Painted Pebble Pendant

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pretty Pebble Pendant

Here’s a fun way to create a unique piece of jewelry with your own custom artwork.  This is a fun project to do on your own, or great to do with kids.  Go take a walk around the neighborhood and pick up the perfect pebbles, then come home and get to creating your own pretty necklace pendants.

Rock 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own necklace pendants:

Rock 3

Wash and dry your rocks.  Next choose a design, and begin painting your rocks.  I chose a mandala type design for my rock, and you can follow along with the photo directions to see how I painted it.  If you’re stuck about what kind of design to paint on your rock, look at the shape of your rock, and think about what kind of design would best fill the space.  Try an overall repeating pattern, or try your hand at creating your own mandala type pattern.

Rock 4

While you’re waiting for your rock to dry, get your wire and pliers and begin making the necklace bail.  Use your pliers to bend the wire into a close spiral; how big you make your spiral will depend on how big or small your rock is.  My rock was about the size of a half dollar, so my spiral was about the size of a dime.

Rock 5

At the top of the spiral, leave a small length of straight wire, and  then use your round nose pliers to bend a loop at the top of it.  This loop will be where you thread your ribbon or chain through the pendant, so make it big enough around to fit whatever you’ll be using.

Rock 6

Cut the wire, leaving an inch-or-so long tail, and use your pliers to wrap the tail around the neck of your loop to secure it.

Rock 7

Use the E6000 to adhere the spiral to the back of your rock, being sure that the wire loop sticks out above it so you can thread your ribbon or chain through it.  Let it dry completely, and then thread your ribbon or chain through your new necklace pendant.

Pebble Pendants

Painting rocks is fun, and can be a little big addicting!  What beautiful designs can you paint?

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