Queen of Hearts Garland

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a fun, easy, and upcycled garland for Valentine's Day

Make a whimsical garland for Valentine’s day using a deck of playing cards.

Hearts 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Hearts 3

To begin, sort all the hearts cards from your deck of cards. Use your detail brush to carefully brush white glue onto part, or all of the hearts on the front of your first card. (If it’s one of the larger numbered cards, with a lot of hearts, I suggest only painting the glue on a couple of the hearts at a time, so it doesn’t dry out before you have time to add the glitter.) Sprinkle glitter onto the wet glue, and tap off excess. Paint more glue onto any remaining hearts, and repeat the glittering process. Set the card aside to dry. Finish adding glitter details to all the rest of the heart cards. Let them all thoroughly dry.

Hearts 4

Using your hole punch, punch two holes on either side of the top edge of each card.

Hearts 5

Lay your cards out in a line, spacing them as desired. Measure and cut a length of red and white twine to string the cards onto. Then weave the twine through the holes in each card to string them onto the twine.

Hearts 6

Cut short lengths of the ribbon and chenille tinsel to tie onto the twine between the cards, as desired. My pieces were about 4-inches long.

Hearts Garland

Secure each end of the twine garland to wherever you’re going to hang it, and then slide the cards to help evenly space them again.

Deck of Cards Garland

One last tip: If the deck of cards you’ve chosen to use has a red design on the back, (and you want your garland to be longer) you can even turn some of the cards from the other suits backwards, and use them on your garland as well to help it look even more red, and “Valentine’s-y”.

Deck of Cards Valentines GarlandQueen of Hearts Garland for Valentine's Day

Now stand back and admire your unique, and cute Valentine’s Day garland!

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