Cozy Crafts for Rainy Days

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It’s April Showers season, and that’s never truer than here in Portland. Whenever it’s rainy outside, I want nothing more than to make something warm and cozy to enjoy on the next rainy day. I’m an avid knitter, and there is something so relaxing to me about sitting under a blanket with some wool yarn in my hand and knitting up a sweater while I daydream about wearing it during a future rainy day.

If you love crafting during a rainy day as much as I do, let us know what you love to make and enter to win a $100 CreateForLess Shopping Spree at our April Showers Drawing!

Insulated Cup Cozy

Insulated Mug Cozy

Keep that tea you love to sip during a rainy day warm with a mug cozy that has insulated batting on the inside. This is a quick craft that makes a great gift. It’s perfect if you’re like me and always forget about your warm drink until it’s cold.

Felt Covered Recipe BookFelt Covered Recipe Book

There is something so satisfying about sitting down at a table and physically writing something down instead of typing. I love the cozy texture of this notebook, and it would be great for an indoor journalling session, or to keep all of your comfort food recipes.

Homemade Tea Bags

Homemade Tea Bags

I think by this point, it’s pretty clear that I am all about sipping tea on a rainy day. I love loose leaf tea, so making a few homemade bags that combine the flavor of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a bagged tea would be great.

Mixed Cable Headband

Mixed Cable Headband

A quick knitting project that uses thick yarn is the perfect way to spend a rainy day in my mind. Though it may be a little late in the season to wear this headband, it’s still really fun to make, especially if you’re just getting started with cables.

Knotted Wall Hanging

Knotted Wall Hanging

If knitting isn’t your thing, but you love the idea of working with yarn, this is a great project to try. It will instantly make your house look cozier too!

Do you love cozy crafts when the weather isn’t nice, or are you just excited to have an excuse to stay indoors and craft the day away? Let us know at the April Showers Drawing!

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