Free Stuff Friday!!

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It’s Friday again, and we have a wonder scrapbooking prize pack to give away! So let’s get right to it!


This pack includes 4 packs of 6 x 6 inch glitter cardstock in safari, EK success sticko stickers, 2 packs of Jolee’s Bling Stickers, 1 pack of Dazzles Stickers, Pebbles Die Cut Labels, A Jolee’s Boutique Dimensional Sticker, and a pack of Imaginisce Die Cut Tags!

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What is your favorite summer memory from your childhood, or your children’s?

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21 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Judy

    My favorite summer memory while our children were growing up is being free to do whatever we wanted any day of the week with no hectic schedule to keep. Sleeping in, playing outside, picnic lunch, friends and fun!

  2. Rhonda Daudet

    My best memory of summer days was with my children and I going to the beach. Spending the whole day playing in the sand…looking in the tidal pools for all kinds of diffrent sea life. Having a pic-nic with sandy hands…Then coming home to put them into bed completely exhausted from a day in the sun. The best!!!

  3. Judy Roberts

    Summer was the best. I remember lazy days, no schedule, being out after dark catching fireflies with my friends. Just enjoying the long days and fun with friends. We never seemed to get bored and were never in the house…

  4. Dianne G.

    We lived in a small town and our cousins lived in the city. Every summer my brother and I would go stay with our cousins for a week and then they would come stay with us for a week. We looked forward to all the city attractions and always had so much fun.

  5. barb macaskill

    My favorite summer memory is going camping for the summer and every Saturday night we would go to the drive-ins to watch movies. One night, on the way back to camp from the movies Dad hit a skunk and drove through an alfalfa field to try to get some of the stink off the car! We had fallen asleep but woke up when we were driving through the field and thought we had been in an accident until Dad explained what was going on. I don’t think I will ever forget that memory!

  6. Mary Mac

    The summer my father not only taught my sister and I how to ride a bike but he taught my Mom also.

  7. loralie

    My aunt & uncle lived across the street from us & they had a pool. So we spent a lot of time at their house during the summers.

  8. Karee Steinhauser

    My favorite memories from summer revolve around playing with the neighborhood kids all day long. And I’m saying all of us kids played all together OUTSIDE riding bikes, hiking through the woods by our house.. Just playing. I remember flying out of bed in the mornings to get ready to play.

  9. Donna M Cervantez

    My favorite summer childhood memories is going to the big 4th of July celebration at the local park. Played games all day long then stayed and watched the fireworks.

  10. Janet M

    My favorite summer memory is playing on the beach as a child. I loved to just sit in the water and make sand castles.

  11. Laura

    My favorite summer memory is a simple one, but as a kid I always loved going to the beach, and collecting all the colorful shells I could find.

  12. Stella

    One of my many favorite childhood memories (in Brooklyn, NY) is playing tag or whatever in the street with the neighborhood kids & trying to catch fireflies as it started to get dark.

  13. Santha McTaggart

    My most loved memory as a child is now a tradition for my own child and family. For as long as I can remember I have been creating a stepping stone every 4th of July with my great grandmother all the way to my own 13 year old daughter. These stones have since created a walk-way between my families cottages in northern Michigan. Each one is unique and contains the name of who made it and the year it was made. My daughter and I as well as my siblings and their children find so much joy sharing this tradition and adding on every year!

  14. tiffani

    My grandparents always took the grandkids to my grandfather’s childhood home in southern Illinois when we were young. My favorite story is the summer they wanted to go alone, but the grandkids cried and made such a fit with their parents that they changed their mind and took us too!


    I remember just playing OUTSIDE. I don’t know WHAT we played, but our imaginations were always on the go. We lived in the country and my cousins would come visit from town and they always thought there was NOTHING to do in the country. WOW – I don’t think Mom worried about us too much either, as one could have screamed and gotten her attention!

  16. Marlene

    My favorite summer memories are spent on the farm with my cousins. My Dad was in the military and going to the see my relatives on the brought so many adventures different from our normal life.
    Thanks for the Freebie Fridays.

  17. Ruth Peplinski

    When I think back to my childhood — I remember spending my weekends at my Grandparents summer home on a small lake in Wisconsin. We would sit in the water with a towel stretched between us waiting for fish to swim over it. Then, we would pull it up and count how many we caught. Grandma would clean and cook them — they were the original fish nuggets. A simple time and place.

  18. mare

    My favorite summer memory would have to be the times I went with my family to grandmother’s home in Ocean City, NJ as a child. I’d go to the beach and ocean with my parents, and swim on dad’s shoulders. That was a LONG time ago….HOW I MISS IT and MY GRANDMOTHER LOTTER!!!!

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