Mountain Trivets

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Serve up your food in style with fun homemade mountain trivets.

Lately, I have found myself in desperate need of some way to protect my counters from pots and pans as I’ve been experimenting with new recipes. I’m constantly digging through drawers for hand towels or sometimes even aprons so I can safely set down my pots and pans. I’ve been looking around for fun trivets, but haven’t found many I liked, so I decided to make my own!

DIY Mountain Trivets

This is a super easy DIY you can whip together in an evening and can really customize to fit your aesthetic. I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint on these because they can be cured in an oven, which I think means they will be able to withstand high heat. For now, I’m waiting for the 21 day recommended curing time before checking them out and I’m not using them with pans fresh of the stove or out of the oven. If I do need to use something hot on them, I’m just going to flip them over and use the side that isn’t painted. Once the paint has had time to cure, I’m going to try them out with super high heat and see how they hold up. I’ll update then!

(I used these with a cookie sheet fresh out of the oven about 30 days after making them, and they held up great!)

What You Need:

How to Make Them:


Mark out your mountains with a pencil on the cork. Make some triangles, give them a few peaks here and there, have fun!


Use your craft knife to cut along the pencil lines. If you’re looking for perfection, use a straight edge to keep your lines in check, but remember that nature isn’t perfect! I found the best luck with small downward motions starting from the bottom and working my way up.


Paint the snow on your peaks with the white paint. Keep the edges a little jagged at the bottom. Paint the sides as well. I only did one coat of the white because I kind of liked that the visible brush strokes gave the show the look of texture, but  you’ll need at least 2 coats if you want a pure white.


Paint the bottom of your mountains with the deep sea color. Make the edges jagged where it meets the white. It took me 2 coats to get the coverage I liked. Let them dry overnight, and you’re good to go with not so hot items! You could also just flip them over for now.

Mountain Trivets

If you’ve got plenty of pot holders, these would also make super fun pin boards for an office or bedroom!


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