Ask the Experts: Stamping & Die Cutting Tools

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

Q: My die cutting machine plates are warped and is causing my dies to warp.  Is that a problem?

A:  It’s best to keep one die cutting plate that is not used for cutting and place that at the bottom of the stack.  Lay the die face up and then the paper on top of it and the warped plate on top.  The bottom plate will remain flat allowing the die to stay that way, too.

Q: What is the extra foam mat for in my Stamp Perfect by Hampton Arts and when do I need to use it?

A:  The foam mat is placed inside the Stamp Perfect when you will be stamping with acrylic stamps.  If the stamp you are using already has a piece of foam attached to the back of it remove the mat and you can stamp with that stamp type, too.

Q: How do I get ink into the openings of a stencil?

A:  An easy way to apply ink to a stencil is by using a dauber.  Tap the dauber onto the ink pad and pick up enough ink to cover a small area.  You can pick up more as you go.  Lightly tap the dauber into the open area on the stencil until you have the ink as dark as you’d like it.  Tapping in an up and down motion will prevent the stencil from being caught and torn.  Another easy way is to use a spray ink.  Make sure the stencil is well adhered to the paper so that the ink doesn’t run behind it, though.

Q: My Distress Spray looks splotchy and uneven when I spray it on.  What am I doing wrong?

A:  The splotchy look is part of the distress look that is achieved with this product.  It adds to the look so don’t worry.  You aren’t doing anything wrong.

Q: I want to use two different stamps near each other but don’t want the ink to get onto the first image. What can I use to keep the one stamped image from covering another stamped image with ink?

A:  Masking fluid is a great product to use.  You can stamp your first image onto the paper and then brush some masking fluid on over the top of just the image.  Then, stamp the next image on.  Go back and lightly rub over the first image to remove the masking fluid and you

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