Jersey Bow Headband

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

DIY Jersey Bow Headband

During the hottest days of summer, I love using headbands to keep my hair out of my face.  The athletic headbands work best for keeping your hair away and staying put, but they look like you’re ready to go for a run.  The fashion headbands look pretty but often don’t really hold your hair back.  I wanted a cute and functional headband that would keep my hair out of my face, but that I could still wear out.  So, I took the basic premise of the athletic headbands but turned it into a bow!  It was super easy and inexpensive.  I made mine in an adult size, but you can easily make it small for any little girls in your life.



  1. Cut your jersey fabric into one 7” x 20” rectangle and one 3” x 2” rectangle.
  2. Fold your 3” x 2” rectangle into fourths on the 3” side.


  1. Create a tube with the folded 3″ x 2″ piece of fabric. Fold this piece of fabric in half short ways (hamburger style).  Sew the short edges of the folded fabric together with a 1/8″ seam.  Turn it right side out so that the seam is on the inside.


  1. Fold your 7” x 20” rectangle in half long ways (hotdog style) and pin in place leaving a 3.5” x 20“ rectangle. Sew this edge in place using a ½” seam.  Turn it right side out so that the seam is on the inside.


  1. Slide the small tube you made in Step 3 over your large tube from Step 4 until it is approximately in the center. Slide the seams from both tubes around until they are on the back side.


  1. Insert one end of your large tube into the other end of the tube about ½”. Using a 1/8” seam, sew the edges together.


  1. Put your headband on and enjoy!

Jersey Bow Headband


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Courteney will be sharing sewing, crafting, and DIY projects. Her philosophy is simple: crafting makes life better. Her projects will help you realize how easy and cost effective it is to make things for yourself. Courteney is a high school science teacher who lives in Atlanta, GA. Between raising her dog, Padfoot, and teaching she keeps pretty busy but always finds time to be creative. Her mom taught her to sew very early in life, and it has remained one of her favorite activities into adulthood. Although sewing is quickly becoming a lost art; Courteney hopes you will join her in revitalizing this skill with many fun and practical projects. Catch up with Courteney at her blog, Crafting with Court, where she shares all the projects she’s working on.

One thought on “Jersey Bow Headband

  1. Nicole

    I have made these before, and find if you slide the small tube around after you have sewn the long tube in place, you can end up with no visible seams when you wear the band.

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