Knit Christmas Stocking

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilight Kallisti

Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Knit your own holiday decor for next year.. My Christmas Stocking pattern makes a charming stocking that you can fill up with goodies for your loved ones.



Gauge 3 1/2 stitches=1″

With color C cast on 21 stitches

Use Happy Knits Heel Tutorial to make toe of stocking

Switch to color A, knit 21 stitches and then pick up 21 stitches from other side of toe

Knit five rows in color A


Switch to color B and knit five rows


Repeat knitting five rows of colors A and B until piece measures 9″


Switch to color C for heel

Make heel the same as the toe


Heel Turn

After heel return to stripe pattern using colors A and B for 4”

Increase 2 stitches every inch until there are 56 stitches and/or until top part of stocking is 10″ long

(my increases lined up with a color change so it was easy to remember)

Switch to color C for cuff

Increase 4 stitches to 60 stitches total

Work in Seed stitch until cuff is 2 1/2”

BO loosely

Bind Off

Cast on 4 stitches for loop

Instructions for making I-cord can be found in this Wiki How tutorial

Knit I-cord until piece measures 4″

Bind off

Sew loop on inside on cuff to hang up

Sew in ends and block

Alternatively, if it’s Xmas Eve just hang up the stocking and stuff with presents.

Happy holidays!

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