Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday everyone! This week I am giving away a copy of the Lunch Hour Embroidery Book. I know we are always told to never judge a book by it’s cover, but look at this one! SO FUN!

That Patchwork Place Lunch Hour Embroidery Book. From apples, anchors and alligators to zebras, zippers and zinnias, you’ll love creating your own embroidery art from A to Z. Learn 10 basic embroidery stitches in minutes. Then choose from more than 75 cute motifs to embroider, plus the entire alphabet in both capital and lowercase letters. Embroider motifs onto bags, clothing, linens and more. Projects are perfectly portable, so anyone can steal a few seconds to stitch no matter where they go. 64 pages in a softcover.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced on Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?

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Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

55 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Melody J

    I still have the Christmas outfits I had to wear to work at Express for my after school/seasonal job there. The first set is a red sweater set (cardi and a pullover) plus a long black skirt with red florals. The second set is a red jacket, tunic and mini skirt.

  2. tammy keene

    The piece of clothing that I still wear is a patriotic gray sweatshirt, it has the flag on it & says let freedom ring-,let’s see its as cold as my last marriage-so bought it in 1996-so it’s 22 yrs old-omg! It’s very soft, comfy & is like a security blanket – i know I’m safe & home when I put it on

  3. Amanda M.

    I still wear my commemorative t-shirt from when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl! 🙂

  4. Olga T.

    I would have to say its a denim jacket that belonged to my oldest sister. it was her favorite because it has Mickey Mouse embroidered on the back.

  5. Robin P

    I have a sweater that belonged to my mom. I got it when she passed away 24 years ago and I have no idea how long she had it. It reminds me of her every time I wear it.

  6. Mary mac

    A Christmas sweater from about 15 years ago. Pretty one not, not one that would win the ugly Christmas competition.

  7. Angela J Short

    T-shirts from high school. I graduated in 93… Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  8. Maddie K

    I have some stuff that I’m sure is older than I am in my closet but the thing I’ve own s the longest and still wear is probably a pair of black tights that for whatever reason seem indestructible. I got them like ten years ago and they’re still going strong!!

  9. Isabel

    A leather jacket that belonged to my dad, when he was in his twenties. It doesnt fit him anymore and it looks great on me 🙂

  10. Chari

    I have a pair of knit pajama pants that I have had for at least 20 years. Nothing else has lasted that long lol!

  11. Abbey Meuter

    I have a hooded sweatshirt that is easily 10 years old. It just doesn’t seem to wear out! I have other pieces of clothing that I no longer wear such as camp t-shirts from the 90’s. Holding on to them for sentimental value.

  12. Christe

    Down jacket from high school ~20 years ago. Weird to think about it being that old! Haha.

  13. Jeanne Hughes

    I still wear a corduroy jacket with winter designs on it that I have had since my granddaughter was born 18 years ago.

  14. Diana Dillon

    I still have a dress and jacket I wore to my oldest son’s wedding 25 years ago and some undies that were my grandmothers, still white and wearable.

  15. Patricia Henry

    A Grandmother my oldest daughter bough for my Mother when she was a teenager. I kept it when my Mother passed away and have worn on several occasions now that I am a Grandmother.

  16. Patricia Henry

    A Grandmother tshirt my oldest daughter bough for my Mother when she was a teenager. I kept it when my Mother passed away and have worn on several occasions now that I am a Grandmother.

  17. Faith Krawczuk

    A ratty, old basketball jersey that I wore when I played the game as a team. NOT saying how long ago that was. lol

  18. Alice C.

    Still have a raincoat that my Mother gave me in 1980. It’s way old and big — but it covers all of me when it’s rainy and windy. Love that raincoat!

  19. Renee

    I have a purple plaid flannel robe that I purchased with my Christmas bonus check in 1983. It’s still soft and cuddly.

  20. Linda K

    A blouse that I bought before mom passed over 12+ years ago. Getting pretty thin but so very comfortable.

  21. Carmen

    I have a pair of pants where the elastic has all but disintegrated in the waistband and they’re frayed all around – but they are still so comfy I don’t want to give them up!

  22. Maria Shehan

    I have a pair of pants that have lasted over 15 years. I know they were clearance. Not sure where I bought them. I am short and these pants are prefect because I did not have to hem them. The pockets are nice and deep, plus I have never had to sew pockets. The fabric has never change still beige. Very comfortable.

  23. Catherine Gomez

    A red flannel shirt with hawks on it from Esprit. I got it for Christmas in 1984. I worked at a department store in Salt Lake City and saw it every day – I wanted it so much, but I was saving for presents. One day it was gone and I was really disappointed. Turns out my mom bought it for me for Christmas. Still love that shirt, weird as it is, and the sentiment behind it.

  24. Lori

    The oldest piece of clothing I still wear is my, “Police” t-shirt from the 80’s. I’m 55 yrs old now! It’s faded & has quite a few repairs, but it’s so soft and it makes me feel young again!

  25. Terri LaBarbera

    The oldest piece of clothing I have and still wear has to be my Orientation Leadership T-Shirt from Pacific Christian College which I received at the beginning of my Sophomore year in 1988, so Oh my gosh! that makes that shirt 30yrs this fall. That’s incredible, I just can’t believe that I am that old.

  26. gail sanchez

    As an older woman, I still have a nice guy woen my mother gave me before my wedding 42 years ago. It’s more treasured now that she had passed away!

  27. Dawn

    I still own and wear on occasion an Alpaca Wool poncho that a high school boyfriend bought for me as a birthday gift when I was 17 years old. That was in the 70’s. Only problem is I smell like a wet goat if it gets wet and I live in rain country. The boyfriend died at age 21…so the sentimental value is immeasurable.

  28. Katie Amodio

    Oldest piece of clothing I still wear and repair so I can keep wearing is a pair of black suede pumps from the forties that I bought used and love. They’re my favorite shoes, just the right heel height, comfortable and the lbd of shoes.

  29. Abigail

    I have this bright purple zip up sweatshirt from junior high that had magically stretched and grown with me over the years!

  30. sue meddaugh

    I have a blue & white sweater that was my husbands. He wore it when we were first dating about 30 yrs ago. I lost my husband due to a massive heart attack and I have kept this sweater and often wear it during the winter so I feel like he is right here with me. I know it may sound silly to someone else but he was my soul mate, my best friend and my love and there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him and this old sweater is very comforting to me and I can feel him watching over me!

  31. Ann Langan

    I still have my floral summer dress I bought with my first paycheck. The straps have come off but it has all the elastic in the bust area and is lovely and soft to wear around the house. OMG I can’t believe it is almost 40 years old. Where does the time go.

  32. Gail Plaskiewicz

    A pair of jeans that I embroidered all over. I drew a rainbow on the jeans and embroidered it. When I wore them, people asked me where I got that groovy patch. When I said I made it, no one believed me. They are from 1969 or 1970 I think. They are called Elephant Bells because the bell bottoms are so huge. They have huge stars on them but they came with the jeans. Everything else on them was embroidered by me and drawn by hand. I love them and never wanted to give them up because I did so much work on them. You wouldn’t think they would still fit me but back then they were way to big for me but they were so cool I bought them and had them taken in so they wouldn’t fall down. If I hadn’t done that, they still wouldn’t fit me. The zipper is now broken so I have to have someone put in a new zipper. I had to learn embroidery as a grade in Home Ec. and I got an A. My mom taught me and I found out she used to do it before she was married. I still love to do it and now I embroider baby bibs for sale. I’m thinking this would be the perfect thing for me to have and I thank you for giving us the chance to win this. I hope I win!

  33. Pam MacDougall

    I have a scarf my grandmother gave me for dress up when I was 5. I have held onto it for 47 years and I still wear it! In my hair, around my neck, around my wrist! Yep, it makes me feel close to her, even though she passed away over 20 years ago.

  34. Dianne G.

    I have a cozy housecoat that a friend made me. It is probably 20 years old and I still wear it and think of how thoughtful my friend was to make it for me when I was sick and recovering at home.

  35. Nancy

    My denim jacket that I got years ago. It’s a little big now but I still love it and wear it.

  36. Danielle Deppert

    I have a chenille sweater that reminds me of a watermelon because it is green with a dark pink stripe on it. It is from the mid nineties. I wear it when I don’t feel good because it always makes me feel cozy and better. It’s like medicine.

  37. Beth

    A sweatshirt that belonged to my Mom that I had had made for her with a baby picture of her first grandchild (my first nephew) who is now 28 years old.

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