Candy Egg Candle Holders & Chocolate Bunny

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a cute Easter centerpiece for spring!

Welcome spring and Easter to your home with these whimsical decorations that look like colorful, candy confections!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your ruler and pencil to mark the center of all of the wood circles. Drill a hole all the way through each wood circle–make sure the holes you drill are nice and straight, or your candle-holders won’t be level. Paint all of the circles antique white. Let dry.

Using your drill once more, carefully drill 4 eggs, top to bottom, for each candle holder, and one for the rabbit–a total of 9 eggs. Use your X-Acto knife, as needed, to remove any burrs and make sure the hole is clear.

Thread 4 eggs each onto 2 different dowels.

Poke the bottom end of the dowel into the hole in the top of one of the wood circles, and position the other circle on top of the other end of the dowel. Use your pencil to mark the extra dowel sticking out of the top, take the candle holder apart, and use your X-Acto knife to carefully cut off the extra dowel. I scored the wood with the knife, and then carefully broke it.

Paint all of your eggs, including the ones with no holes, all different colors. Let dry.

Mix some of your brown paint with a little water so it is the consistency of cream.

Use your spatter brush, or old toothbrush, to spatter the paint onto all of the eggs.

Use your small round paintbrush to make some larger spots on each egg, to add some variation, if desired.

Paint your bunny brown, and let it dry. With your small round brush, add “candy frosting” details with the antique white. Let dry.

Using your X-Acto knife, make a hole in the bottom center of the bunny.

Thread your now dry candle holder eggs back onto the dowels, like you did before you painted them, and then place them back together with the wood circles. This time, add a dot of glue into each hole before you poke the dowel into it. Let dry.

To create the egg tower with the bunny on top, glue a dowel into the hole in the center of the remaining wood circle–let dry. Take 5 painted eggs, and hot glue them in a circle, narrow ends pointed out, around the center dowel.

For the next layer, glue 4 eggs around the center, wide ends pointing out. Next, glue 3 eggs, narrow end pointed out. Lastly, thread your last drilled out egg onto the center dowel to top the pile. Place the bunny on top, and mark how much extra dowel you need to cut off. Remove the bunny, carefully score and break the dowel with your X-Acto knife, then hot glue the bunny back onto the top of the dowel.

Fill in any gaps in your egg pile by gluing on the remaining eggs.

Place some pretty pillar candles on top of your holders, I suggest using battery operated ones for safety, and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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