed.

  33. Tammie Kelly

    The holiday banners I made for my sisters and mom. They were fun to make and they loved them.

  34. Stella

    I made patchwork/quilted Christmas tree skirts for my kids. I’m going to start on skirts for the Grandkids.

  35. Martha Gunckel

    I used some Ken Oliver Color Burst today for a card with roses crowded all over. I heat embossed in black embossing powder and the vibrant colors look fantastic and mixing colors gave it a wonderful water color effect. Would love to win some new colors.

  36. Connie H

    My favorite thing is a Christmas cross stitch picture that has hardanger. It was really complicated and I’m so proud of the finished piece!

  37. Betsy R Gouy

    One of my favorite crafts was teaching senior citizens in an assisted living to make succulent garden bowls for their rooms. They all ended up so cute and unique! The other was a 4′ high baby elephant with chicken wire and grey felt. It was made for a visit of Eagle officers visit. The presidents symbol was the elephant and we created a safari theme. It was later auctioned several times to raise money for charities. I’m always working on new on new projects. The next on is a large photo frame for my grandson’s refurbished 1965 mustang. I’m doing it in a steampunk theme using some of the used auto parts and a photo of him and the car!

  38. Katie Amodio

    Ever? I can’t say…Most recently it’s my most recent card, a birthday card for my sister in law, using die cut letters cur from a watercolor and watercolored flowers on the inside, with a pretty paisley and heart die cut front. Thes would be super fu to add to my cardmaking supplies!

  39. maria robinson

    I work in many mediums so this is a difficult question..I think my most favorite thing that I’ve made so far is a polymer clay dragon, not the very popular cutesy kind but a more fierce looking dragon. I love the cutesy ones too but the more fierce looking nes are my favorites.

  40. Kelly OBrien

    For my grandmother’s 65th birthday, I designed and stitched a cross stitch on linen with her favorite hymn, then had it framed. It has moved with her three times and has always had a place of honor on her wall – even when she was in assisted living and had very little wall space. Sadly, at almost 97, she’s now in hospice, so I’ll probably have it on my own wall soon to remember her by.

  41. Hannah

    I made a Gargoyle and a 3 point structure for a grade 10 Final art project. Also a canvas painting of a Portrait picture of my cousin using different paints.

  42. Dianne G.

    I have lots of favorite projects over the years. I made a large garden sign for my dad that I painted that was so fun to make and surprise him with. I also like some wooden Christmas ornaments I made. I cut them out, sanded them, painted them and then embellished them with different trims. I gave them all away and got lots of smiles from recipients. It is fun to see them on their trees each year many years later.

  43. sherri doss

    I made a “BOO” sign for Halloween. It had a wood “B” and a styrofoam pumpkin cut in half for the “o’s”. Added ribbon and a spider. I really enjoyed that project.

  44. Cindy

    My favorite is the jewelry i made for the matron of honor and my daughter, the bride for her Celtic themed wedding last spring.

  45. Moonangelwings (Dianne Strickland)

    Free Stuff Friday Favorite thing you made?
    It was the first thing I made in arts and crafts in 3rd grade. It was a picture of my Grandmother’s garden back at her home in east texas. She Moved with us to another town to take care of us three girls due to my Mom was working all the time. She had like 12 rose bushes all in the front yard. I remembered them all. I drew her red, white, salmon color ones and my favorite was a climbing one that was silver(purple).I gave it to her on Sunday, she looked like she was going to cry. She never cried. She was tough, worked on airplanes during WW2. I remember that for the rest of my life. Sorry for rambling I miss her

  46. Carol Y

    My mom and I made a quilt for a friend of hers who was recently widowed. She still comments about how much it meant to her and it’s been over 10 years.

  47. Dana N

    My favorite was a dress I made my daughter when she was 2 or 3. It turned out more beautiful than I’d even hoped for. The fabric for the dress was black with pink rosebuds and I made an apron (I think that’s what it was called) to go over it that was the same pink as the roses with heirloom lace. I had planned on it being an heirloom dress until one day my then 8 year old daughter told me she’d given it to a neighbor for their little girl to have something to wear at a wedding. By the time I discovered it was gone a month or more had gone by and the dress was gone. I couldn’t tell them the mistake my daughter made because I knew they were having problems. At least I still have the pictures of my daughter wearing it.

  48. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I’ve made a lot of things that I love but my favorite would have to be the last page I colored while my dad was in the hospital, 2 days before he died 3 years ago. He was in the hospital for 4 days & it was a 30 min. drive to the hospital & twice there was a snowstorm! I had to have something to do while we were there so I brought my coloring, a very intricate Mandela like design. It took me a very long time to do it & I finished it in the hospital. I showed it to him & even though he was in & out of sleep, he looked at it & said it was beautiful! I posted it on Facebook a long time later & it got over 400 likes! I am glad my dad got to see one last thing I did before he died & I am proud of that!

  49. Sarah Ford

    A scrapbook for my mother-in-law’s wedding and artwork in general with my son. I do LOVE using the ken Oliver colorbursts. So many fun ways to use them.

  50. Linda C Duke

    A quilt that actually turned out beautiful Yes, I was really proud of myself lol.

  51. Sandra Williams

    My current favorite thing has to be a series of envelope flip books, all different but all based on a theme. They range in size from 3 small business envelopes to 6 glorious red envelopes. A business size 4 envelope book on a political theme for a friend who would appreciate all the subtle references is close to the top of the heap.

  52. Kimberly Post author

    Woo Hoo Peggy!! You were randomly selected as this weeks winner. Please look for an email with how to claim your prize.

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