Wire Star Christmas Ornaments

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Learn to make these wire star Christmas ornaments to shine this holiday season.

A friend of mine has a lovely Christmas Tree with all red and white ornaments. Our family Christmas tree is trimmed each year with a 35+ year collection of ornaments which I wouldn’t even consider changing because it would not be allowed! I found a 6 foot faux birch tree with LED lights for my entry way which I am slowly loading up with handmade red and white (and a bit of silver) ornaments – and I will be blogging about them!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest exploring ideas for potential ornaments, using various craft techniques, that would look great in red and white. Here is a star ornament I found to make.

Wire Star Ornament

I saw a photo on PInterest of a handmade wire star ornament and was inspired to make this star despite not finding any source to visit or instructions at that time (it must have been re-pinned a lot!). Later, while writing this blog posting, I found the original Handmade Star Wire Ornament blog from 2013 with instructions on the website Alyssa & Carla.

Here are the supplies used:

I gave my husband a 4″ – 5″ size star cookie cutter from my baking supplies; he used it as a guide for nailing long nails with small heads into a piece of MDF wood. Following the photo I had, I wrapped the wire around each nail in a pattern that formed a star shape – like you would draw a star. I progressed around each nail until I had 6 layers and buried the ends.

I found it easier to remove the larger star shape from the nails to repeat the process around the center, forming another star pattern until I had two complete layers. I noticed the nails scraped a tiny bit of the red off the wires inside the star when it was removed. I dabbed a bit of red enamel paint on the marks although it wasn’t necessary.

Wire pliers worked well to bend a piece of wire for a hanger.



I had fun making this wire star ornament, so I decided to make another with silver and red wire. To avoid scraped wires from the nails, I covered the wires with painter’s tape – although it wasn’t necessary for the silver wire (no coating to rub off).

The photos show the four times I wrapped the wire around the nails. This 12 gauge wire was stiffer – the Dazzle It Aluminum Wire 12 Gauge Red I used for the last star was much easier to work with. An 18 gauge wire would be thinner and easier to manipulate but still substantial enough for a 4″ – 5″  star.

I wrapped the red wire around the center for a two-tone star. This time I hung the ornament from a point of the center star so it is upright and the larger, silver is tilted.

I made a smaller star – about 3-1/4″ – with a smaller star cookie cutter and much thinner 22 gauge wire. 

The thinner wire star on the left is actually much smaller than the other two… it just looks bigger because it is closer in the photograph.

These wire star ornaments were fun to make!

A big thanks to Alyssa & Carla for the inspiration and a lovely ornament.

P.S. Of the ornaments I made, this was the favorite of the men in my life!

Please check back to see more red and white ornaments coming soon.


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