Wrapped Rope Floor Mat

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Wrapped Rope Floor Mat

My dog is a very sloppy water drinker, and I have some unsealed hardwood floors. I’ve been using just a regular dish towel under his water, but let’s face it, it’s not very attractive. The water dish sits in the middle of the living room because it’s basically the only place he will drink the water (my dog is a bit of a diva) so I decided to make something colorful to put under his dish.

DIY Rope Floor Mat

This is a very time consuming project, so clear your day, settle in with an entire season of a TV show, and get ready to craft all day if you want to make one of these. It’s very easy, though, so it’s a great way to spend a rainy day if you need to feel productive while watching TV.

What You Need:

How to Make It:



Put a dot of hot glue about 10 inches from the end of your clothesline and pinch it together.


Add a line of hot glue and pinch together all the way to the end of your clothesline.


Once you get to the end, wrap the long side around, adding hot glue along the way. Continue wrapping with hot glue until you get to the end of the clothesline.

I found it easiest and cleanest to add a small line of hot glue, about 4 inches and press everything together. Then, I would wait for the glue to dry slightly and wipe away any pieces of glue that had oozed when it was cool enough to handle, but not solid yet.


Once you get to the end. Wrap the last inch or so behind the rug and secure with some more hot glue. Blast the whole mat with a hair dryer to remove any strings and make any oozed pieces more malleable so you can smooth the whole thing out.


Paint your mat however you like. I went with some triangles because I’m not particularly artistic. Once the paint is dry, add a coat of water resistant sealer. I used Mod Podge Outdoor. This step was totally necessary for me (again, sloppy dog) but may not be for you.

DIY Wrapped Rope Floor Mat

Once the sealer is dry, you’re ready to decorate your home, or protect your floors from your dog!


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