Feather String Art

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Use a feather template to create a unique art piece

Create an fun, and easy art piece for your home with a few simple supplies, and a little bit of time.

Feather 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Feather 3

To begin, print Feather PDF on standard sheet of printer paper. Position the feather image where you want it on your board, and begin nailing nails along the center line. Try to get your nails about 3/8″ apart, and spaced as evenly as possible, and as close to the same height as possible.

When you have nailed them along the center, start nailing nails along the outside edge, starting at the bottom. Space them about 1/4″ apart for the majority of the edges, but feel free to space a few further apart to add some visual interest to your stringing pattern. I nailed my middle line of nails in a little bit deeper than the ones on the edges, so they were a tiny bit shorter, which gives the feather kind of a 3-dimesional aspect.

Feather 4

Carefully tear the paper away from the nails. Then, securely tie the end of your crochet thread to the bottom-most nail. Begin outlining the right-hand side of the shaft of the feather, and the first few feather points. Weave around the nail heads, keeping the string taught, and winding the string completely around the nail head every few nails, to help keep the string from unravelling.

Feather 5

When you get to the body of the feather, alternate winding the string back and forth from a nail on the middle row, to a nail on the outer edge–back and forth to create the texture of the feather. When you get to the top, continue winding down the other side to the base of the bottom nail. At the bottom nail, wind the string several times to secure, cut the end, and then knot several times. Cut the tails short, and dot the knot with white glue, if desired.

Feather 6

Using a small paintbrush and your copper paint, dot each center nail head to make them stand out from the design. Let dry.

Feather 7

Embellish the rest of your wooden surface with copper paint, if desired. I decided to add stripes to the top and bottom of my board.

Create a unique wall art piece with this string art tutorial.

I think this project looks great as a single feather, but it could also be fun to do a board with multiple feathers on it, using multiple colors of string. What would it look like to use different colors of string on the same feather? There are lots of creative possibilities with this fun project!

Happy crafting!

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One thought on “Feather String Art

  1. cmt

    Nice! I like the finished piece; a nice mix of materials and textures, and it looks simple and fun to do.

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