Share Your Biggest Craft Bloopers With Us!

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We’ve all made mistakes while crafting, and not a single person on this site is allowed to deny it! I’ve personally puff painted my kitchen table AND soccer uniform, melted a chunk of my bedroom carpet, and misspelled words on too many scrapbook pages to count. So, why not reward those who have royally goofed and are still willing to craft with a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree?

Tell us your messiest, most embarrassing, or funniest craft blooper story for your chance to win! Here’s the link:

Enter Here!

Plus,  for your enjoyment, here’s our winner from last year, as well as some of my personal favorites:

2015’s Winner:

“I enjoy scrapbooking and one day was working on some special pages for a book I was making. The pages were out of the binder so I had a flat surface to work on. After carefully finishing front and back of the page I went to put it in the binder, only to discover that I had done one side up side down!! That page never did get into a binder!”

Carolyn P.

Morgan’s Faves:

“We got all the kids from the block together to dye Easter Eggs…….the kids worked SO HARD but one of the moms forgot to boil the eggs. Argh! Glitter and egg yolks EVERYWHERE….”

Louise T.

“We were planning a transatlantic cruise starting in Rome. I needed a flat purse to carry passports, euros etc. I had found some absolutely gorgeous fat quarters in wonderful autumn colors. This will make a perfect purse. After hours of work it was finished. We arrived in Italy and I had to pull out my passport. In pulling out my passport, the whole purse fell apart!”

Bernice F.

“I was setting up for a little crafting get together at my neighbor’s house with a few friends and decided that since it as a nice day out, no wind, sunny but comfortable, we would craft on the deck! I set up the tables right next to the hot tub and decided to empty my mason jars of glitter into bowls to make it more accessible. BAD IDEA! We were taking the cover off the hot tub and it was close enough to the bowls of glitter that it sucked glitter into the hot tub! Not just a little bit, but almost all of the bowls that WERE full now stood almost empty! Not sure if any of you have had your hot tub glittered bombed but I highly recommend that you refrain from this activity! We had to empty the entire hot tub and cleaned it for hours trying to get all the glitter out of all the little jets and tubes. Not possible! It has been at least 5 years since this happened and we still find glitter on us when we get out of the hot tub! We just tell people that it is because we all have such sparkly personalities that we are sweating glitter!”

Barb M.

“Years ago I was trying to punch a hole in a plastic lobster form so I could attach it to another part of the project. I was trying to do this with a very small size crochet hook. I went through the lobster alright but the crochet hook also went into my thumb. OW!!! No way could I get it out. I had to go to the emergency room to have it removed, lobster and crochet hook still attached to my thumb. Believe me, I got plenty of questions about ‘what the heck I was trying to do’.”

–  Florence C.

 “I was making several house coats, and I accidentally sewed a sleeve onto the neck. I held up the house coat, and realized I had three sleeves sewed to it, one for each arm, and one for the neck. Would of been perfect if for a giraffe. Lol!”

Debbie R.

Hang in there ladies, and keep crafting and sharing your bloopers so that we can laugh with you, not at you! And of course, don’t forget to enter our craft bloopers contest by August 1st for your chance to win a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree!

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Hi there! I'm Morgan, the summer intern at Create For Less. I've tried my hand at scrapbooking, sewing, and knitting. After a bit of trial and error, I've finally decided that up-cycling and repurposing is my favorite type of crafting. When I'm not at the office or my other job at a tavern, I like to travel, take photos, and hang in the great outdoors.

One thought on “Share Your Biggest Craft Bloopers With Us!

  1. barb macaskill

    So excited to see my craft blooper that I posted last year listed here! 🙂 Great reading the other bloopers too! I have entered this year’s contest too! Fingers crossed!

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