Duct Tape Doll Shoes

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Here’s a fun technique for making a basic doll shoe for any size doll.  Keep these shoes plain, or further embellish to make custom fancy shoes for your favorite doll friend.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, stand your doll on the felt, and trace around the doll’s foot with your pencil.  Round the end with the toes, rather than tracing tightly around each toe.  Cut out the tracing 1/8-inch outside from the pencil line, so the footprint is slightly larger than the doll’s foot.

Trace and cut out a felt footprint for each foot.  Repeat with the foam, and make 2 foam footprints.

To begin the shoe, cut a length of tape, and place it sticky side down over the doll’s foot where you want the top of the shoe to begin.  Smooth the sides of the tape down against both sides of the foot, and then trim the tape so it hangs down about 1/4-inch down below the sole.

Carefully peel the tape off of the foot, and fold it in half–this strip will form the top of the shoe, and folding it in half makes it so the inside of the shoe is not sticky.

Pre-cut a few small strips of tape to work with while you construct the shoe.

Make a tiny loop of tape on the bottom of the doll’s foot.

Stick the felt footprint onto the bottom of the doll’s foot, using the tape loop to hold it in place.

Wrap your top strip of tape snugly over the top of the doll’s foot (the folded edge toward the ankle), around the sides, and secure the ends onto the bottom of the sole with small strips of tape.

If you want to, you could leave the shoe as is, and make a slip on sandal by now gluing the foam sole onto the bottom of the foot, over the felt.

To form the back of the shoe, wrap a strip of tape that extends from the one side of the shoe, around the heel, and back around to the other side of the shoe.

Carefully peel the strip off, and fold it in half like you did for the top of the shoe.  Re-wrap the strip around the heel (folded side up), and attach each end of the heel strip to the top strip with small strips of tape.

Cut small slits into the excess tape that hangs down below the sole.

Fold down the small tabs of tape so they are flat against the sole of the shoe, and use small pieces of tape to attach them to the sole of the shoe.

To create the toe of the shoe, form a small square of foil over the toes.

Then smooth strips of tape over the foil to cover.

When you are happy with your shoe, hot glue the foam sole to each shoe.

Cut a thin strip of tape to cover the small gap between the shoe, and foam sole, if desired.

Now you have a cute, basic shoe for your doll!  Leave as is, or embellish as desired.  The key to getting a good fit for your shoes is making sure you pull the top, and heel strips snug against your doll’s foot when you’re adding them, but not so ridiculously tight that you can’t slide them off again.  Just test the fit by seeing if you can easily slide the shoe off, and on after attaching the top, and heel pieces, and loosen accordingly.

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