Frosty Glitter Icicles

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Glittery Icicles

Cover your Christmas tree with glittery icicles that are super simple to make,  and yield extra pretty results.  Make them yourself, or grab the kids and make some together; they’re fun and easy to create!

Ice 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Ice 3

To begin, tear strips of foil that are roughly 4-inches wide.  Fold them in half lengthwise, so the shiny side is out.

Ice 4

Ice 5

Begin rolling the folded pieces of foil lengthwise, so the final result is a little fatter than a pencil.

Ice 6

Now roll and squish the tube of foil so it is tighter, keeping it fatter at the top, and tapering down to a point at the bottom.  Fold the fatter end down a bit and round it.  Give the whole icicle a gentle twist or two to give it a pretty swirled shape.

Ice 7

Cut a piece of wire a couple of inches long, and poke it through the top of the icicle.

Ice 8

Twist the tail end to secure, and form the other end into a hook.

Ice 9

Use your paintbrush to cover your icicle with glue, and then dust it with your extra fine glitter.  Let dry.  Brush some more glue over different areas of the icicle and sprinkle with the coarser Diamond Dust.  Let dry.

It is super hard to capture in photos just how beautiful and sparkly these icicles are!  They reflect the light so pretty, and really add an icy magic on the Christmas tree, pine garlands, or wreaths.

Frosty Glitter Icicles

Try making different sizes of them to use in your Christmas decorating this year.

Happy Crafting!

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