Itty Bitty Books

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Itty Bitty Books for Young Authors and Illustrators

Here’s a great little project for the young authors and illustrators in your life.  With very minimal supplies, and simple to follow steps, kids will have ball creating their own library full of tiny books!

Book (2)

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own books:

Book (3)

Lay your paper out in front of you horizontally.  Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge, so you have folded your paper in half the long way. Crease.

Book (4)

Fold the right side over to meet the left, so you have folded the paper in half.  Crease.

Book (5)

Open the fold you just made, and fold the right side over to meet the middle crease.  Crease.

Book (6)

Fold the left side over to meet the middle crease.  Crease.

Book (7)

Unfold your paper so it is only folded in half the long way.  It will now be divided into 4 equal rectangles.  With your scissors, make a tiny cut along the long folded edge at one of the first crease lines.

Book (8)

Open your paper all the way back to the 8.5×11 sheet.  Insert your scissors where you made the tiny cut, and cut along the fold to the crease on the end.

Book (9)

Fold your paper in half again, along the fold you just cut. Bend one of the middle creases outward, so the middle creases are folded in opposite directions.  They will form a diamond shape in the middle.

Push the outer edges in toward the middle, squashing the diamond so it looks like a plus shape from the top, and you’ve created 4 pages.

Book (10)

Fold the back middle page to the left, and the front middle page to the right, and close your book.  Crease the spine and edges.

Book (11)

Unroll a length of Washi tape.  Lay the spine of your book half way across the tape.  Cut to fit the length, then fold the tape over the other edge of the spine.

Book (12)

Now get out your colored pencils, markers, crayons, and whatever else you need to author and illustrate your own book.

Tiny Sketchbooks

Itty Bitty Books

My kids are four, so they needed a little help construct the books, but were more than happy to do the decorating all by themselves.

Book (15)

The little four page books were more than adequate for small kids, but if you have more ambitious authors that would like their books to have more pages, you can do so by the following steps:  Create the small four page book, then open up the book to the middle so you have 2 pages on each side, pull the layers up so you can see the middle crease of the cover, and then add a thin line of glue along this crease top to bottom.  Fold the book back together, pressing the spine to adhere the pages to the glue.  Look at the end of the book to make sure all of the pages are stuck to the glue, and press them into the glue if need be.  Place the spine of the book under a heavy book for 10 minutes, or until dry.  Then, take your scissors and cut the four folds of the four book pages, which will result in eight single pages, instead of four double-thick pages.  Add the Washi tape spine to decorate.  If your authors are REALLY ambitious, you can make multiple small books, stack them together at the spine, gluing them along the spine as you stack, and then cover the much thicker book spine with the Washi tape folded over them as decoration.  Any way you make them, whether short, or long, these little books are a fun creative project for the little authors and illustrators you know!


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