Foam Plate Printmaking

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make fun prints from recycled materials!

Here’s a simple printmaking method to create very basic prints–fun and easy enough to do with the kids, or a neat way to add another creative dimension to your scrabooking or other craft projects.

Here’ what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your ballpoint pen to draw a design onto the face of your foam plate. Press firmly into the foam as you draw to emboss a line, but not so hard that you make holes.

Use your scissors to cut the edges of the plate off, so you’re left with the drawing on a flat foam piece.

On another plate, squirt some paint, and use your brush to mix a little bit of water into the paint, if needed, so you get even paint coverage when you roll your brayer through the paint. Roll your brayer back and forth through the paint until it is uniformly covered with paint.

Roll your paint covered brayer across the drawing on your foam plate, covering the surface evenly with paint.

Immediately place a sheet of paper over the top of your paint covered plate, and gently rub the paper with your hand to transfer the image.

Gently peel the paper from your plate to reveal your print.

You can make more than one print from your foam plate, rinse it as needed under the faucet to remove the excess paint, or to change colors. If you’re planning on keeping the plate to use again, rinse it off before the paint dries.

I obviously drew just very basic designs as my examples to show the technique, but you could try more intricate patterns to create backgrounds for your scrapbooking, or other craft projects. Try writing text–be sure to write it backwards on your plate so it will be readable when you print the plate. Maybe try to create pop-art like art work by printing the same foam plate multiple times on the same sheet of paper using different colors of paint. Could this technique be used on a canvas, or with fabric? Or maybe you’ll just simply use this technique with the kids as a boredom buster project this summer. How could you use this technique in your crafting?

Happy crafting!

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