Craft Bloopers Drawing 2015

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It’s that time of year again. The time to embrace our bloopers and tell stories of past mistakes. Not only is this a chance to make each other laugh with our previous blunders, it’s a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate at CreateForLessThough these bloopers may provide us with laughs, deep down the humor comes with the understanding that we too, have been there. Let us know your biggest or best crafting bloop at the 2015 Craft Bloopers Drawing!

I’ll start with one of my own follies:

One day, returning from the art building at my school where I had been making a notebook using book binding, I went into my room and opened my backpack. To my surprise instead of a pen, I found a mess of rubber cement. I had failed to screw the lid on all the way and my full bottle of rubber cement had spilled all over the contents of my backpack. Luckily this was not the pocket with my textbooks and notes, but rather all of my crafts supplies, pens, and a now very sticky water bottle. I spent the next few hours attempting to do some damage control, but my xacto knife and backpack were never the same. Moral of the story, don’t mess around with rubber cement. I think I almost caused my roommate to pass out just from the fumes.

Here of some of last year’s submissions to get you inspired:

Craft Blooper 1

“Late one night, I was quilting one of my quilts on the kitchen table. Only to discover that I sucked up the tablecloth onto the back of my quilt and quilted right into the project. There was a lot of seam ripping the next day” – Tabana F.

Craft Blooper 2

“I was leaning over, creating an “authentic” looking wooden sign with a small woodburning tool, when I suddenly smelled something really bad. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I looked closer and realized that a big chunk of my hair had been touching the hot iron and was now charred black! Whoops.” – Laci M.

Craft Bloopers 3

“I had made a beautiful card with a pink ribbon for my granddaughter’s birthday. I trimmed the ends of the ribbon and went to seal the edges with my little BIC lighter and instead of melting the ends – it caught on fire! My only reaction was to throw it in the kitchen sink full of dish water.” – Suanne P.


“I was making a pair of shorts and I sewed the opening of the legs shut.” – Pebby J.

Craft Blooper 5

“I was using a hot glue gun and dripped glue on my new sweat pants. I quickly wiped it off with my finger and then realized it was burning my finger, so i put my finger in my mouth and got hot glue on my lip! damaged sweats, burned finger, blistered lip!” – Cally R.

Let’s continue to show solace and support, while laughing at the relatability. Send us your craft bloopers today and you could win a $100 CreateForLess Gift Certificate!


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One thought on “Craft Bloopers Drawing 2015

  1. stacie h

    When I first started making chipboard albums, which was a short time ago, I wasn’t sure what all I needed to get started. So I went to different stores to get some supplies and after a few weeks I sat down one night to try and make one. I realized that while reading through books and magazines I failed to write on my list the different kinds of glues to use. So the night I was going to make one I got all my stuff layed out on my table and situated everything and was very upset I didn’t have any glue. So at 11:30 that night I went to Walmart in my pajama’s and spent $ 75.00 on different kinds of glue. It was two in a half hours later when I got home and I stayed up the rest of the night working on my chipboard book so I took off work the next day so I could work on my book.

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