Sparkly Paper Tube Fireworks

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sparkly Paper Tube Fireworks

Celebrate summer and Independence Day with some sparkly rockets.  Make them into a centerpiece for your Fourth of July celebration, or thread strings from the tops and hang them around to decorate.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make your own fireworks:

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Measure and cut your scrapbook paper to be the height of your tubes, and wide enough to wrap around and completely cover them.  Using your school glue, wrap your paper around the tubes and glue to adhere.

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Cut 3.5-inch circles from your fun foam, make a dot in the center with your pencil, and make a cut to the dot.  Rotate the circle a little over a quarter turn, and make another cut to the dot, to cut a slice out of your circle.

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Pull the cut edges of your circle together so they form a cone, and use your hot glue to stick it together.  Glue the cones to one end of your paper tubes to form the nose of your rockets.

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Decorate your rockets with metallic star stickers.

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Take your tinsel stems and bend them in half, and at different lengths, to add interest to your tail.  Glue the bent ends to the inside bottom of your rockets.  Cut lengths of pearl chenille tinsel, and glue to the inside bottom of your rockets as well.

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To add variation, coil some of the tinsel stems around your pencil to make curly tails for your rockets.

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When you are done adding the tails, glue sticks into the bottom of your tubes to use the fireworks in vases as centerpieces.  If you decide you’d rather hang your fireworks instead, thread a knotted string through the nose cone before you glue it to the top of your cardboard tube.

Get out the paper tubes, grab the kids and some glue, and make yourself a big fireworks show in honor of our Nation’s birthday!

Happy Crafting!


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