Marbling Techniques

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I personally haven’t had much luck with the many different marbling crafts I’ve seen floating around the internet, but that definitely doesn’t stop me from trying. And the reason for that is obvious- the crafts look amazing! There are so many techniques out there, I’m bound to find one that actually works, right? Try your own versions with these craft ideas.

Alcohol Ink Key Hook
Alcohol Ink Key Hook

Alcohol inks are a super easy way to create a marbled look. I like that this particular technique  looks like real stone. These key hooks are a great way to try out your own marbling project – materials are inexpensive and you can actually use the results!

Adventures in Water Marbling - Elise Blaha

Adventures in Water MarblingElise Blaha

Water marbling is by far the most difficult for me of all the different marbling techniques I’ve tried. I’ll keep trying, though, because it gives my favorite results. This post uses the nail polish technique which makes the color choices pretty much endless and look at the vibrant results!

Marble Hexagon Coasters - Homey Oh My!

Marble Hexagon Coasters Homey Oh My!

If you want a little more control over your marbling, and love to work with clay, head to this tutorial! I love the way the black and white contrast looks. It makes the coasters look like an expensive stone instead of clay.

Easy Marbleized Paper - Alisa Burke

Easy Marblized PaperAlisa Burke

Use a traditional marbling technique to make pretty and unique wrapping paper. I haven’t tried this technique yet, but it looks like a ton of fun, and it looks like you have a lot more control over how the finished product looks than any of the other techniques. Plus, you’ll have tons of pretty paper as a result of your practicing!

Spray Paint Marbled Planters - Vintage Revivals

Spray Paint Marbled PlantersVintage Revivals

I’ve tried the spray paint marbling technique once, and it did not go well. I left the materials outside on the table I set up for about 2 weeks until I was calm enough to put everything away. These results have me itching to give this another shot, and the tutorial seems really easy to follow and has a few tips I didn’t try my first time around.

How about you? Have you tried any marbling techniques, and how did it go? Share with us in the comments or email us some photos!  Check out more marbling techniques and ideas at our Craft Trends Pin Board!

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