Free Stuff Friday!!

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It’s Friday and we’ve got a great gift to give away today. One lucky winner will receive the Klasse Rose Gold Premium Scissor Set.

The Klasse Rose Gold Premium Scissor Set includes 8 1/2 inch stainless steel dressmaking scissors, 3 1/2 inch stainless steel embroidery stork scissors and a steel metal thimble. All feature rose gold colored accents.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: Are your craft supplies kept messy or organized?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

94 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. GabriellaB

    My craft supplies are kept extremely neat and organized. I do not work well in chaos so everything is put away and organized. I will let you in on a little secret though. The box that is labeled “ribbons” holds my chocolate stash so that hubby and the boys stay out of it

  2. Claudia Bowen

    Try to keep them neat most of the time. Always something that could be organized a bit better. I do have all the floss together; a pencil case that I keep needles, thimble, etc in, all the pattern books in same area, depending what I have out working on. Of course a tote with the latest project. Hate it when I have to go looking for things, wasted time.

  3. Wendy

    I have too many supplies to keep organized very neatly. I am always saving items for krafts that may come up or leftovers from previous projects. I guess you could say that I am somewhat messy that I am at the point that I am a mild hoarder…

  4. Tomi Lessaris

    My craft supplies are kept fairly well organized until the time I am using them for a project. Then my studio table gets quite messy.

  5. Ann M

    I have always been a neat and tidy person, always. It’s my super power. My sewing room (my most favorite place) is well organized, a joy to work in.

  6. patty rockhill

    I was very messy due to all my supplies and containers that were not clear. I realized that seeing most of the supplies was important also for sparking creative ideas. I still have a long way to go because I’m always at the cross roads on whether to organize my beads by size or color etc.. But, I must say I’m a lot better and probably 75% there and still going. I also have some hoarder in me when it comes to crafts!!!!!

  7. Jeannette

    Some of my craft supplies are organized in small plastic bins, but the stuff I use frequently is a mess.

  8. Janet Meisner

    I hate to admit it but they are rather messy. I do try to clean them up and organize them once a moth or so and then they get messy again.

  9. Dawn Johnston-Mills

    For the most part my supplies are organized. I have an area in the house that is my craft table, cart and stackable stand but have to use the dining room table to work on, so it has to get put away or moved to the Craft table.

  10. Debi Martin

    Mine are both! Craft supplies not in use are mostly organized, but for current projects, they kind of sit around in (organized) piles….

  11. Brenda B

    My craft supplies are organized; just makes life so much simpler when I make cards, do some scrapbooking, etc. I know exactly where to go for what I need at the moment. Now, the work area gets a little messy, but when I’m finished I put everything back in its place.

  12. Marissa M.

    I think if I had fewer things, it could be organized, but it ends up being messy because they spill out everywhere. So I’m going with “Organized Chaos”.

  13. Judy

    I can usually tell you where to find any supplies I have and they’re grouped together but ‘neat’ and ‘organized’ may not be good description of my supplies or work space.

  14. Nancy

    Mine are definitely in organized chaos. Everything has a place but my bead table while creating is chaotic

  15. Janet

    I try to keep my craft supplies neat, but they are organized chaos because of space. Stuff is piled on top of each other. Need a house the size of Hearst Castle…..

  16. Carmen

    Ugh. I wish they were organized. I tend to leave things laying around, open, unfinished – maybe because I have a dedicated room and can. But I’m sure it stifles my creativity when I come back to the same mess.

  17. Ren

    The craft supplies that I am not using are nice and neat but the ones I am using for current projects are organised chaos.

  18. Linda knox

    Good question. Fairly organized most of the time but can get way out of hand. But I love every second of the chaos.

  19. Angela Flanagan

    I try to keep up, with organizing, but lately I seem to go from one project… to another. With several going on, at the same time. The projects have begun to spread to different places in the house.

  20. Terri E

    I don’t really have an official craft room, so my craft supplies are in a couple of places in my home. I try to keep things organized but they aren’t probably as organized as I would like them. Hopefully, one day I will have extra space for an official craft room.

  21. Gracie

    Mostly organized. I can usually find what I want in less than 2 minutes. If I can’t, I find an alternative. LOL

  22. Brenda L

    I moved into my newly decorated craft room last year December 2018. Did not get anything organized and 1/8/19 I had back surgery and was laid up for 2 1/2 months then on 5/7/19 I had neck surgery and laid up another 2 months. I’m just now really feeling like going into the room but the mess is all in boxes just sitting around. I can find anything I need but I can’t stand being unorganized. I’m much to uptight of person for that. After Christmas party in 2 weeks I have big plans of unpacking every thing after this bad year is over. Onward to better things and more Thank You cards made this year for all the kindness/dinners from friends.

  23. Jaimi B

    Honestly, it’s a bit of both. I have a terrible habit of dumping new supplies right into the middle of whatever mess I’ve made with my current project. Then I suddenly can’t stand the mess and take a break to tidy up.

  24. Vanessa Antonsen

    Messy always very messy!! I try to keep things not too messy but often it becomes as it’s supposed to be….messy!

  25. Ashley Mitchell

    I am definitely a disaster… some say organized chaos… I think mine is mostly chaos. 🙂 Whatever I am using presently is front in center, but when I switch what I am working on, I can lose track of my previous projects. Which often results in me ordering more needles, thread, yarn… etc… so it’s good for the economy. :p

  26. Marcia Bergstrom

    mostly organized except in the middle of multiple projects then the next step is to put everything in its place and let the messiness begin again.

  27. Tyneisha

    Right now I’m pretty messy because we just moved, but hopefully I’ll be able to get organized soon. This set is gorgeous!

  28. Emma Patricia Limber

    Are your craft supplies kept messy or organized? For the most part my craft supplies are organized. Everything has a place and I try my best to return my tools to their place; however, truth be told, my supplies get somewhat scattered when I’m in the groove of a project.

  29. Lr Smith

    Haha, messsssssy, but pretty reasonably organized….
    But, every once in a while, something gets away from me…. Hehehe…
    These scissors ✂ by the way are GORGEOUS!!!!

  30. Theresa H

    I am 50/50. I have some things fairly well organized, the paper especially, the rest is more chaos with some minor organization to it all. I am also a messy crafter which doesn’t help me.

  31. Karen

    Both! Some of my crafting supplies are organized beautifully, but I also have my messy areas just because life happened while working on a project.

  32. Sharon Aurora

    My craft supplies are very organized. I need to know where everything is at so they have to be organized.

  33. Nancy D

    It’s a work in progress. No craft room but I’m working on converting a closet for organizing my craftiness 🙂

  34. Cheyenne Callwell

    I am very OCD and have slight PTSD and my crafts are extremely organized. I too like others save odds and ends of all kinds for crafting so constantly spending time reorganizing. For me it is relaxing.

  35. Sandra Evans

    I keep all my crafts organized and in the proper place every sense I stepped on a tack and had to get a tetanus shot!

  36. Kyle Linder

    I’m gonna call it organized? At least to me it’s all organized. To someone else it may seem like a nightmare exploded inside a catastrophe. But at least I know where everything, that’s what counts right? No, I keep things pretty clean and organized most of the time, easier for me to work that way.

  37. Deeon Laszczak

    Right now, my craft supplies are all over the place! We are remodeling our home and everything has been put in boxes and is either in the garage, in the storage building or on the back porch! It’s awful! Our kids helped move stuff and I really don’t know where ANYthing is! Normally, it’s an organized mess!

  38. Dianne G.

    My craft supplies are kept quite organized in plastic bins and on shelves. When I have time to craft I want to be able to locate all my supplies and not waste time searching. While I am crafting my desk gets pretty messy but does not stay that way long.

  39. Elizabeth Phillips

    Boxes are labeled but in several different closets so not as organized as desired. Having moved in the past year I am trying to get things that are used together all in one place.


    My things are a mess right now. Working diligently to correct. You guys have ton of cool stuff.

  41. Cindy D

    My craft supplies are kept relatively organized. I can always find what I need. Maybe other people can’t find what i need but I can.

  42. Kimberly Post author

    Janet- Congrats, you were randomly selected for this weeks winner! Look for an email on how to claim your prize!

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