Beaded Crochet Jewelry

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Use this crochet beading technique to create colorful bracelets

Make beautiful beaded wrap jewelry with this simple crochet technique.

Crochet 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Crochet 3

This is one of those projects that once you know the technique, you can really customize the project to suit your own tastes.  Depending on the thickness of the twine you choose, you may need larger or smaller beads and crochet hook.  I used just basic crochet thread, and a size G crochet hook for this tutorial.

To begin, choose your beads and string them onto your twine.  I chose to just string a ton of beads directly onto the twine without cutting it from the ball, so l’d have more freedom of how long I made my crocheted string.  You can always unwind several yards of twine, cut it, and string your beads–leaving yourself the freedom of adding more beads as you work, if you desire.  Then, if you need more length to your twine, you can always tie a new piece on and keep working, feeding more beads onto the new end.

Crochet 4

Make a loop and fasten the end of your twine onto your hook to begin crocheting.  Leave a fairly long tail so you have somewhere to tie a toggle onto your wrap necklace/bracelet, if desired.  Make several single crochets, then slide the first bead up to the hook.

Crochet 5

Reach the hook around the bead to catch the twine, pull the excess snugly around the bead.

Crochet 6

Pull the loop of twine through to make a regular single crochet, with the bead caught on one of the loops.
Crochet 7

Make a couple more single crochets, and then add another bead in the same manner.  Keep making single crochets, and adding beads, until you reach the length you desire.  Leave some room at the end to tie a toggle, or to tie the ends together to form your necklace/bracelet.

Crochet 8

Now tie toggles onto both ends of the string so you can fasten your jewelry.

Crochet 9

Using jump rings, fasten charms into the crocheted loops, as desired.

Crochet 10

I suggest wrapping your crocheted string around your wrist every once in awhile as you work to check for length.

Crochet Beaded Jewelry

This is a fun project to use up orphan beads and make a Bohemian style, mismatched accessory.

Crochet Bead Bracelets

Try all sorts of variations using all different beads, all the same beads, chunky twine with chunky beads, or delicate twine with tiny beads.  Loop them once or twice to wear as a necklace, or wrap them many times around your wrist to make a pretty bracelet.

Happy crafting!

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