Kid-Made Memory Game

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a great boredom buster for the kids in your life–a game to make, and then play!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To make your memory matching game, sort out pairs of wooden circles that are all the same size.  Have your child draw simple shapes onto each circle–be sure to make pairs so you can match them during your game.

My son wanted his game to have a sea life theme, so he drew little picture sets of jellyfish, turtles, and starfish, to name a few. Remind them not to draw on the opposite side, because you don’t want there to be anything to easily distinguish one circle from another.

Have the kids make at least six different pairs of circles, or you won’t really have enough to have much of a game.

While my son made his game pieces, I sewed a little drawstring bag to store his pieces in. Cut 2 rectangles of fabric–mine were about 5″ x 7″ in size. Fold over the top edges about 1/2-inch to the inside, and stitch in place to form the casing.

With the right sides together, stitch from your casing line, down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side, finishing at the other end of the casing stitching.

Turn the bag right-side out. Cut a length of jute, and thread it through the casing, and back out on the same side of the bag, so the ends are both on the same side.  Cut the ends even, so they are only a few inches long.

Thread both ends of the jute through a wooden bead.

Knot the ends of the jute together to form a loop.  Knot again to form a knot large enough that the bead will not easily slide off the end.

To easily close the bag, just slide the bead towards the bag to cinch it shut, and then pull it back to loosen and open the top.

Now, place your game pieces in your nifty storage bag, and you’re ready to play!

To play, arrange your pieces face down in rows on a table. Take turns turning over pairs of circles, trying to find pairs. When you find a pair, you get to keep it, until all circles have been matched. The person with the most matches wins.

Happy crafting, and gaming!

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