Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday! I hope you all had an excellent week! I am so excited about these markers today, and can’t wait to try them myself! Today I am giving away a set of Manuscript Callicreative Flexi Tip Markers. Good luck!

Manuscript Callicreative Flexi Tip Markers give you the flexibility of a brush with the precision of a chisel tip. They have an extra large elastic tip, are great for hand lettering, calligraphy, and other art projects. Broad flexible tips 5.3 mm, and water-based ink. Color are red, orange, yellow, pink, green, teal, turquoise, blue, purple, brown, gray, and black.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced on Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you become that?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

98 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Marcia Brown

    I wanted to be a doctor. I became a teacher, and retired after spending my life teaching in a wonderful little elementary school.

  2. Gracie Blackey

    When I was young, I always wanted to be a Mommy. And I did enjoy being one so much! Now, I am proud to say that I am a Grammy for 2 young boys, ages 3 1/2 years and 3 months.

  3. Heidi Sagel

    I wanted to be a pharmacist… i started that process and then kept changing my mind….

  4. Rebecca Ritchie

    I wanted to be a teacher. I think because at the time almost every adult in my family was a teacher. I changed my mind many times and ended up in the non-profit world.

  5. GabriellaB

    When I was very young I wanted to be an Avon Lady like my Grandma. I loved going with her to help make deliveries. I did not become an Avon Lady but I do still smile if I ever see a catalog.

  6. Ann Runo

    As the oldest of five, I grew up wanting to be a wife and mother. I had a multitude of wonderful jobs because I married a man in the Army. We lived so many places. It was wonderful!! I end up having 2 husbands, 3 beautiful girls and an adopted Fijian son and now I am blessed to have 10 grandchildren. It’s been a great life so far!!

  7. Debra Vincent

    I wanted to be an airline hostess. Didn’t happen. I became an inventory auditor, then church secretary, now I’m a school bus driver. I like my 3rd job best as I have a great bunch of kids.

  8. Marissa M.

    I wanted to be a paralegal because I loved the research part of all the projects I did in school and I thought it would be fun to do that. I definitely did NOT come close to that at all!

  9. Cindy S.

    When I was in grade school I wanted to be a “Pet Doctor”, but specifically for cats and kittens. I remember my interests then turned to becoming a teacher and then in middle school school I wanted to be a commercial artist. I ended up being an Early Childhood Educator and then an Cooking E-Zine creator and owner, and now a freelance writer. Throughout the all those years I pursued my interest and creativity in the arts as a hobby whenever I had free time (minimal with 4 children).

  10. Vanessa Antonsen

    When I was in grade school, I wanted to be a nurse. I became an graphic designer then an art teacher then a business owner, so no not what I thought at that age!!

  11. Kate B

    I wanted to be a marine biologist so I could work with dolphins. Then I realized I didn’t like science, so now I work in the creative field!

  12. Linda K

    I wanted to be a (this is going to really date me) Home Ec teacher. In reality, not even close.

  13. Laura

    I never had a real clear image but I remember as far back as kindergarten wanting to inspire people like I was when looking at paintings. When asked in high school what I was going to do I knew I would run my own craft shop and I do now, I sell what I make so I can do what I love always.

  14. Kitten WAW

    I don’t remember ever wanting to be one specific thing as a kid, or even now that I’m retired. In that respect, I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest non-expectations. I’ve worked at banking, insurance, legal publishing, technical support, software QA, network management, busboy, waiter, bartender, actor, dj, record producer, and done temp work and odd jobs in between. I’ve either failed wonderfully (loved the job but not got past mediocre skills) or succeeded miserably (hated the work but kept moving up the laddeer) in all, never finding that happy medium of loving the work and excelling at the job.

  15. Brenda Lieswald

    I wanted to be a teacher because my mother was before I was born then she stayed at home until my sister and I got into 8th grade and she went back to college to be a special ed teacher and my sister was so smart that in the 9th grade she was taking college classes at the same time my mother was so my dad offered me a job to take care of the family meal and cleaning and I did babysitting all my friends were getting married and having babies so I did that for 3.5 years and 5 kids until 3 yrs old then I started working at 21 years old as a switchboard operator only have worked for two companies since 21 and 37 years later I’m a circulation manager for a trade magazine. Not what I wanted to be but very happy in what I have 3 years to retirement.

  16. Maria Shehan

    In grade school I wanted to be a nun or a nurse. Instead I became a social worker. I always wanted to help those that had a hard time getting help.

  17. Tammy

    I wanted to be a veterinarian-but mainly of just dogs & cats -it was pretty much a mans field at the time -so later in life I became a nurse-I still love animals esp pets

  18. Jael Vallad

    I wanted to be a mother and a teacher. I had 7 kids and homeschooled them all. So both of my dreams came true!

  19. Beverly

    I wanted to be a vet or have no job and just rescue all the animals that needed homes. I did not do either. I’m a reading specialist, but I do love our rescue dog.

  20. Tara Guanci

    I wanted to be a surgeon, or a hairdresser, or a marine biologist. Depends on the day ay that age. I got my degree in sociology, but ended up staying home to raise my kiddos. The youngest is going into first grade this fall, and I found myself working from home with my own transcription business, mostly in the psych field, then transitioning into working in an office for a therapist. Now my plan is to apply for grad school to be able to become a social worker myself rather than just work for one.

  21. Isabel

    I always dreamed to be a Mom. I became a Graphic Designer and my dream came true. I am a happy mom of 2!

  22. Chancey Gee

    When I was little I wanted to become a Veternarian. Although, I am not a veterinarian or a vet tech, I still work with animals! I am in college at OUS studying Equine Sciences to receive my certification in both riding and training with a specialization in equine care and management. I also work on a horse breeding farm which is amazing!

  23. Kathy Cannon

    I wanted to work with deaf children and their families. I ended up retiring from my job at a University working to provide accommodations to students with disabilities. I’m excited to take my card making hobby to the next level and start selling them!

  24. Ali

    I wanted to be a weather chaser! I thought nothing would have been as cool as chasing tornados! However, reality hit and so did Earth Science in High School, not the best combination. It still fanciates me to this day though

  25. Peg Rounds

    When I was in grade school, I admired my first grade teacher and wanted to be a teacher just like her. Years later, I graduated with my teaching degree and even had the honor of working in the same school that I went to for grade school. I, also, got to work with my first grade teacher which made it even more special for me.

  26. Vicki

    A OB/GYN nurse, sadly no I did not become a nurse. But worked many years in the healthcare scene.

  27. Jean Marmo

    In middle school we had to complete a project for our future career including selecting a college, interviewing someone in the field, etc. I wanted to be a vet. I met with our local doctor and found out more about his job. Once I learned he had to put animals to sleep, I changed my mind:):)

  28. Sonja Drake

    I wanted to be a teacher! I kind of became that, I homeschooled all 3 of my children!

  29. Maisue

    I had chosen to be either a radio dj or insurance agent. Well, I am working in the insurance industry!

  30. Patti Morris

    I had no clue. A trapeze artist in a circus? An explorer? Like my mother who could do or be anything she set her mind to do: sew, paint, draw, write, be a carpenter, public speaker, a historian, etc.? Well, I ended up as the Interior Designer with essentially no official training, working for a very large architectural firm. And like my mother, I could and still do just about anything. It seems I’ve become my mother which is not a bad thing at all!

  31. Dana N

    I wanted to design clothing. I grew up and learned to sew and now I can design the things I want to wear. 🙂 The problem is that I don’t like sewing for myself. Now I’m doing it for my granddaughter.

  32. Kathryn Henry

    I wanted to be a cowboy. No, I never became a cowboy. I’m a little bit bummed about that.

  33. Laura Holt

    Grade school – a ballet dancer! High school – a teacher. I became a wife and mother, so I guess that involved some teaching ………..

  34. Melissa Frolli

    When I was in grade school and junior high I wanted to be a psychologist,then in high school I wanted to be a computer programmer just like my dad. I ended up working in a academic library after college, which would have been no surprise to my grade school, junior high and high school librarians where I spent so much of my free time. I have future plans to get my MLIS and become a librarian somewhere.

  35. Pamela Dixon

    I always wanted to be a teacher! After my kids got in high school I went back to school and got my degree! It’s never to late to follow your dreams

  36. Florence Pangelinan

    I wanted to be a doctor, but learned slightly later that I had a weak stomach and was sensitive to bad smells, sight of blood, etc.

  37. Mary Mac

    I wanted to be a veterinarian, stayed in the medical field but take care of people instead.

  38. Dana Baker

    In grade school I wanted to be a photographer and travel the world taking pictures. I did not do that but I do still love taking pictures, I actually work for a wonderful Surgical Oncologist and love my job.

  39. Carole Barron

    I wanted to be a Doctor. I became a Nurse. In 1960 girls were told they could be a secretary, teacher or nurse. We were not encouraged to go to college. When I asked at home, my father told me there was no money for me to go to college. I became a nurses aide and put myself through college.

  40. Mindy Drummond

    When I was young my favorite uncle was a short haul truck driver and I loved when he would let me sit up in that huge (it seemed to me) cab. He never actually drove anywhere with me in there but it was still so cool to me. He would tell me stories of being a long haul driver and the places you got to go so I decided that I wanted to be a “long haul truck driver” when I grew up. It didn’t happen but it sure gave me some great dreams when I was a kid LOL. Thanks for the memory 🙂

  41. Kimberly Stelly

    I wanted to be an astronaut. Or Indiana Jones. My dad had a Celestron and we took it out every now and then to stargaze. I bought the space shuttle flight manual, and studied it endlessly. By the time I hit college, I knew that astrophysics or the military wasn’t for me, but I took astronomy as one of my sciences, became a neuroscientist, and a technical/scientific writer. And I still stargaze and follow NASA religiously!

  42. Susie Taniguchi

    I wanted to be an artist – loved lettering/calligraphy
    Ended up in the computer field
    Became a stay at home mom
    And now living my dreams in the craft world!

  43. nicole

    When I was in grade school, I wanted to be a doctor and a lawyer or a scientist. Maybe because I was influenced by the things I heard from the adults. Now I am a homebaker

  44. Wendy S Beatty

    When I was a kid I used to love cutting my Barbie Dolls hair. I also got into trouble cutting my own and my cousins hair. I did get my cosmetology instructors license…I guess the practice paid off..,

  45. Elbert

    I wanted to be a carpenter as a child. I did go to a vocational trade school for three years. It has really helped me in my adult years but I am going underground utility management.

  46. JoAnn

    I too wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid. Later I found out that it was more difficult to get into Vet school than Med school for my home state.

  47. Sharon Aurora

    I wanted to be a doctor. Nope, I didn’t but I’m glad that never happened. I also wanted to be a wife and mother. I did that. I have always loved children and I’m sure I always will.

  48. Lynda Ryan

    I always wanted to be an Air Hostess when in Grade School because I wanted to travel the world but I ended up working in a high school as a library assistant.

  49. Bethleen Bradford

    I was eager to be a teacher. I did that and continue to teach little ones about Jesus.

  50. Michele Schneck

    I wanted to be an archaeologist or a paleontologist.
    Neither worked out but I went into the medical field and all is good!
    Maybe when I retire, I’ll go on a dinosaur dig!!

  51. Linda Leonard

    I wanted to be a wife and a mother. Did that and continued my education, then worked in social services. Have been retired for several years now. Love my time with my crafts.

  52. Breanna

    I wanted to be a mommy, artist, architect, and a writer. I’m now a mommy of five, expecting number six in October, I’m a part time writer and do the occasional illustration, I’m designing our house I have made some of my own clothes but not much in that area. So I guess I’ve covered most of the bases in some way or another.

  53. Kelly OBrien

    I never had anything specific I wanted to do in grade school. Nor in junior high or high school when they actually start asking you to plan your life so you can take classes to put you on that path. My problem has always been that any job I thought was interesting typically wouldn’t support me, so it was nixed as a possibility. But life smiled on me and by chance I ended up in a job I really enjoy, I’m good at, and that provides satisfaction in being able to help people while still keeping the bills paid. I’m a 911 operator.

  54. Belinda

    I wanted to be an archeologist and travel to egypt to excavate, but my mom, who was not supportive told me you cant do that, theres no schools here for that, yep, she sure did! Down the road i worked in retail until i was 28 and then i became a nurse. No regrets really….well, maybe a few, sure could have rocked out an egypt gig!! Lol pun intended!

  55. Teresa

    I wanted to be a astronaut no I didn’t get to be one but have flown many places across the United States and overseas..

  56. Stormee

    I wanted to be a nurse. Instead I worked as an elementary school secretary where I dealt with bloody noses, broken arms, fevers, dispensing medication and very upset stomachs. I retired from the schools as a special ed para in the preschool program.

  57. judys

    I wanted to be a teacher or a librarian – didn’t exactly become either one but did a whole lot of playing with kids up to 5 and being a volunteer at the schools.

  58. Judy Leonard

    I wanted to be a nurse, and I got a BSN and was the first in my family to graduate from college!

  59. Judy

    Growing up, I never really thought about it, but the Lord has blessed me with a fine husband of 46 years, a wonderful place to call home, great health, children, and grandchildren!

  60. Kristine

    In grade school I wanted to be a veterinarian but by high school I realized that my allergies to animal dander would make that rather difficult. So … I got into computer programming and retired early so I could spend more time quilting and crafting.

  61. Alicia Key

    I wanted to be a music teacher and yes I did it. Enough was enough! Spent nearly 30 yrs at the telephone company, retired and now have a quilt shop. MUCH more fun!

  62. Joan Riphenburg

    I met a very nice sweet Nun one summer who was helping at Bible summer school at a Catholic church in our small town of 1,890 people…I wanted to be like her when I grew up…and, I wasn’t Catholic! My friend told me that Nuns can’t be married or have children…so I dropped that idea…(eight grade then). Then Archeology was my dream…sifting dirt in Egypt or finding Mayan ruins in Mexico. My Mom, being a nurse, said I wasn’t smart enough to do the studies…I was a poor student….so, thought…well, I love kids,,,and all my older four sisters were married and I babysat a lot for them…soooo, I became a farmers wife and Mom after High school…We had three children, (did home school !) and now 19 Grandkids, and 9 Greats..raised hay, alfalfa, hoses and pigs. I sewed for kids, did all kinds of crafts for them, and am still going strong at 67! My latest adventure in arts and craft is gourd art…LOVE it…. I also carve on wood, make quilts, crafts of all kinds, and am in the full Gospel ministry with my Husband too. Found out why that Nun was so sweet…she just loved Jesus ! And, I have gone dinosaur digging in that same small town that has lots of old bones and nest of those beasts in the foot hills of the Rockies! Happy life!

  63. Linda SIMMONS

    I wanted to be a mother. I did become a mother 3 times. Now 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. So much fun. I have a full life of enjoyment. So my birthday cards are of all different kinds to match them all, plus all the scrapbooking. We are very sport minded in all fields. So much fun!!!!

  64. Debbie R.

    I wanted to be a doctor but the Lord had other plans. I became a medical technologist and directed a clinical laboratory for over 30 years.

  65. Patti Brady

    I wanted to be just like my mother. She & my dad raised 10 of us and we never went hungry or lack of clothing. She passed away 18 months ago from Alzheimer’s and I miss her, but I feel like I am a lot like she was, and proud of it!

  66. brenda densmore

    I wanted to be a gymnist but than in junior high school i wanted to be an actress, neither happened.. which i would have become one of them but say la vi

  67. Dianne G.

    I wanted to be a doctor but realized I did not want to go to school that many years so instead I became a nurse.

  68. Bessie

    I wanted to be a teacher. Yes, I taught kindergarten. I also have taught children in church for years. They have a special place in my heart

  69. Betty

    First of all, I wanted to be a jockey. I just knew that if I had a horse I could practice racing and win the Kentucky Derby. My second desire was to be a nurse, though I was terrified by hypodermics. I did not become either, but found my true calling as a teacher. I was happy with my profession, and retired after thirty-eight years.


    I wanted to be a singer or work in music. I did get a music degree but I was hit by a drunk driver head on and My dreams were shattered. I do get to craft most of the days to ease my pain . It keeps my mind occupied and off my pain so It is a bitter sweet 2nd place. LOL

  71. Linda Imler

    When I was in grade school I wanted to be a teacher, but when I grew up I didn’t get to be a teacher, I got to do something much more important, I am a mother of 3 great children.They are 40, 37 & 34 and I love beng there mom.

  72. Marsha

    I wanted to be an artist, but mostly I always wanted to be a wife and mother. In high school, I decided that I wanted to be a secretary. I loved doing secretarial work for a few years before becoming a wife to the best man ever and a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful boys. I am blessed to have 3 lovely daughters-in-law and 7 very special grands. And lots of time to spend working on art projects!

  73. Naomi

    I wanted to be a hairstylist when I was young and fulfilled by dream after high school. However, My dream did not last long, because I discovered that it was not as glamorous as it seemed. After a long career in banking I left and attended college to become a teacher.

  74. Denise whelan

    We I was little I wanted to be a teacher did not end up doing that instead I worked for the state and helped people

  75. Karen S Mendenhall

    I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I used to play “school” with my sister in the basement. I did not grow up to be a teacher. I ended up doing admin type of work for corporate America.

  76. Marissa samonte

    I wanted to be a teacher. I’m 40 and still not a teacher, but I learn something new, everyday! lol so I guess I’m kinda in that field.

  77. linda marken

    I thought I wanted to be a nurse, as I played with dolls, thinking that’s what I’ll be when I grow up, fixing people. However, that dream never was to be. I became a single Mom, became an insurance adjuster for 13 years doing homeowner and auto claims, and helping to open up a branch office of a large insurance co. Then I had a baby at age 37, accused of being “Abraham and Sarah” as I was 37 and my hubby 42. My last career was as an assistant manager of a Christian Book Store in my local town. I had quite a few colorful careers.

  78. Cheryl

    In grade school (back in the olden days), I think all the girls wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. I wanted to be a teacher or a baby nurse. Instead I went in to finance.

  79. Annie Wong

    I wanted to be a singer or artist, but sadly I’m neither of these today. I became a Travel Agent instead, but am retired now.

  80. Christine Lockrey

    I wanted to be a Nurse and yes I became a Nurse! I am now retired after 30 years of nursing

  81. Pam Brown

    Always wanted to work with animals. I became a mother at a young age, so I focused on family and never pursued an education to become a veterinary. But I did learn a lot with helping, rescuing, or just nursing back to health. So, I guess I have to say I have accomplished a life long dream. I have cared for many domestic animals, as well as saved, mended, and released many wildlife critters over the years and still do.

  82. Kari Treddenbarger

    I’ve wanted to be a Cashier, Nurse, and Teacher. Did a lot of Cashier work over the years even took Salesmanship in H.S. and did a 2 Week Internship at the May Company in CA. I was a nurses Aide for awhile. Also, was a Teachers Aide. I love working with people and doing Service work. So ultimately, I became a CDCT and Studied Behavioralism for awhile. Then I decided to start my own Cleaning Business. I needed to make more time for my kids. I’ve never regretted my decision. Life is good!

  83. Bonnie Rabon

    I wanted to become a secretary when I was a kid. I did become an executive assistant before I became a mom. So that’s pretty close, lol.

  84. Doris Arlene Blythe

    I had a younger sister and brother and I always to teach them new things. At that time I decided I wanted to become a teacher when I grew up. As I grew up things changed and as a result I became an Administrative Secretary-Receptionist in a school district. Then one day they opened up a class which was call ACE and I became an Arts and Craft Teacher. My hobby is crafting so that was a very interesting class working with the 4th and 5th grade girls. We called it the “Girl’s Club” so my dream was almost fulfilled.

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