Back to School in DIY Style

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It’s about that time when the air gets a little crisper, and your kiddos get a little busier. That’s right, back to school! I’m headed off to my senior year of college in a couple of days, so this blog post was extra fun for me to do. (Cute organizational ideas anybody??) I hope you find some inspiration here to send your kiddos – or yourself – back to school in DIY style!

Hand Stamped Lunch Bag

Lunch bags can be expensive and, to be quite honest, not very cute. Go check out this tutorial to find out how to personalize your lunch bag, down to making your very own stamp!

Reusable Lunch Containers

Little lunch baggies are not only wasteful, but can also add up in expenses over a school year. Go check out this tutorial to find out how to make your own reusable ones!

Notebook Canvas Bag – Say Yes

Speaking of bags… How fun is this notebook themed canvas tote?! I always tend to accumulate a ton of stuff throughout the school day, and also will randomly decide it’s a good time to shop right after class. So, if you’re anything like me, this tote is perfect as not only a stand alone school bag, but also a school bag to put in your school bag to pull out when you need a little extra storage.

Glitter Pen Top

Few things say “back to school in style” as well as glitter does. Who knows, maybe that’s just because I really, really love glitter. Take your standard, plain pens to the next level with this fab tutorial.

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers – IHeart Organizing

With more school there is always more stuff. Organize all of your school supplies (and craft supplies, because you and I both know that’s mixed in too) with this great project. What makes it even better? It’s made out of cereal boxes! I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I love projects that use stuff you already have in the house!

Watermelon Paper Book Cover

Anyone remember being in elementary school and being forced to make book covers for your textbooks? Because I do, and I distinctly remember them all being ugly brown paper bags. Take that task to the next level for your kiddos with this super cute project. It’s also the perfect way for them to show off interests, favorite colors, or whatever they think is “cool” at the moment because it’s totally customizable!

DIY Ombre Calendar – Home Made By Carmona

To be honest, I’m seriously considering going home today to make this instead of packing. What’s back to school without a little procrastination, am I right? Find this adorable tutorial at Home Made By Carmona and never have to use the excuse of “I forgot about the exam because I didn’t know what the date was!” ever again.

First Day of School Sign

I love first day of school photos! My mom has taken them of my sister and I our entire lives, and as a little treat to her, I’ve continued the tradition into college. The only difference is a griz statue as a background rather than our hydrangea bushes. Start this when your kiddos are young, because from personal experience, they always turn out a bit cuter than actual school photos. As an added bonus, they will be perfect for high school (and college!) grad parties.

See, back to school doesn’t have to be that bad! Happy crafting!

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