Kids Crafts: Keep it Cool

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We are well into the summer months, and the weather is definitely showing it. If your kids are feeling the heat, then they will love these creative ways to cool off. Craft with the kids and keep cool at the same time!

Ice Cream Play Dough

Ice Cream Play Dough

Store this fun dough in the refrigerator for a fun way to beat the heat. Kids of all ages will love squishing this cool dough with their hands and older kids can scoop their own ice cream cones without the sugar rush!

DIY Fruit Fans - A Girl and a Glue Gun

Fruit FansA Girl and a Glue Gun

Kids can decorate their own colorful fans to keep cool outside. This is a fun, upgraded take on those classic accordion paper fans that everyone made during those final days of school. I would have loved to show this one off to my friends!

Frozen Popsicle Chalk - Reading Confetti

Frozen Popsicle Chalk Reading Confetti

Get those creative juices literally flowing with these fun frozen sidewalk paints. Watch them melt on the hot sidewalk!

Sponge Ball

Sponge Ball

Who doesn’t love a good water fight? Kids can make their own sponge balls with different colors and use them again and again with no cleanup! Just keep buckets of water around and watch kids cool down for as long as they like.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs - Paging Fun Mums

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs – Paging Fun Mums

Not only do these fun eggs look cool, but kids can “excavate” these dinosaurs from their frozen eggs! This is a great outdoor activity for a party, where everyone gets to keep their free dinosaur.

Now, when it’s too hot to run around, you have tons of activities to keep the kids cool and entertained! What are you doing this summer to keep cool?

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