Coloring Page Fans

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Beat the heat and find a use for your coloring pages with a fun and colorful fan craft!

We all love the new coloring book trend that has been going on in the crafting world, but what do you do with the completed pages? I’ve been trying to come up with creative uses for these pages because I get a great feeling of accomplishment whenever I finish a page and I want to show them off! This is a fun craft for the whole family that can help you keep cool this summer too!

DIY your own fans from finished coloring pages.

Grab your coloring books and some kids to help you create these colorful fans to beat the heat!

What You Need:


How to Make Them:


Flip your coloring pages over and mark off 4 inches on the 8 inch side of the paper so you can cut them exactly in half.


Cut each page in half so you’ll now have 4 strips for 1 fan.



Accordion fold your pages as evenly as possible. I used a 3/4 inch straightedge to help keep my folds even.



Once everything is folded, add a line of adhesive down the side of one of the strips and line it up with another so that both right sides are facing up. Attach. Repeat with the other 2 strips.


Now that you have your full strip, use your awl (adults only) to make 3 holes through the entire fan about 1/4 inch from the bottom. I poked through layer by layer until I got to the end. You may be able to achieve this very carefully with a hammer and nail as well, but I didn’t try it that way.


Take your needle and thread and sew through the holes a couple of times to keep the bottom of the fan together.


Optional: If you’re not happy with the way your stitches look, wrap the edges of the fan in washi tape to add some extra color and hide any ugly stitches.



You can also add 2 pieces of velcro to the bottom of your sticks so that the fans stay together when they are open. I highly recommend this. If you don’t have velcro, you can attach a piece of ribbon to the sticks to wrap around the handles when the fan is open as well.


Finally, attach the tops of your sticks to the edges of the fan (velcro sides out if you used it) just above where you made  your holes. If you used washi tape, I recommend hot gluing the whole thing. I should also note that I used self-adhesive sticks for my fans, but the adhesive wasn’t quite long enough to go to the edge of the fan, so I used the tape runner the rest of the way.

Coloring Page Fans for Summer

Open up your new fans and cool off!

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