Yarn Earrings

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilight Kallisti

Yarn Earrings

These yarn earrings are a fun, quick project that make an excellent gift for a knitter in your life.



Cut two toothpicks in half. These will be your “knitting needles”.


While holding the two toothpick halves in an X shape, wind the yarn around them until you form a ball. My yarn balls are the size of nickels.


Coat the yarn ball with tacky glue.


After making two yarn balls, set aside to air dry partially. The jump rings will be easier to work into the yarn if the glue is not completely dried.


Using jewelry pliers, work a jump ring into the yarn ball.


Before closing, place an earring hook onto the ring.


Let earrings air dry.

Yarn Earrings

Using a finger nail file, sand down the toothpick points so they won’t poke the neck.

Yarn Ball Earrings

Now you have a unique gift that your knitter will surely love!

DIY Yarn Earrings



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