Waffle Stitch – Stitch of the Week

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By Crochet Contributors Sara & Helen. Follow them on their blog, Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

Our stitch of the week this week is the waffle stitch.


I know that many of you will automatically think of the stitch that reminds us all of the waffle pancake deserts we love so much (perfect when you are just craving sugar!), but this stitch is not that!

Yes, there are two types of waffle stitch. Who knew, right?

When you think of the waffle stitch this is what most people think of.

This is the stitch we will be looking at today … isn’t it pretty!

We are taking a closer look at the rather pretty and more delicate of the two waffle stitches this week. I really like this one – it’s a little playful, has a delicate look to it but it is really quite surprising how sturdy and practical it is.



Ch(s)–chain(s) MR – magic ring St(s)–stitch(es) rep–repeat Exsc—extended single crochet Sc – single crochet

ss–slip stitch sk—skip *to*–repeat the instructions between the two * YO—yarn over BLO—back loop only FO—fasten off

Please note that all of our patterns are written in US terms.


You will use a couple of special stitch for this. I show you how to do them in the YouTube video.

Extended single Crochet – This is actually a simple stitch to do. Insert hook into indicated st, YO, pull through, pull though one loop on hook, YO, pull through remaining two loops on hook.

Linked extended single crochet– Based on the extended single crochet above, this stitch is worked over two stitches. Insert hook into first st, YO, pull through, YO, pull through first loop on hook. Insert hook into next st, yo, pull through, YO, pull through first loop, YO, pull through all three loops left on hook.

Twisted single crochet – This is a fun and handy alternative to the crab stitch and is worked forwards instead of backwards. Insert hook into indicated stitch, YO, pull through. Make sure that your loops on your hook are fairly loose. Being careful not to drop any of the loops on your hook simply twist your hook 360 degrees (this will twist the stitches and is the reason why you need them to be loose when created), YO and pull through both loops on hook.


To create this attractive and versatile stitch you need to start with an odd number of chains or stitches. For this tutorial we will assume that you are working into a starting chain as the YouTube video  here  shows you how to work into stitches and how to do the linked extended single crochet (linked exsc) . The difference is only in the way you start the row.

Step 1: In the 3rdand 4thchain from the hook work one linked exsc. (ch1, linked exsc over the next two ch’s) along to the last ch. Ch1, 1sc in last ch.

Note: the ch spaces from the previous row do count as a stitch.

Step 2: Ch2, *linked exsc over the next two st’s, ch1 * along, 1sc in last exsc from previous row, turn.

Step 3: Repeat step 2.

That is all there is to it!

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